Ringer 1x02 She's Ruining Everything

Non-SPOILER review:
Poor: This episode wasn't great, but wasn't a crime against humanity.

Now maybe you think that's a bit harsh, but I really just didn't like this episode, and honestly almost gave it my worst rating (Crime Against Humanity), but there's one thing (and only one) that kept me from rating this episode that harshly.

Anyway, even after last weeks less then stellar opening I was still sorta rooting for this show, and while this episode was better in some aspects from the first one, it was also really boring, somewhat stupid, and kinda pointless. So, I must say that as bad as last weeks episode was at least it kept me interested, which is more then I can say for this weeks.

Anyway, at the end of the last episode Shevette killed a man, and the show instead of just letting her get rid of the body (off screen would've been great, but a quick on-screen clean-up would've been different and left open a potentially more interesting story)... Oh, no, cause that would make sense and wouldn't have bored me.

No, instead we get body hiding hijinks... Well, no, cause hijinks might've at least made me laugh. No, what we got was all kinds of "who's going to catch her with the body?" fake-outs. BORING! Also stupid, because it's too early in the series for me to honestly believe that the cops (at least) are going to catch Bridget, because once the cops catch Bridget the show is pretty much over.
(And it was even a long-shot that the show would let the cops catch Shevette red-handed with the body. I mean, come on! That bullet in the body leads right straight to Bridget, so it was not likely "Siobhan" would be caught with the body either, because even if that didn't somehow out Shevette it would be hard to keep that not outing Bridget actually make sense, so again it's too early in the shows life for Shevette to be outed by the cops at least.)

So, not only was her panic over hiding the body stupid, it was also so very boring and pointless.

Yes, the twist at the end might've been interesting, but because I never once thought that the body was going to be discovered I had all ready guessed that the body was going to mysteriously disappear. But instead of that also happening quickly they drug it out until the end of the episode. And by the time it happened it was so damn obvious it was going to happen that it was painful, the "mysteriously" ringing phone and the shady man giving Shevette the hairy eyeball is what really made it so painfully obvious.

Now don't get me wrong, I didn't dislike everything, I actually really do like Bridget's motivation. In a way she's trying to make amends for all the bad in their lives. Of course, Siobhan isn't dead, but Bridget doesn't know that, so I can totally understand (and even sympathize) with what Bridget is trying to do.

However, I'm not sure that alone is enough to keep me watching, especially if the rest of the episodes leave me rolling my eyes so hard that I end up with a headache. Either way, unless it really gets better this is probably my last review of Ringer, because even if I stick with it (which is unlikely at this point) this will be one of those watch once and done shows for me.