So, as we've all no doubt noticed LJ has been more then a little cranky lately. Most of the time it doesn't really bother me because I either have nothing to say during those times or I just don't think what I have to say is very important. But this time it happened after I'd been gifted with some V-gifts that I wanted to give thanks for, because they cheered me up at a time when I really needed cheering up. So, a really very belated thanks goes out to alisanne. *sigh* I tried over six days and three times on your journal and then four times on my own to get this thank you out there. Alas, it did not work until *crosses fingers* today.

And then while LJ was being cranky I also watched Supernatural: The Anime Series:

Supernatural: The Anime Series
Would've been posted on Sunday, July 31st.

There will be SPOILERS for season one of the anime, as well as SPOILERS for seasons one and two of the live action show, and one SPOILER from season three of the live action.

So, middle of last week, if you was in Wal-Mart and saw a crazy person beating her wrist with a purse strap, it might've been me. As you may or may not know I'm unemployed again - at the end of April I got laid off from the job I'd had for over ten years. Luckily, I got another job just after the start of June. The downside was that I knew that job was pretty much only a summer job, the problem was that it turned out to be even shorter then I expected (I barely worked a month). This is relevant, honest, because that's the reason I was beating my wrist with a purse strap, until I actually score another job, I basically need to keep all the money I earned for bills, but I made the "mistake" of walking through Wal-Mart's DVD section, and saw Supernatural: The Anime Series. Well, I'm sure you can guess that I bought the damn thing, despite the fact that I'm not the greatest fan of anime. I mean, I've watched some anime over the years, but just never really got into the genre as a whole.

Now before I start rambling about my problems with the anime, and there are more then a fair few, I want to say that I actually do like it, I just have a few problems with certain aspects.

My biggest gripe I'll put in the form of a question - Why do the Japanese have such a bias against flanel and more importantly older people? Seriously, the Supernatural characters are pretty big on the flannel wearing, and I have yet to see any flannel on the anime (and I've watched the first two discs). But also have some serious problems (outside of the flannel) with the way John and Bobby are drawn. First, John Winchester might be an older gentlemen, but he's hot like burning, and the anime series makes him bald and overall kind of creepy looking. Not cool! And while I know Bobby ain't no spring chicken no more, it's not like he's hard on the eyes either, but in the anime he's kind of very fugly.
(Also, John Winchester drive (or drove) a badass truck, not a hearse.)

That's not to say that Sam and Dean are perfectly drawn either, though I guess Sam is the best drawn of the lot. But the anime simply can't do justice to the bitchface(s) or the puppy eyes, so even with Jared doing the voice I do have moments where it's really hard to accept that this is actually Sam Winchester. Of course, this could mostly stem from the fact that I'm not the biggest anime fan, because as I said he is the one anime character that looks most like himself.

Then there's Dean *sigh* I mean for the most part he's drawn fairly well, but the eyes are just all wrong and totally subtract from the overall Dean.
(It's like Willow's nose in the Buffy comics - it's just all wrong! And while it probably shouldn't bother me so much, it stokes my inner deranged cat.
"Wrong, wrong, wrong. Fix it! FIX IT! Fix it!" You know, the response I feel that a cat has when they realize they have fur out of place.

However, I will pause to say that they do have some awesome artists clearly working on this, because aside from some of the characters the scenes themselves are generally beautiful, and sometimes almost look real. And I really like that the anime is using Missouri more, even though in a real way the anime Missouri feels more like Tia Dalma (from PotC) then Missouri as seen on Supernatural.

So, yeah, the anime does some of the stuff really well, but on the flip-side is deeply disappointing in other aspects. The biggest was the point where John ends up possessed by the YED - this whole thing in the live action version is so awesome that it's hard to use words to express exactly how awesome. The anime version, on the other hand, just doesn't even come remotely close to touching the awesome. In the live action version there's just so much there on the surface and under the surface, but things in the anime version just fall oh-so-flat.

And another issue I noticed is not a problem with the anime itself, but in at least two episodes the actor giving the intro credits the episode as an anime original, and while they aren't exactly like the episodes themselves there's enough alike that it's clear those aren't exactly anime originals. The first vampire episode, which the actor credits as an original is clearly based on (no matter how loosely) Bloodlust, though without Lenore, and with a differently named Gordon Walker. The idea in the anime of vampires is different (original) from the show, but I just can't see the episode being credited as an anime original. The next one the actor credits as an original is clearly based on a season three episode. In the anime the doctor is killing women for organs to keep his dying wife alive and is clearly based on Time Is on My Side. In the live action episode, the doctor is killing people for organs for himself, but it's still the same basic idea.

Still the anime version isn't without it's charms, I'm just more charmed myself by the live action version, but I am liking the anime version well enough that I'll probably keep watching it.

Supernatural: The Anime Series
The Next Day

After typing the above, I finally finished the rest of the episodes, and then started thinking that the above had come off slightly more harsh against the anime then I intended.

Because, for example, some of the things the anime's done with monsters is pretty good. Like the monster at the end of Rising Son - it's also something the TV show would never be able to do. But I also liked the monster in The Spirit of Vegas, though I was a bit disappointed with the lack of resolution there. But the Kappa (Cappa?) episode did not disappoint at all.

So, obviously it's not quite as bad as I made it sound in my original thoughts, though I do hope they manage to do better with Dean's eyes, and tweak the look of Bobby to something a little less comical looking.

And while that one scene I mentioned in my original thoughts was (emotionally) flat in comparison to the live action version that's not at all true of all the anime scene's. I don't really know why the one I mentioned come off flat, because others was just as emotionally moving as they were in the live action.

PS - Jensen, the DVD doesn't actually give us the option to skip the episode intros, so it's not that we think you know what you're talking about. ;)