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My guesses/predictions on this night was half and half.

Charlie's Angels
A18-49 - 2.1/6
That's not good, and it also means that I was most incorrect about this one. You see, I actually thought CA would premiere fairly well. Because, to be honest, I really thought CA was this seasons FlashForward - you know, big start, big fall. Instead it didn't even get a good start, so if it still has a big fall... Well, it might not air a full season.

Person of Interest
A18-49 - 3.1/8
I went against "conventional" wisdom on this one, and it looks like I was right to do so. Okay, so this isn't a terrible start, but if it falls even a little it could be in real trouble. On the other hand, this is the network that renewed The Good Wife when it was barely holding at a 2.0 - so if you liked Person of Interest it might not be DOOMED! Though it should be noted that The Good Wife has some critical acclaim, which could be part of the reason it was renewed with lower (for CBS) then average ratings.

A18-49 - 3.3/9
Finally, a show with "controversy" that has benefited NBC at least a little. Seriously, with the season NBC is having this is actually a damn good start for one of their shows. I still think this one will sink relatively fast, but if it doesn't sink right away it could very well eek out a full first season, and if it stays 2.0 or higher it'll probably be back for a second season even. So, my prediction on this one might have been totally wrong.

Prime Suspect
A18-49 - 1.8/5
Off to a real bad start, so I was probably right on about this one probably not even getting a full season.

Some other ratings to note:

The X Factor: A18-49 - 4.3/12 which is barely a drop, so I expect this one to hang about where it premiered. And while it's no Idol make no mistake it's still a hit.
The Secret Circle: A18-49 - 0.9/2 a bigger drop then expected (or at least a bigger then I expected)... Poor CW, because it (along with their other shows) could still go even lower in the coming weeks.

I hate to say it, because I generally hate it when a network rebrands, but NBC and the CW should maybe try this rebranding thing. Seriously, if NBC doesn't do something soon they're going to be the new CW rather then being one of the Big Four, and if the CW can't get some better ratings that poor netlet might vanish entirely.

Though mostly what I'm wondering is how the bombing of The Playboy Club and Prime Suspect on NBC will affect/change NBCs current plans/schedule. Yes, I'm mostly thinking of Grimm, because clearly NBC tossed it to Friday to die, but now with the outright bombing of two shows (shows they probably thought would do better then Grimm, which is why they wasn't shuffled off to Friday) does NBC really want to leave Grimm on Friday to most likely bomb, as well, or do they use one of those "bomb" slots to see if they can at least give Grimm a real shot. On Monday or Thursday it would, probably, have a better shot then it does on Friday anyway. But this is NBC, so probably not, but I can hope, right?
(Yes, I know some will talk about how well (relatively speaking) Supernatural and Fringe do on Friday as an example of how Grimm might do okay, but what you have to remember is that both Supernatural and Fringe had an all ready established audience before being sent off to Friday, and since Grimm is a totally new show it does not all ready have that built-in audience.)

And, honestly, you want the truth? With the week the CW is having I'm starting to worry about Supernatural tonight, because (I'm sorry Nikita fans) but Nikita is probably not going to do well on Friday with the A18-49s, and now I'm a wee bit worried that Nikita going down is going to take Supernatural with it. But until this week I was not really worried about Supernatural.


Well, think about last season - Smallville had some highs (1.1 to 1.4) but Supernatural stayed steady (0.9 - 1.0), but more importantly when Smallville went low (0.7 to 0.8) Supernatural stayed steady (0.9 to 1.0). And hopefully that'll be the case this season that no matter what Nikita does or does not do Supernatural will stay steady, but because the CW is not doing well at all so far this season I can admit that I'm now a wee bit concerned.

Honestly, going by premiere week numbers this might be the year of the comedy, except on NBC.
I don't see "Grimm" anywhere tonight...When is it supposed to premiere?

I DO see "A Gifted Man" at 8 pm on CBS...I'll be watching that one.
I want to say Grimm isn't scheduled to start until like October 21st (either way, I do know it's at least mid-October before it starts), which means there's plenty of time for The Playboy Club and Prime Suspect to air a few more episodes, and since it's doubtful both will rebound (cause it's honestly doubtful either will rebound) it gives the loser plenty of time to lose and still be easily replaced by Grimm on the NBC schedule.

But knowing NBC they'll leave Grimm on Friday to more then likely fail and pop a news type show in the open slots, which is stupid because a news type show would be more likely to hold up on Friday then Grimm.