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Sooo, I wasn't going to post an entry every time I updated the Supernatural fanfic list, but I've kind of wanted to make an entry if for no other reason then to let everyone know I'm still here. However, every entry I've tried to make recently either turns in to a mopey/depressed kind of thing, or an extreme rant against this intense summer heat (hate hate hate - come on winter, you cannot get here fast enough at this point). So, I just kept reading fanfics, which was mostly my way of putting my head in the sand so I could ignore real life stuff... And since that train is trying to start again, I'm derailing right here.

Why I'm somewhat happy about these new recs is that they're mostly (except for one) kind of sappy happy things without being overly sappy/happy if you know what I mean. The last one I found is another serial killer AU, but this time the pairing is not Dean/Sam. Now if I could just find a serial killer AU with John/Dean/Sam or Dean/Sam/Cass I'd be blissful.
(Well, that and a Crowley/Cass documentary taking place and covering a certain scene in The Man Who Would Be King that shows exactly how Cass was all non-conned by Crowley in to sealing their deal. *nom nom*)

Instead of ABC order, I'm listing these first three in the order they should be read, Well, that is if like me you want to pretend that these fanfics are canon:

Summer Camp by gigglingkat
G (complete) gen
Summary: "I sent his brother to summer camp," he explained. "You heartless bastard," laughed the manager. "That seems to be the general consensus," John agreed.

Special by Lady Ophelia
PG (complete) gen
Summary: At a parentteacher conference, a principal expresses some concerns to John Winchester. His sons are special... very, very special.
(I don't know if this fanfic is good because of the Winchesters or because of the pov character, because I'm not sure this fanfic would've been as good if it had another characters pov.)

The Gift by weesta
? (complete) gen
Summary: The Winchesters are given an unexpected "gift" in return for a successful hunt.
(No rating found, but I'd call it PG because there are a few non-magic curse words. It's a good fic.)

The rest are just good fanfics, but somehow as I was reading the three above (not in the order listed here) I found myself wanting to believe that the three of them are actual history, so I suddenly stopped and went back to read them in the order listed above.

Chasing the Sky by daymarket
R (complete) slash
Summary: AU. Round and round the bodies they go, in the game that only ever ends one way. Ironically enough, it’s the only way that Dean ever feels alive.
Warnings: oodles of death, dub/non-con, semi-explicit violence, swearing, unhealthy relationships, implied child abuse. Well, this is an SPN AU about serial killers, so…yeah.
(Yes, this is a Dean/Sam serial killer AU - I, of course, love those. However, this fanfic is one-sided (or maybe not, you kind of get to decide for yourself) Dean/Cass with not one-sided Sam/Jess and maybe one-sided depending on how you view it Sam/Ruby, and I got to admit I kind of loved how the Sam stuff was so close and yet still so far away from canon. And also the Dean/Cass stuff, in canon I think maybe Cass loves Dean more then Dean loves Cass, but in this fanfic it's the other way around.
Also, I marked this as slash because there is a male on male rape scene (for those who want to know it's not a violent rape, almost weirdly tender all things considered, but is still rape and the fic doesn't gloss over that part), but without that scene I'd have probably labeled this one gen.

Puppy Dog Tails by rahmi
?? (complete) gen
Summary: No Summary Found
(In this fanfic John threatens a medicine man, and Dean and Sam end up turned into animals. As for a rating I couldn't find one of those either, but I'd say PG-13.)

Quantum Sam by mari4212
PG-13 (complete) gen
Summary: How do you get around an unbreakable deal?
(I do wish this was a longer fanfic, but it does work as a short one.)

There may be one or two more on the rec list that's new to the list, I couldn't remember for sure, because over the past week and a half I've just been putting them up and so I couldn't remember on a couple if they'd been on this list for awhile or if I'd only put them there recently.
The pingbot snitched on your lovely rec! Thank you! I completely approve of the idea of Summer Camp and the Gift happening in the same universe.

*off to read the others*
Your welcome, and I'm glad you don't mind that at least in my head I've combined the Giftverse and the Summer Campverse into actual show canon.

I do hope you enjoy Special as well, though I'll admit that the "tone" (for lack of a better way to word it) is slightly different from the tone of Summer Camp and The Gift, but I couldn't stop the three of them from merging together in my head to form actual canon history.
Mostly, Special despite not being a sexual fanfic hit one of my (many) kinks. Despite being a Sam!girl first, I kink rather hard on/for smart!Dean. Probably just harkens back to my Potter days where I "kinked" just as hard for smart!Crabbe and smart!Goyle - I always had this image in my head that they made fun of Draco's stupid/childish schemes behind his back, but they didn't want attention so they happily played idiots. Honestly, deep down, I sometimes wonder if that's why I hated the last book, because Rowling killed my smart!Crabbe and smart!Goyle wishes. *wink*
Thanks for the rec on my fic.

Sadly, it's as complete as it's going to get. I'm really not in the SPN fandom much at all, and I haven't watched anything past the end of season three, so I wouldn't have a lot of the extra background I'd want to take into account.

I once gave permission for someone to continue the work, but that never went anywhere.
You're welcome. And as I said it does kind of work as a stand-alone, I just found myself uncertain of whether it should be marked as complete or incomplete. That's not to say I wouldn't be happy if there was more, cause I would be, but I do understand why it's as complete as it's gonna be.
Eeep, thank you for the rec, lovely! <3<3
You're welcome, and I thank you for the awesome fanfic.
Thanks so much for the rec of The Gift! This is the summary I have for it on ff.net: The Winchesters are given an unexpected "gift" in return for a successful hunt.
You're welcome for the rec, and thanks for the summary. I always feel weird trying to write a story summary for a story that's not mine, but I like including a summary on my recs because when I'm looking for recs (instead of making them) I'd personally rather have a summary over a pairing, unless it's a rare pair.

Edited at 2011-07-25 12:08 am (UTC)