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Yep, even more crack from yours truly today. Told you I was tired and more importantly bored!

Title: Ficlet: The Worst Orgy Ever!
Author: QueenetteFallon (aka Emma Love)
Rating: PG-13, though possibly only PG
Summary: The spirit is willing, but the flesh... The flesh is weak, so very weak.

The Worst Orgy Ever!

The room was dimly lit, the various furniture around the room looked comfortable and inviting. But most importantly all the guests had finally arrived. However, instead of the expected orgy everyone was standing around looking almost blankly at each other as though they'd never attended an orgy in their life.

Finally, the cute, but only slightly overweight, hostess sighed. After a half hour of waiting she knew it was up to her to get this party started.

So, the hostess grabbed the nearest male. He was cute enough himself, and also only slightly overweight.

She quickly undid his pants and dropped to her knees, and that's when disaster struck. Hitting the floor with her knees was bad, so bad she actually yelped, but that might have been because the pain radiated outward from the knees in both directions. The hostess quickly moved so she could collapse on the floor with legs out-stretched. There was no way she was getting up to get this orgy started any time soon.

Sadly when she looked around, she realized that her actions had attempted to get things started, but somehow the sounds of popping and cracking joints just wasn't erotic. Perhaps there should be an age limit on orgies. Like so many other things it seemed orgies was for the young.

Picking up the cane that had just appeared beside her off the floor, she waved it in the direction of the door while yelling "damn kids! Get off my lawn!"

The End!
(Of the orgy at any rate.)

Possibly I'm in pain for unrelated reasons and this story mostly happened because of that, but I will not confirm or deny anything here!

I hope you're NOT in pain. *hugs*
Not that bad, but last Sunday/Monday I had to clean out from under my bed - it was seriously nasty under there. But because of a weakness in the floor my bed cannot really be moved (which is why it doesn't get cleaned as often as it should), so I had to basically lay on the floor and reach, or move it out from the wall the few inches it can be moved and again lay and reach. And after cleaning, I had to figure out how to fix things under there so my pets couldn't get beyond my wing-span under there ever again.

Anyway, my knees took the worst of it, but my arms are still a wee bit bruised from the bed frame, as well. Basically, the bed frame kicked my ass, and like Tuesday and Wednesday moving was not fun, but even my knees (while still hurting more then a little) aren't as bad as they was, which is why I can laugh about it a little now.

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