I personally wouldn't call what I'll be talking about a full-on SPOILER, but I know many people are sensitive to anything that remotely feels SPOILERY, so I decided to just slap it all behind a cut.


Odds of Lisa/Ben coming back are the same as seeing Cass after episode two, or so they say. The implication is, of course, that we won't be seeing Cass, but I tend to doubt that. *sigh* I really don't know why, but I just have this thing where I'm probably not gonna believe they are killing (or otherwise removing) Cass until I actually see it play out on my screen, and then all things considered I'll probably never believe he's actually gone for good.
(No, I'm not one of the Cass-haters fearing that the show is toying with my fragile emotional self... It's more like with Crowley, even as the bone-burning scene was happening I did not believe Crowley was being written out of the show, and that's pretty much the way I feel with Cass, even if they kill him on-screen I'll never believe he's truly dead and gone forever.)

But before I go further I'll quote the Supernatural bit, because if you follow that link you'll be SPOILED for Glee, The Vampire Diaries, CSI: NY, 90210, Fringe, and many others.

QUOTE: Drew in Garland, Texas: Any chance that we'll see Lisa and Ben again on Supernatural? I know some fans are thrilled that they forgot everything, but it seemed out of character for Dean to do that in my opinion. I can't imagine the Supernatural writers viewing that as a solid end to that arc. Emotional twist, sure. End? No.

The odds of seeing Lisa and Ben again on Supernatural this season are about equal to the odds of seeing Castiel (Misha Collins) after the second episode. Make of that what you will. (Sob.)END Quote

So, naturally this makes me believe that we'll be seeing Lisa/Ben again, and that idea does not please me. Though I suppose in a way it should, because Dean violated their minds (which admittedly left me feeling all conflicted even when it happened), and so I can't say that I wouldn't enjoy seeing Lisa pop up again to put a boot in Dean's ass and tell him to STFA from them because of what he did. That I'd be okay with, but with this show I fear (or rather am mostly bored with the idea) that would be a prelude to Show getting or trying to get them back together again (and I'm sorry, but if Lisa ever took him back after the mind violation any lingering respect I have/had for the character would disappear) or at least a prelude to Lisa/Ben popping up again and again all season long. Had enough of that with season six, thanks anyway.

Second reason is that after a season six rewatch and some thought, I think I like how Dean ever-so-slowly (and totally against what he wanted) morphed into John as season six progressed, and that is highlighted by his off and on relationship with Lisa over the course of the season. I mean, okay, he left Lisa for more then one reason, but I think a large part of it was that he saw that he was becoming John in regards to them and did not want that. However, by the end of the season he pretty much has become John at least in regards to Lisa and Ben. Sure, he claims to care about them, but then goes and does what he thinks is best without any regard for what they might want/think. And then when someone (Sam) tries to point out why that was wrong Dean is basically all STFU! And that just seems very John-like to me, so I find myself hoping that maybe season seven will see Dean confronting (or at least realizing) the fact that he has pretty much become his father when that's pretty much the last thing he wanted.

Though admittedly I still want the Dean back who enjoyed hunting. Maybe sometimes he thought about life beyond hunting, but mostly he thought the whole hunting thing was awesome, and I miss that Dean. Like really miss him way more then I expected. And the morphing into John thing seems to directly conflict with this, but I want both Dean's. Though I don't know how that'd work. All I do know is that I'm not eager to see Lisa again because I tend to believe if they brought her back instead of having her kick Dean's ass and move on the show would/will turn in to a season seven rehash of season six at least as far as Lisa/Ben are concerned - I.E. Them popping in randomly and without much purpose, cause there wouldn't be much purpose after the ass-kicking thing.