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So, during last nights episode of The Colbert Report I learned that I am not a special snow-flake after all. I mean, sure, I've always known I wasn't alone in my love of SPOILERS, but then online there almost always seem to be more Anti-SPOILER types then SPOILER-HO types, so naturally I used this to put myself in da special snow-flake category.

FOILERs, on the other hand, are of the devil and more often then not lead to "this episode sucks ass" syndrome. Damn you to hell JOSS WHENDON! Still bitter? Who me? Surely you jest! But seriously there was several awesome FOILERs back in the Buffy days that really did seem WAY more interesting then what the show ended up actually doing.

Anyway, I've always been one of those who enjoys knowing what's coming, and according to graduate student Jonathan Leavitt and Dr. Nicholas Christenfeld of UCSD I am not the only one. According to that research they hypothesize that spoilers might help provide an organizing schema for the story information to follow, leading to easier comprehension and greater enjoyment.

Now I don't know about all that, but I do know that knowing the ending does help me enjoy things more. However, I mostly just assumed that was because I'm not a real big fan of surprises, at least not unexpected ones. On the other hand, sometimes I do enjoy a good twist, so I don't know... Like with The Vampire Diaries that show is full of twists and turns, so much so that I am sometimes disappointed when there isn't a twist/turn. But maybe that's because I expect The Vampire Diaries to be all twisty and turny.

Still I've always been the annoying one that reads the last page (or even last chapter) first, and when possible watch (or read SPOILERS about) the last episode of a series first.

To be honest, I think that's why I tend to enjoy the whole of Buffy now more then I did back in the day (except for season seven, I still loathe season seven with a fine burning hatred!), because back in the day I spent more time hoping things would go a certain way, or trying to use my mental powers to direct it a certain way instead of just setting back and watching. Now that I know how it's going I can (except for season seven) just set back and enjoy it for what it is.

Anyway, all that combined is why I've never really truly understood the "SPOILERs ruin everything" crowd, because to me that is not the case at all. But also because most official SPOILERs aren't trying to give things away, they are trying to entice one to read/watch.
Spoilers! I'm a proud lover of spoilers. Spoilers don't ruin things for my any more than reading or watching something a second time does. It is the journey to get where they are going that is interesting, not necessarily not knowing every detail.

Can't agree with you on Buffy, though. I adore all of it. Even season 7, while not the best season, is still good in my opinion.
Personally, what I hate most about SPOILERS (sometimes anyway) is that they don't give me enough. You know, just tell me, I'll hide it from those who don't want to know I'm just nice that way.

Seriously, another non-Buffy example would be Harry Potter. If Rowling had just SPOILED her ending (and I don't mean the epilogue) then I probably wouldn't have hated the last book nearly as much as I did, because if she'd SPOILED Voldemort's end then I never would've expected more from the character of Harry, because I'd have not expected him to step up and be an actual hero.
(Okay, fine, even if she'd SPOILED it I know I still wouldn't have loved it, but it would've taken much of the angry wind out of my sails.)

*grins* On Buffy - The simple answer for why I can't like season seven is that I just can't forgive season seven for making me not just hate Buffy herself, but Spike too. Thankfully, season five of Angel helped restore my love for Spike, and fanfic and early seasons of Buffy helped me get my love for her back. However, even now years later (or last year when I finally tried to watch season seven again) past the half-way point season seven still makes me cringe all the way through, and even some of the stuff before the half-way point makes me cringe.

See, I can stop my long-windyness... Sometimes.
To me, everything Buffy did in season 7 was understandable. She has held the weight of the world for so long, and every time she has slightly wavered or been human, everyone jumps on her back. So yes, she cracked a little in season 7, but I understood it. And frankly, everyone treated her like crap in that season, particularly Giles. In fact, season 7 Giles almost made me dislike the character, and I have to rewatch early seasons to remember why I love the man. And I liked Spike in season 7.

But to each their own.
*grins* The problem with Giles (for me anyway) was I'd all ready come to dislike him season six (Buffy's dead, but somehow he decides Sunnydale is safe and leaves! WTF? Then she's back, but clearly not okay, and again he decides leaving is what he needs to do! Double WTF? Seriously, a fanfic writer writing Giles that way would've been ran out of fandom on a rail.), though for some reason with Giles I was able to blame the writers more than the character, which I wasn't able to do for the characters in season seven. So, I don't blame season seven for my problems with Giles cause for me those started before season seven.
(I have this little fantasy that something actually killed Giles during the summer between five and six, and the Giles we get in six onward is robot!Giles - see Robot!Wesley's father from Angel, though considering that Wesley's non-robot father was still alive, I guess it's possible Giles was only kidnapped between five and six and no one ever managed to find and rescue him. Poor Giles.)

And it's not that I think every character aside from Buffy and Spike was great in season seven, because that's actually part of my problem - all of them sucked, but for me it's the way Buffy and Spike was written/handled that sucked worse for me. But because they all kind of sucked there was really nothing for me to point to and say 'that makes it worth it.' Because even Chosen has (for me) nasty overtones.

Edited at 2011-09-08 11:01 pm (UTC)
I like spoilers, too. Whenever I'm reading n especially tense mystery, I stop and go find out who dunnit; then I can peacefully go back and read what lead up to it.

As for movies, I LOVE spoilers because I can't get to a theater to watch one; I have to wait til a DVD comes out and I find that unbearable!
MY TWIN! You are.

Though I think for me, it really does fall back on the fact that surprises I am not a fan of, unless (apparently, see The Vampire Diaries) I'm expecting them. That could explain why The Vampire Diaries is one of the few shows I've watched over the years that don't have me actively seeking SPOILERS. I mean, I'll read 'em if I run across them, but haven't actually went looking for them like I have (do) for every other show I watch.