Well, I guess everyone has noticed that I haven't made the October birthday entry, and I decided I'd state the reason. And that reason is that as near as I can tell no one on my flist has a birthday this month.
There, see, simple really.

Forever Knight

So, I got the season three DVDs yesterday and stayed up an hour late to watch the first episode. I should have waited because at one o'clock in the morning I was tempted to stay up another hour to see the second half of the season opener. I managed to go to bed, though. Had to really I was a bit sick (headache, fever), but I already know I will stay up an extra hour tonight just to see the second hour.

I've always said I never saw anything of season three first time around, and I started believing I meant that I'd never seen season three at all. Well I must have because several of the episode titles (not to mention the season opener itself) strike cords in my memory. So, while I didn't catch it the first time around, I must have caught this season in reruns at some point.

Still it is nice to be able to watch this show again. Oddly enough I seem to recall more about season three than I did about the previous seasons, which I guess does make sense since I apparently saw season three latter than I did the other two.

*sigh* At least all three seasons are out and owned by me now, but the makers of these DVDs just couldn't seem to get it right.

The first one was overpriced for the bare bones DVD set that it was - I got it used. The next one they really tried, it had special features and commentary tracks, and was much more reasonably priced. However, the commentary tracks were a few words here or there and not really the type on commentary one is used to. Now don't get me wrong, I can understand not having much to say, I mean the actors and creative team have moved on to other things and was probably hard pressed to remember and comment as much as they did. There must have been enough complaints about the second one though, because it seems they didn't even bother to try with the third set, it doesn't even have CC. Though it does have a few music vids, which I've not yet watched - far more interested in watching the episodes first.