A Supernatural/True Blood crossover idea that I'd really like to see someone write. *sigh* I doubt anything will come of posting this, because I've posted some "challenges" before and to the best of my knowledge no one has taken them up. Still this idea would not go away and leave me alone until I at least got it out of my system, but I cannot take this one up myself, because I still have three fanfics in progress, and it's hard to work on two of them because of my mood, which is not a great one, while the mood of those fics in question isn't supposed to be quite as mucked up as my own, which means my own mood really needs to improve before I can get those going again, which means I'm not even gonna think about starting another fanfic until I can get at least one or more of my current WiPs finished.

Anyway, a few days ago I updated my Supernatural fanfic recs list and all the new recs are Supernatural/True Blood crossovers, basically because this idea was knocking in my head and I wanted to see if someone had written it. Alas, if they have I've yet to find it.

Okay, so I'll make two cuts now - the first one contains the bare bones idea and no season seven SPOILERS (or even season six SPOILERS). The second one (more detailed) contains season seven SPOILERS (and a SPOILER for season six, as well), or at least speculation of things based on what little "we" know. But make no mistake while I'd be in love if someone wrote the second one, I'd be perfectly thrilled if someone wrote something with the first less detailed one.
NO True Blood SPOILERS in either, at least I don't think there are any True Blood SPOILERS!


The basic idea is that sometime after Supernatural's season two episode Bloodlust True Blood is revealed and the vamps come out of the coffin. Maybe it's equal parts True Blood and that at least some of the vampires think coming out might actually protect them from hunters. However, my idea would involve vampires clustering together in certain areas instead of completely spreading out like they have in the actual True BloodVerse. Anyway, at some point after that Lenore finds herself with a problem that requires a hunter, so she calls in the pair of hunters that she knows and trusts, but of course not every vampire would be happy about having the Winchesters in vampire-land.

Take Two! SPOILERS and a slight tweak of canon necessary!

What I'd really really love you forever for doing would be if that idea, Lenore needing a hunter took place sometime after the season six finale. And this one would take place after the whole Russell Edgington thing, and maybe all that happened because of Mommy Dearest rising. So, vamps aren't exactly popular with humanity as a whole during the timing of the story, and the Winchesters aren't exactly free and easy anymore, because they're also being hunted from all sides except strangely from the vampire side.

Obviously for this to work Lenore would have to somehow not be killed by Castiel (so when I said slight tweak to canon necessary I meant one slight tweak to each, cause the Russell thing doesn't exactly fit, but could be twisted to do so, I think), and I kinda have an idea of how that could happen. Sam, who's pretty much always wanting someone or something to prove that they can beat their "problem" could've caught Castiel's movement and pulled Lenore out of the way, and then Dean and Sam lock her away for the duration as they originally planned. Then, of course, once Mommy Dearest is taken care of they let Lenore out and she goes on her way.

So, when Lenore calls them they decide to come (maybe Bobby with them), because they sort of need a place to hide from their former BBF Cass, the demons, monsters, and human authorities. Plus Sam not entirely being sane anymore would also be a problem, so Dean really just needs a moment to stop and regroup... And honestly who'd look for the Winchesters in vampire-land?