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Yes, I'm aware that LJ is back, baby, so I no longer have to combine up entries like this, but for reasons I'll be going in to under the second cut, I've been a bit busy this week, and hadn't really had time to set down and type up LJ entries.

Anyway, the first cut is stuff that would've (had I had time) been posted on August 2nd.

They LIE! Doctors not politicians, though, of course politicians do lie, but this is about Doctors not the other.

I've turned into one of those people. You know that group of people who don't just mistrust doctors but have come to believe that sometimes they actually lie to their patients.

When I think about everything, it does make a certain kind of sense that I've arrived at this point, but it still shocked me when I realized that I actually had turned into one of those people.

You see, many years ago, a friend of the family was put on medication that seriously messed up his vision, even now over a decade later his vision is still messed up, and it will always be messed up. Then shortly after that, my own mother was given meds that caused her to go deaf in one ear.

And, of course, there's my own experiences, which started in 2009 (late summer) with my ever present foot pain. And since that time I've seen five different doctors about said pain and not a damn one of them has any freakin' clue! But it's the most recent Doctor I've seen about this that (I think) really pissed me off against doctors and the medical profession in general.

You see, recently I was faced with proof that damn Doctor was not listening to me. At first, I'd felt good about seeing her, because she seemed to care, and ran a whole bunch of tests. However, after those tests she got caught up in shit that until I get some pain relief I don't give a damn about.

But when I realized that she was not and had not been hearing me (the most recent time I saw her) I finally managed to get her focused on what was important to me what had caused me to actually see her in the first damn place - The extreme pain I was in.

For those who didn't (or can't) read the entry about that, I straight up told her that she was going to have to figure in to her calculations more drinking from me, because I was done living in that much pain with no relief in sight. And when she started to lecture me about the evils of that, I told her it was either that or I was going to get a gun and blow my head off, because I refused to continue on in the kind of pain I was in. Well, that got her attention and she finally shut the hell up about the evils of drinking.

And, for the record, I was not bluffing. Think whatever you want to think about me, I don't actually care, I simply refuse to live in that much pain, and I feel it's insane that anyone would expect me to. So, to get the Doctors attention I actually had to get to the point where it was so bad that I was literally done. Since I'd been seeing her for this problem for about a year, I don't think it should've gotten to that point.

I guess I should've been clearer - I'm not in the extreme pain any longer - no thanks to the Doctor, but I found a medication that works (at least somewhat), but also because I'm not actually working at the moment I'm not on my feet as much so they hurt less anyway.

Still even with all that, I hadn't realized I turned into one of those people until over the weekend when I was watching (of all things) a comedy special - John Pinette: Still Hungry, and in his act he comes to a bit where he reveals that his Doctor was stunned, shocked, and possibly a little appalled that he was honestly healthy. You see, John Pinette is a wee bit overweight, not fluffy or anything, just has a few more pounds then are supposed to be healthy.

Then he says that before he left his doctor informed him that he was allergic to wheat, and literally my first thought was "she lies!" I feel like his doctor was lying to him to trick/con him into losing weight, despite the fact that he's healthy. Yeah, clearly I have issues with doctors.

But seriously if you want someone to lose weight that's not actually a bad way to go about it, especially if you're dealing with a person who still trusts doctors. The main reason I feel as though his doctor was lying is simply because this is a man who's had lots and lots (and lots and lots) of gluten over the course of his life (and in this same special he admitted that he was a big kid, as well), so if he was actually allergic it seems as though there'd have been some sign long before now. You know, an allergic reaction or something. Seriously, back when I was a kid and my doctor ordered me to have an allergy test it was because I was sick all the time - not seriously sick, just a seeming cold type thing that would never really go away. But what I'm saying is that there was clues that something wasn't right, and since I feel John Pinette is a man who's had a lot of gluten over the course of his life I think there'd have been some clue that he was allergic instead of a doctor simply announcing it out of the blue.

And the entry under this second cut is stuff that I would've posted yesterday (August 3rd).

I've been thinking again. *hears lots of groaning*

At times like these you always hear people saying "there's just no jobs out there." Which I can say is NOT at all true. Though admittedly the first time I got laid off I said the same type of things myself, because I just kept turning in application after application and only got two somewhat positive nibbles before finally getting a job. Of course, that job didn't last long and now I'm on the hunt again. But even that first time around I have to admit that there was always some type of jobs listed in the paper(s) the biggest problem for me that time around was that I was only using the paper(s) (and the internet), and so many of the jobs listed in the paper was for jobs I was simply not qualified for. But to say there aren't any jobs out there is simply not a true statement.

This time around I have a bit more experience in job hunting (i.e. know how to use resources much better this time around) and am managing to not just randomly apply for jobs, but actually find places that are actually hiring, but not just find places that are hiring but find places that are hiring for stuff I am qualified (or at least somewhat) for.

Seriously, this time around I've managed to apply to at least one place a week that's actually hiring, which is actually depressing me more then a little. You see, it was one thing to just turn in applications, but to apply to places that are hiring and then not getting even a nibble... Well, it's depressing.

But my first point here is that saying there are no jobs is not true. There are jobs, the problem is that a shit-ton of people are applying for the jobs that are out there, which means getting one of those jobs is apparently damn near impossible.

Just this week alone I've applied to four jobs (in three days, impressive, right?) and three of those four was "help wanted." And I've realized that's depressing me more then the first time around when I was just turning in applications all willy-nilly. If you turn in an application to a place that isn't hiring then when you don't get a job it's not because they didn't like you it was because they simply didn't have a job to offer you. When you apply somewhere that's actually hiring and don't get the job it means they've actively rejected you.

What's even worse, one of those jobs I applied to I was more then qualified for (over ten years experience), and that's just... UGH, you know. At least another I applied for isn't something I've ever done before, though I do think I'd not just enjoy it but be good at it, but it's less depressing that I didn't get a call because I don't have years of experience for it.

So, basically not only can I not get a job I'm not qualified for, but I can't even get a damn job I am qualified for. *sigh*

*pulls up big girl pants and gets back out there*

PS - Despite being unemployed, I ended up picking up a copy of TV Guides Comic Con issue last night. Why yes I am an idiot sometimes. Basically, I went to the store for food, and then as I was walking to the counter I saw The Vampire Diaries on the cover of a magizine, and instead of walking on I stopped to look, and once I stopped to look I knew I was going to pick it up and bring it home. STOP JUDGING ME! It was my birthday, and I deserved something special. AND it had important informations about not just The Vampire Diaries but also Supernatural, The Big Bang Theory, and The Secret Circle (which I'm more excited for then I expected to be, I mean I knew I was gonna watch it, but didn't expect to be all tiggerishly excited about it). Also, while not of interest to me, it also had important informations for Fringe, Chuck, Nikita (the stuff re: Nikita almost made me regret giving up on Nikita, almost), and some other upcoming shows.
*hugs* I hope you will feel better soon and get a fitting job.

I guess I should've been clearer - I'm not in the extreme pain any longer. In other words, I have found a medication that works (at least somewhat), but also because I'm not actually working at the moment I'm not on my feet as much so they hurt less anyway.

As for the jobs - I might be being a touch impatient, after all, in two cases I just applied yesterday, so they might be checking references and all today before (hopefully) calling me tomorrow.
Good to hear you're not in extreme pain anymore, I know how bad being in pain can be.

Good luck with the job hunt. :)