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Busy busy weekend, and while today is a bit slow, this week is shaping up to be as busy for me as the weekend was. So, I thought while I had a few minutes to spare, I'd update the "fic rec lists" I've made.

1. Harry Potter Het&Gen
2. Harry Potter Slash A-L
3. Harry Potter Slash M-Z
4. Crossover (Het, gen, and Slash)
5. Daily Show/Cobert Report fic
At least one story has been added to all the above, but the Het/Gen, Slash A-L, and DailyShow/Colbert Report got the most new fics added.

PS - Santa, I haven't yet read the story you sent, though I did see it in my PM box. *crosses fingers* Hopefully, I'll get to it by the weekend.

PPS - alisanne, I am such a bad rude friend. I'm sorry, I asked you to link me to a Snarry story of yours awhile back. I really intended to read the story, but I kept forgetting or being too busy and now I cannot find the the link. If you'd be so kind as to link again I shall do my best to read it (and comment, hopefully) the first chance I get. Thanks.
Erm... do you remember what the story was about? LOL. I've forgotten, too... *g*
Did we talk about it a few weeks ago in my LJ?
*sigh* This is what happens when you get old...
Lets see, yes we talked about it in your LJ. If I recall correctly it was in a thread you started about Harry/Ron, but I could be wrong, because when I looked before I couldn't find that thread.

I believe the reason I expressed interest in the fic was because it was one where you prettied him up. I.E. Gave him a shower and made his hair better, you know that sort of thing.

If that doesn't help, I'll try looking again myself.
Oh, right!
Okay, I know which one you mean now.
Easiest place to find it is Cipher... *rummages*
Here you go! :)

Now, remember that I warned you that it's fluffy. And I mean, the 'have your insulin ready' sort of sweet/fluffy. *g*
Thanks. I've read the first bit and so far so good. But I'll have to finish another time.
Meh, take your time.
And great icon! LOL.
I loved it myself.

I nicked it from Smo over on Fandom_Wank.
I only told you where on Terran you could find it but I'll PM it to you :)
That's all right. At the time I made this entry, I just saw that I had a PM from you, but I hadn't yet read it. You don't have to PM the story, I can find it. ;)
LOL I just pmed you that story ;)
It's cool, I just thought I'd save you the trouble, but I didn't manage to reply fast enough. LOL