For those who wish to avoid SPOILERs I'll note that I ranked this episode as AWESOME: I am figuratively humping this episodes leg! So if you've got it saved on your DVR but haven't watched yet you really should start watching instead of reading this review - you can always come back and read this later. Unless something goes horribly wrong with LJ this review will still be here and up later - honest!

Be thee warned - Beyond this point there be SPOILERS!
(I forgot to warn for SPOILERS on yesterdays review entry.)

Supernatural 7x01 Meet the New Boss

So this episode was really really good. So much so that I was briefly tempted to write this review recap style, but mostly just didn't feel like doing all that work.

So, yeah, this episode is AWESOME: I am figuratively humping this episodes leg! Despite the fact that I was right about Cass not collaring and leashing his pets. Hell, he didn't even collar and leash Crowley -- though I was somewhat mollified by the chain leash that "got" Sam during the episode I'd still have rather seen all of Cass's pets collared and leashed. *sigh*

So, is anyone else wanting to see, or at least hear about someone finding a trechcoat on a tortilla? *sigh* Just me then.

Anyway the absolute best part of this episode starts when the clueless Doctor holds a gun on Dean and doesn't end until Death makes his departure. AWESOME! Okay, the brief cut-away to the "good" Senators campaign office wasn't part of the extreme awesome, but was still good, especially smirky "Cass".

Of course, while the above scene was the best the rest of the episode certainly didn't suck, and the second best awesome scene was when Cass "finds" Crowley. Such a drama queen that Crowley. Seriously, now I think I want a god!Cass and Crowley spin-off where Cass and Crowley are working together, but, of course, instead of fixing things wacky hijinks ensue. You know, where Cass wants to fix things that don't really need fixing and Crowley gets snarky about it - basically, I guess, it would be Crowley running around trying to clean-up after god!Cass.

You know, all those times Dean kept calling Cass a child, I admit I thought Dean was maybe being a little harsh, but after this episode I think Dean was spot-on. Cass really is a very powerful but somewhat clueless babe in the woods.

Anyway, to sum up this episode up in a couple of "poor poor so-and-so" phrases:

Poor Dean!
Always so quick to give up.

Poor poor Sam!
I'm loving the crazy! But what's weird is that makes me feel even worse for Sam because I'm enjoying his crazy so much. I mean, seriously, I wasn't sure how the special effects for this would be, so I was prepared to just imagine my own stuff, but then I didn't have to. At times it was all very Nightmare on Elm Street and was awesome!

Poor Cass!
I wasn't going to give Cass a "poor Cass," because he brought a lot of this on himself, but then I realized that Cass really does believe Dean doesn't care at all about him (and last season Sam refused to hug him!), and I unintentionally went "poor Cass!" Later at the end I thought I was about to do it again, but instead when Cass apparently became lost I went "poor Jimmy" (and I don't even really care for Jimmy) instead of "poor Cass," because really Jimmy only signed on to be an Angel vessel he didn't sign on for all this other crap. So, yeah...

Poor Jimmy!