So, as the subject line says this is my pre-wank that should've been posted about two weeks ago, instead of after the bloody episode aired. Basically, what happened is that I typed this several weeks ago just after seeing the promo for the new season of CSI, but I am horribly unorganized - all my written files (except for my fanfic) all end up in the same folder. Yeah, I don't have lots of folders, I have about four folders with about a million files in each, so it's not exactly surprising that sometimes things get a little lost.

Again, this is NOT an episode review for last nights season premiere, because I did not watch last nights season premiere, and the pre-season promo is why. Because basically when I heard Ray Langston was out I was considering giving this new season of CSI a chance. Mostly just to see if the people behind it actually understood how badly they mishandled not just the addition of Langston but the bungling of the other characters in favor of Langstons addition. Then (as I said) I started seeing the promos for the season premiere and knew it would be a waste of time (for me), because clearly they (the CSI PTB) did not understand what they did wrong when it came to adding the new character (Langston) to the team.

Now that's not to say I hated the character (Ray Langston), and I certain don't dislike Fishburne at all. I just could not go along with and accept the idea that the newbie to the team was suddenly the star of the show, but that apparently eludes the people producing/writing CSI.

Here's the thing, the thing I think everyone can understand, Fishburne is a really big fish (i.e. bankable actor), so the actor, of course, deserves top billing and all of that. The problem was that for me his character did not. And that to me was the real sticking point. I understood that the actor deserved it, but could never feel as though the character did, because when it comes to CSI there was other characters (Catherine and Nick specifically) who deserved primary character status over Langston. So, it was hard for me to go along with a newbie suddenly being the star when I felt like two long-term characters being pushed aside for the new guy.

So, yeah, before the promo I was thinking about giving CSI another chance, but then came the promos and any hope I had died on the spot, because honestly the promos make me believe this new new guy is going to be even worse.

You see, this time they are not just pushing Catherine (and Nick) aside in favor of the new new guy (which is almost in the case of Catherine understandable since the actress playing Catherine is leaving sometime this season), but this time they're actually having the new new guy (whoever the character is that Danson is playing) actually DISS Catherine pretty damn hard (again if the promos are a real indication), and then as if that wasn't bad enough all by itself they are apparently going to turn around and actually have Catherine kiss Danson's characters ass. UGH! What the fuck is wrong with you CSI PTB? Seriously?

So, no, I didn't watch last nights season premiere, but I probably should have just to see how bad it actually was, but to be honest the promos pissed me off so badly that I just knew I could not sit through the whole episode without also having to fight the urge to kill something.