On this night, I must admit aside from Ringer I did not watch any new shows, so I cannot comment on the quality or lack thereof for episodes that aired this night. However, I'd have probably watched New Girl, but I no longer get FOX and I refuse to change TV providers just for FOX. Sorry, FOX, but you ain't all that!
(For the record, that'll be the same for Wednesday night, as well. All I'll be watching is things I've watched in previous years... Well, I've started watching Paranormal Witness, but that's cable not broadcast, so...)

One thing to note first is that Ringer fell from a 1.2 A18-49 to a 0.9 in its second outing (and I must admit that I expected that fall, though I was maybe hoping it wouldn't fall quite so sharply) - not real great news for Ringer fans. However, if you look at the fifteen minute break-downs Ringer did rise once New Girl ended, so that might be a bit of good news.

Truth is that even here I was a little off, because I sorta expected Unforgettable to be stronger then New Girl, though I didn't expect either of them to bomb out of the gate, and they didn't.

New Girl
A18-49 - 4.8/12
Outstanding, and in a real way more impressive then 2 Broke Girls 7.1, because 2BG had the super-charged Two and a Half Men (10.7) for a lead-in and New Girl merely had Glee's not nearly as impressive 4.0. Don't get me wrong, a 4.0 is impressive, just not as impressive as a 10.7.
Still even if New Girl falls off a little in the coming weeks, it's still getting a full season and a second one to boot. If it drops sharply, though, all bets are off, but from what I'm seeing today it seems most people liked it, so...

A18-49 - 2.9/8
Not impressive, but as long as it doesn't fall too much not only will this one likely finish a full season but will be back for a second one.

psst - I updated the original entry to briefly note the rightness or wrongness of my predictions.