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(No SPOILERS beyond Movie Three!)

So, first obviously I like them, and there hasn't been been a scene (from a movie) that's freaked me out more (at least recently) then the big car crash sequence from the second movie. However, over the years there's been a few things that's stood-out/bothered me about the whole thing, and because I had a EUREKA moment while rewatching the third movie last night I decided now was as good a time as any to "talk" about this.

The first thing that really bugged was from the second movie - the last death scene. If new life from death resets the plan/design, then that last death scene doesn't make sense with the in-universe logic, because Kimberly's new life from death (drowning and being brought back somewhat like Buffy) should've reset the plan/design and cleared the list of all that was left on it from Final Destination one and two, which granted wasn't many but if new life from death worked then Kimberly, Tom, and Brian should've been okay. But even if you ignore the above and write it off as the mortician simply screwing with them (i.e. giving them false hope for whatever reason - personally, I've always kind of suspected that the mortician is behind it all) Brian still shouldn't have been on the/a list anyway. Brain only needed saving by one of the not-supposed-to-survive-survivors because the not-supposed-to-survive-survivors survived in the first place, so if the plan/design had not been disrupted then Brian wouldn't have been in need of saving. UGH! Headache now!

Anyway, while rewatching the third movie last night it all crashed together in my head and suddenly made sense... But it starts with the other thing that's bugged me. Obviously these movies say that death (or probably Death in this case) has a plan/design, and these movies always start with that plan/design being disrupted, or at least that's how it seems. The main character (or the character who is slated to die last) has a vision which then ends up saving the vision character along with at least a few others. So, why the hell does that vision thing always happen? Yes, I yelled that (in my head) the first time around when the doomed kids got off the doomed coaster in the third movie. Seriously, though if the vision didn't happen then the plan/design would not be disrupted. Now obviously the boring and mundane explanation is that if the vision didn't happen then neither would the movies, but that bores me, I want a more exciting reason, you know.

So, if the person that had the vision in these movies simply didn't have the vision then the plan/design would go off without a hitch, right? No last minute vision equals no last minute "save" of a few people. Now at first after asking that question I decided there was some force out there "working" against the plan/design, but then I managed to piss all over my poor theory - the short version is that if there was some force out there working against the plan/design then why isn't that force doing more, because in the end Death pretty much has his/her way no matter what.

Well, as I said, last night I had that EUREKA moment where in my head everything came together and suddenly made sense. Okay, not suddenly, even this new idea didn't exactly gel together perfectly at the first moment I had it. Cause at first it was basically just an idea that Death itself was "giving" the visions, because maybe Death (who's been around from the beginning) is simply bored. You know, he/she's bored, so he/she's sending these visions simply to spice things up a little, but as often happens my mind went further.

Basically this hit me, because... Well, honestly there's always been something about the third movie that bothered me, but I never could put my finger on what exactly that was. Sure, I've always avoided (well, not always) roller coasters because I have pretty much this exact fear of them (the part where you're upside down and stopped - I can't tell you how much that creeped me out, because that is a fear of mine). And the tanning bed thing... Oh, holy crap. I mean, seriously, just before college I stopped going because again I was a bit afraid of something like this happening... Well, that and other things more likely to happen, and the real reason I stopped going was mostly because I tended to sweat more then a whore in Church in the damn things...

But anyway there was much in this third movie that pushed my buttons, so I just assumed after awhile that's what it was, but each time I'd watch it something would still bother me. And it was finally on my forth (or maybe fifth) rewatch that it hit me. It's the photos! The "death-shots" which are taken BEFORE the doomed kids got on the ride, meaning at that time the coaster should've been the cause of death. Instead those photos show how the doomed kids who get off the ride will die later, which means those kids had to be meant to get off the ride in the first place, right? Otherwise why would the photos show "alternate" death shots if they was literally meant to die on the coaster?

So, then I started to think what if the visions and some "surviving" are also part of the plan/design. Then the question becomes why? Why would Death muck up his/her own plan/design? What if he's actually looking for something in the "survivors"? Maybe he/she's actually hoping one (or more) of them might actually cheat the plan/design. Mostly this came to me, because even if someone did manage to cheat the plan/design at some point even if they'd been originally slated to live a long life they'd still be slated to die at some point. Depressing, yes. As Alex (from the first movie) said, you can win, but not forever.

What if Death is looking for helpers? Maybe because he/she's lonely, or considering the number of people who die daily maybe he/she just needs the help, and he/she is looking for the best of the best to make Deaths little helpers. You know, create a force of Reapers (if you will) so he/she doesn't have to do everything.

Or maybe not, since even if a character actually survives the movie they die later either brought back to die on-screen or it's revealed that they died sometime between movies. So, this actually seemed to make loads more sense when it was knocking around in my head. Now that I've typed it out it just doesn't make as much sense as I thought it would. *sigh* Because it could be, as I said earlier, that maybe Death is just bored so he/she disrupts it's own plan/design just to spice things up a bit even though (or maybe because) he/she knows it'll win in the end anyway. And, to be fair, there is some stuff in the forth movie that supports this take more than my own, I suppose. Whatever.
I read this...and now, I'm so dizzy, I have no idea what you said...LOL

Just a crazy idea I had that really honestly made complete sense in my head. But apparently my head is the only place where it made sense.