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No, I'm not depressed again, but I decided to take a sort of break over the holiday weekend, and basically chose to "waste" my time reading fanfic. The weird thing is that I found myself wanting cracky or badfic, so I went looking first for some Harry Potter/Star Trek fanfic, because in my head merging those verses together would seem the perfect recipe crack/bad fic. Instead what I found was some stuff that actually (surprisingly) worked rather well, though thankfully I did find one or two cracky fanfics, but it was in the Harry Potter/Supernatural crossovers that I found the crack I was looking for.
(What's even weirder I still haven't been able to make myself watch the first half of Potter Movie Seven (let alone the second half) but I am for some reason crawling back in to Harry Potter fanfic.)

Oh, and these are just listed in the order I read them, instead of me getting fancy with the ABCs or anything.

Harry Potter, aka Three of Eight by The Submarauder
R (incomplete) het
Crossover - Harry Potter/Star Trek Voyager
Summary: No one noticed Harry Potter was missing for ten years until he appeared in the Great Hall of Hogwarts in a flash of green light, ready for his sorting. But why is he wearing mechanical implants and cybernetic armor?
(This is the one that really shouldn't work, because baby!Harry kidnapped by the Borg, yet the Borg don't attack Earth as a whole... And yet somehow it does kind of work, and could maybe make perfect sense if it was finished. It wasn't the crack that I was expecting and yet I still liked it.)

Harry Potter and the Borg by Locutus Lupin
PG-13 (complete) gen
Crossover - Harry Potter/Star Trek TNG
Summary: "All was well," or so Harry thought when the books were done. But only one day later a giant cube appears in front of the moon, and an alien race sends a message to the people of earth: "We are Borg. Resistance is futile."
(This one is at times more then a little depressing, but with a not unhappy ending. Also at times its somewhat confusing (but since it's supposed to be confusing at those points it works), and as I said the ending is not unhappy in fact it's somewhat hopeful since it does pave the way for The Federation, but it still somehow feels like an angsty ending. But it's a really good fanfic, and so even though it wasn't exactly what I was looking for I'm glad I found and read it.)

Supernatural Rejection Letters by Chibi-Chan71
PG-13 (WIP) gen
Crossover - Harry Potter/Supernatural
Summary: 'Dear Mr. Potter. We are happy to inform you that you have been accepted to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.' ... Nope! Humor/Crack.
(This falls in line with exactly what I was looking for, and is also a perfect example of be careful what you wish for, because this fanfic is Harry's rejection letters to Hogwarts only, and some of those letters leave me wanting to read the actual stories behind/around them.)

Dean Winchester and the Order of the Trickster by AuntMo
PG (complete) gen
Crossover - Harry Potter/Supernatural
Summary: The Trickster has stuck Dean and Sam in TV land, and HBO is currently showing Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Suddenly, the boys find themselves in the film and surprisingly Dean knows a lot about one Harry Potter.

Let's Party 'til the World Ends by She Who Cannot Be Turned
R (complete) slash
Crossover - Harry Potter/Supernatural
Summary: Crowley didn't even know Death even had a master, so when he met him, he was understandably confused and shocked. That reaction swiftly turned into disturbed and annoyed once the being introduced him to an identity confused Archangel in Witness Protection
Good to hear you're not depressed. *hugs* :)