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There was only one series premiere on this night, and some are calling it a modest debut, but to be honest it seems a little low for a CBS show to me, especially when these days the series premiere is generally the highest rated episode of a series and it's all downhill after that.

It should be noted that ALL ratings numbers in this entry are preliminary (the finals won't be available until sometime Monday). Basically what that means is that a show might go up or down a bit from these preliminary numbers. But since I haven't heard of any sports preemptions there isn't likely to be any major changes.
Shockingly it turns out that the final numbers are the same as the prelim numbers, so there's really no need for me to update this entry. YAY!

A Gifted Man
A18-49 - 1.4/5
Considering that CSI: NY scored a 1.8/6 and Blue Bloods scored a 2.0/6 that 1.4 for A Gifted Man doesn't look especially good, especially since (as I mentioned) it's likely to fall off in the coming weeks. For example, last season I believe Medium started off with a 1.4 and it's season ended up getting cut short.
So, it doesn't look as though the Ghost Whisperer viewers felt the need to watch A Gifted Man. So, I could've been wrong on this one since I thought it might eek out a full season instead it will probably end up going the way of Medium ending around mid-season, unless CBS thinks about how their spring stuff premiered and fell last season. If they think about that they just might suffer low ratings for a full season of A Gifted Man.

(Yes, not a series premiere, I know, but I figured some would want to know.)
A18-49 - 1.5/5
Which is decent for a show on FOX on Friday, but if it drops like it did over the course of last season by the end of this season it'll be down to at least last season CW levels (0.8/1.0), and that probably won't be enough for FOX to renew it for another season. So, Fringe fans should really be hoping it holds between a 1.2 and 1.5, but even then I'm not sure a 1.2 would be enough.

And again (as expected) the CW didn't have a good night at all:

A18-49 - 0.6/2
Which is tied with a series low, so if it could hold there it might (MIGHT) be okay, but it's doubtful it will hold at 0.6 for the rest of the season - sadly (for Nikita fans) this one might end up around a 0.4 or less, if it drops on Friday like it did last season on Thursday, in a few weeks/month. Though this being the CW it will probably air all season two episodes ordered, but could end up not getting a season three.

A18-49 - 0.8/2
Which is on par with the season six season finale, except the season six season finale was preempted in at least two markets, and so because viewers in those markets had to watch the episodes outside of the regular time-slot those viewers wasn't counted in the Friday final ratings. Meaning that the actual number of people who viewed the season six finale of Supernatural was probably just a touch or two higher then the final ratings suggest. Still if it holds around 0.7/0.8 all season then it'll probably be renewed, because the CW can't cancel all their shows.

So, looks like Nikita didn't really hurt Supernatural but also offered no help either.

However, the problem with speculating about the CWs Friday shows is that we don't yet know how low a Friday show can go and still be satisfying to the CW (especially the more expensive scripted), because Smallville and Supernatural held up so well on Fridays that they ended up ranking as the CWs number two and three shows in ratings last season, which is not something Friday shows on other networks can boast. However, it seems as if this season at least Nikita is not going to hold up well enough to beat most other CW shows, but Supernatural did still beat three (four, if you count Nikita) other CW shows this week (H8R, which Nikita also beat, 90210, and America's Next Top Model). So, even though scripted doesn't actually compete with reality for a spot on the schedule it's still not yet all bad news for Nikita and Supernatural.

Personally, since scripted shows are almost always more expensive then reality shows I really think the CW should stop trying to make Wednesday their reality night (especially since The X Factor is here now) and move their cheaper reality (Note: America's Next Top Model might not be especially cheap anymore) shows to Friday and move their scripted shows (especially Nikita since last season the Nikita encores scored very well on Wednesday) to a week night, because I think both Friday scripted shows would rate at least slightly higher during the week which would mean more ad money for the CW. Seriously, for example, H8Rs 0.4 rating would look so much better on Friday then it does on Wednesday, and even Top Models 0.7 would look much better on Friday.

Anyway, moving away from the CW now - Another minor point of interest at least to me is the NBC encored Whitney last night, and for a rerun it scored pretty well. A18-49 - 0.9/3 which isn't bad considering it was a rerun and on Friday. But the top encore(s) on Friday was a tie between Modern Family (1.0/4) and Revenge (1.0/3).

I think I might do this again this coming week, because I had more then a little fun putting my actual guesses out there and then seeing exactly how right/wrong I was.

PS - Unless I forget, I will come back and edit in the final rating numbers Monday, unless, as I said, I forget.
I watched "A Gifted Man" and thought it was kind of boring, and on my second try, I managed to get through "Unforgettable", too. Didn't care for that, either.

Now, I'm waiting for "CSI Miami" so I can find out if Natalia and Horatio manage to stay alive.

I STILL haven't managed to stay awake for "Person of Interest".
Well, to be fair, while I think A Gifted Man was designed to appeal to former Ghost Whisperer viewers, I must about this former (me) Ghost Whisperer viewer (hey, I watched all of it except season five) goes out of her way to avoid medical shows of any kind - they just ain't my thing - so I knew long before the premiere this show wasn't for me.

But I can almost understand why CBS went for it, because CBS (for some reason) really wants a medical drama, and so I can see why they thought wrapping Ghost Whisperer in a medical drama would appeal more then their other recent medical drama offerings - Three Rivers and Miami Medical for example, but apparently CBS viewers pretty much as a whole simply aren't interested in medical dramas.

Anyway, while I didn't watch the man in my life did, but then I found out later he only watched it because he thought it was going to be something like The Mentalist. On the other hand, to my shock, I think he kinda liked Person of Interest, and for some reason I didn't think he'd like that one.