So, clearly I'm bored, but also a little sleepy today - I didn't sleep well last night and got up a bit early this morning, but at this point I don't want to take a nap, so I'm gathering my random thoughts and posting them in a bold effort to keep myself awake.
So, maybe this should go without saying, but in case it doesn't, this entry is mostly full of crack!

Regarding Supernatural season seven episode one, I must admit that some of the things I've heard (am hearing) about this episode makes me think it's going to make me happy - in my pants! And I like being happy in my pants.
(Though I will be disappointed if Cass doesn't collar and leash his pets, so deeply disappointed! It's like the lack of assless leather chaps all over again.)

Oh, and psst, Show - over here! Yeah, that's right over here. If you want to remain the King of Broadcast Incest (which I know is deeply important to you) then you're going to really need to step up your incest this season, because now The Secret Circle is on the air, and if the families on that show are as they was in the books... Well, lets just say that's levels (generations even) of incest that's hard to beat (all witches are incest babies, you see what I'm saying, Show?), so as I said you want to remain the King you're gonna have to step up the incest several notches.
(I'm not even joking - The level of incest in The Secret Circle makes the Harry Potter purebloods look like total strangers to each other!)

Of course, going by the books I really thought Damon/Stefan (The Vampire Diaries) would end up topping Dean/Sam on the top of the incest pile, but that show just didn't keep with the books when it came to the brother lovin'. But I think that's because Kevin Williamson is not-so-secretly biased against brother lovin', and in The Secret Circle (of incest! That's the secret!) all the incest is straight (good and proper) baby making incest! So, KW shouldn't have a problem with that.

But (to Supernatural) if you don't have the balls to step up the bother lovin' this judge would also accept stalky tentacle p0rn. After all, I feel entitled to this since I know you aren't going to have Cass collar and leash his pets! I just know it! So, in place of that I would very much find tentacle p0rn an acceptable substitute.

*sigh* It's been a really long summer, and clearly I've had too much time alone with my thoughts. I know you don't yet believe me, but [creepy Yoda voice]you will. You will![/end]

Also over the summer I had a EUREKA moment in regards to why poor poor Jim Beaver isn't getting in on all the sexing that fandom thinks happens during the filming of Supernatural... *sigh* Honestly, it seems like some believe the show is merely what happens between orgies (yes, Supernatural fandom is like crack to me - once I started I can't seem to stop! I need fandom methadone), but because Jim gets no action (or very little) I can't stop seeing him standing naked in front of a mirror thinking about how fine his ass is and being all sad cause no one wants to poke it. So, naturally, this won't leave my damn head, and I'd like it to before the new season starts! However, with Show being all not showing me new episodes I had very little else to do but solve the mystery of Jim Beaver's unpoked ass, and I finally solved the mystery! It's his last name, I mean it has to be, because he's clearly all male, but I think it's that some fans simply can't bring themselves to type his last name, cause... Well, you get it, right? So, that's my theory.


Either way, though, I personally think J-Squared is old news it's now all about the M-Squared (Mark/Misha for the grossly uninformed)... See, I need fandom methadone now, because if I don't stop I'm going to end up trying to write an epic fanfic using only information from a certain gossip site, and personally even I can't imagine how it would all fit together to lead to J-Squared, but clearly somehow for them it does. And, well, you know, I'd really rather "waste" my time writing M-Squared instead of J-Squared.

Well, M-Squared AND the odd little ficlet every so often where J-Squared try to become J3 (J/J/Jim, of course). Or the odd little ficlet where... You know what? I have to damn many ficlet ideas, especially for this real person stuff when I've never before contemplated writing RPF. UGH!

Seriously, I'd rather really be focusing on Crowley/Cass and their non-con sealing of the deal Cass broke.