So, because I wanted to watch The Big Bang Theory season premiere I DVRed The Vampire Diaries, which basically means I watched The Secret Circle first last night. And that'll probably happen for the rest of the season, because I always record the show I like best, or rather the show I feel I'm more inclined to watch more then once and between these two The Vampire Diaries is the one I'm more likely to watch again. However, as far as ratings, if I was one of the counted ([scary voice]and I might be - you don't know[/end]), I would still be giving a live ratings point to each because I always (unless something is horribly wrong) watch The Vampire Diaries (all the days shows I record, in fact) the same night it airs, which counts as long as it's watched before three a.m., and I start on my daily recordings right after The Colbert Report (sometimes even before TCR is over, because I don't always love his interview style).

The Secret Circle 1x02 Bound

Sadly, this was merely a MEH: This episode was neither horrible nor great episode. And, for the record, I'm not giving this episode such a low rating just because it killed my fantasy that Melissa is Deborah. And I mean it killed it almost as quick as the episode began, because Deborah was clearly an a-sexual character, and Melissa is clearly not.

However, the truth is that I didn't expect the show to allow me to have that little delusion long anyway. No, this episode got such a low ranking because honestly it was mostly boring.

The biggest bore is all the Adam/Cassie crap, but wasn't the only bore. It's weird, in the books I liked Adam/Cassie, or well not liked them, but liked their struggle to do the right thing by Diana in the face of an overwhelming attraction to each other, but with the show I'm just not feeling it. That's probably for two reasons - one in the books both Adam and Cassie loved Diana, and so even when Cassie was "working" against her she was still (mostly) doing it in the name of protecting her in the show Cassie and Diana have no special connection.

But also because I'm still not really feeling that the actor cast as Adam is capable of being Adam. On the other hand, Diana did and yet did not improve a bit this episode. I think the actress maybe showed that she could pull off the strong part of Diana, but then she was still so incredibly weak. And I mean I could forgive almost any character when it's boyfriend issues weakness, but not Diana, because those fears she expressed are out of character for Diana.

So, yeah, weirdly enough I'm still not having as much luck separating the show from the books for The Secret Circle, which is weird because it was almost easy for me to do so with The Vampire Diaries. So right now at the moment I have to say the books are much more interesting then the show, which wasn't the case with The Vampire Diaries. Sure The Vampire Diaries was different from the books, but I couldn't (and still can't really) say that one was better then the other they are just different. But with The Secret Circle they aren't just different right now one IS better then the other.

And part of that is this bonding the Circle thing. As this episode played out I started more and more to agree with Faye this bonding thing seems like a bad idea. Though obviously I'm disagreeing with this bonding for different reasons then Faye. Or maybe not so different, because this bonding thing makes you think they aren't going to have any individual powers on their own anymore, which kinda seems like it's going to suck the life out of the story. I mean, before the bonding each character has their own powers and agenda, right? Interesting, or at least potentially interesting. But this binding sounds like the characters won't be able to do ANY magic on their own that everything will have to be a group decision. Sounds boring, right? Yup. I mean, the only drama that can come from the group thing is the drama of getting the group to agree, where as when they have their own power they can just go do what they want. Could even, as in the books, work against each other, but it just sounds like this binding thing is going to hamstring the whole interesting part.

But it wasn't an all bad episode, aside from Grandma Cassie's useless fishing trip, the stuff going on with the other adults in town was interesting, and this show may be the first (and possibly only) show that's tossed a Magi-Crack story out there that I don't entirely hate. I'd have probably loved it if it didn't seem such a dud, because at least this time Nick specifically designed the Magi-Crack to be actual you know Magi-Crack rather then it just being a stupid (and uninteresting) metaphor for addiction. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Supernatural I'm glaring at you!)

So, not a great episode, and I'm almost sad to say, but if this binding the Circle comes across as boring as I expect it to, I'm probably not going to be sticking with this show long either.

Poor CW, both of their supposed savior shows (Ringer and The Secret Circle) seem to be duds this season. Of course, you know they only went with Ringer because they thought the Gellar fans would give them ratings, and they only went with The Secret Circle because of The Vampire Diaries - both are based on LJSmith books, and both have Kevin Williamson, but alas that alone might not be enough.

The Vampire Diaries 3x02 The Hybrid

Okay, so I've totally fallen back in love with Tyler. That's right, love, all is forgiven and I totally love you again. Which after his bullcrap in season two I never thought I'd even like Tyler again, let alone find myself in love with him again.

So, for that alone this episode gets a Good: Could've been better, but me likey anyway. To be honest, it's Elena that held this episode back from a "humping its leg" ranking, because I really just did not like Elena's behavior for the most part of this episode.

But I'll tell you what's even weirder then me falling in love with Tyler again... I can't even say/type it. I can't and you can't make me. *sigh* Some of the things in this episode makes me wonder if this will be the season where I finally warm up to Matt, because honestly? I can't say I completely hated him in this episode, and even though Jeremy really needed his help, I couldn't hate him for not helping, because (DAMN IT ALL!) I could actually understand where he was coming from. UGH!

However, lets go back to Elena being the reason this episode didn't score a higher ranking out of me. You see, I'm seriously starting to wonder if I'm going to end up out-right disliking her at this point. First her blindness BS from the premiere, which was bad enough, but then they take her lower with her emotional manipulation of Alaric (stop with the Ric thing show. Just stop!). I mean, okay, she wasn't out-right all bad in this episode, because the stuff in the car (towards the end of the episode) with Elena and Alaric proves that she's not totally lost yet, but I can all ready see that I'm probably not going to love the overall direction they are now starting to take with her character. *sigh* Lets just hope I don't end up actually out-right hating her.

Also, Stefan's turning in to a bit of a dumbass. *sigh* He's all "tell Elena to stop trying to find me, except that I'm gonna keep on doing shit to encourage her to try and find me, because I am a dumbass!"

But I think what really sums up this episode for me are three key phrases:

Poor poor Jeremy.
(Damn, one wants his help, the other is saying helping her would be a bad idea.)

Poor Klaus.
(Okay, yeah, I know that's a bit weird, but for some reason I really felt for him when his "children" died. I think I may have to give the casting of Klaus a damn good rating, because he's a bad guy, and yet he still made me feel a bit for him.)

Holy effing Shit! Poor poor poor Caroline!
(She just can't catch a damn break, can she? Not only her mom, but now her dad too. Can't you people (show PTB) "LEAVE CAROLINE ALONE!" Seriously, show, I think Caroline needs a break. Seriously, show, seriously.)

PS - I don't think John bringing Elena back to life is what is keeping Klaus from being able to turn wolves in to hybrids like himself, because Klaus did kill her. So, I think there's another reason Klaus can't do what he wants here, and I can't wait to see what that is.

PPS - I actually lol'ed at Damon saying - "No, he's not okay, Elena. He's an insufferable martyr that needs his ass kicked..."
(Now if show would keep this up, maybe we could get the SalSlash truly off the ground.)