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Worst week ever, and it's only Monday, though, to be fair, I am counting Saturday in this week, so I guess I should've gone with "worst work week ever." That's right, so far this week has trumped the week when I had to go to the ER (because of extreme foot pain) in the middle of the damn week.

While others have been off enjoying this fine forth of July holiday, I've been working, as mentioned since Saturday, which I honestly wouldn't have minded, since I don't work nights - off in plenty of time to see the shows and all. Still thankfully (for my feet) I have tomorrow off, and Wednesday will be a short day no matter what because I have a doctors appointment in the afternoon, so I can work a little in the morning or a little in the afternoon, but I can't pull a full day, which might help my feet a bit, especially since the holiday weekend (as far as my job is concerned) was officially over when I left today, so I doubt the coming week/weekend will be as torturous as this past one has been. You may think I'm exaggerating, but I'm really not! Working eight hours yesterday and then again seven hours today has been torture. If I'd been promised that I could stop working if I'd just give up whatever secret or do whatever thing - you bet your ass I'd have done it. Except I am glad for the hours, because it means I can work short days the rest of the week and still get the paycheck I need. So, not all bad, just bad because of one really problematic problem.

And, okay, maybe saying worst week ever is a bit hyperbolic, because admittedly I can't remember every weekend of my life ever, but this has been a real bad one, the worst I can actually remember.

Of course, as I said, I'm actually glad I worked those six hours Saturday, and to be honest, on Saturday I thought maybe things might be getting better, because those six hours barely bothered my feet, which was a nice change, and anyway I needed those six hours on Saturday, because aside from two days early in the week I'd had the rest of the week off, so I was looking at a really small paycheck, so as mentioned I'm damn glad for the longish Saturday. Though now I think the only reason Saturday didn't hurt me much is because I'd spent four days before that not actually working. Well, obviously, I'm not gonna have that many days off every week, so I think I may be in real trouble here, because my foot pain just keeps getting worse and worse (at least in my right foot), so it's probably not going to be long before I'm unable to actually walk without assistance. On the other hand, this weekend was a holiday weekend, which meant quite a bit more work then normal, so maybe now things will settle back to normal, and hopefully I can keep up with normal.

Seriously, last night I noticed - mostly because I could've gotten an extra hour yesterday, but I just couldn't do it, that on my right foot (the one really killing me) there's now a place on the bottom of my foot not an open sore, not yet anyway, just an angry and slowly expanding red spot that makes me feel as though there's a rod going through my foot. As you can imagine, after pulling another seven hour day the pain nor the spot is better.
(I'd have never made it though working today without the pain killers, and even then they are barely helping - SEND MORPHINE NOW! No, I'm not kidding, I am f'ing tired of this pain - I could barely walk last night after work, and again tonight I can barely walk, and these piss-ass painkillers the doctors keep giving me just ain't strong enough to remove the pain and on top of that they keep my tummy unhappy. So, I want the hard mother f-in' stuff. NOW, PLEASE! Seriously, I've been popping those piss-ass pain killers I currently have like candy since yesterday and I'm still in enough pain that on the hospital scale of 0 to ten I'm at least at an eight, probably a nine.)

*sigh* Okay, to be fair, today probably wouldn't have been so hard on me, but my working partner decided today was the perfect day for an unscheduled day off. Seriously, no call in or anything just didn't show up (I'd never have the balls to just not show up), and I'm not the only one who noticed that. *cough*theboss*cough* Seriously, I made a pretty big screw up today (though to be fair this was the first time I'd done that specific job), but my big screw up was totally over-shadowed by the fact that my partner didn't show up. So, I don't really want to complain about the no-show too much, because in addition to the above had my partner shown up I'd have been lucky to get five hours today, probably would've been more like four. And my partner had been working over two weeks without a day off. Then again my partner is the one who keeps asking for more hours, not me, so I'm not exactly sure how sympathetic I can be on this one. On the other hand, my feet would probably be in slightly better shape tonight had my partner shown up, still the no-show was not all bad, because as I said it helped me in two ways. Though if my partner had shown up I probably wouldn't have made the big screw up in the first place cause they'd have been there to tell me I was doing a no-no before the boss saw it.

If this doesn't read as though it was typed with someone who honestly has a brain - blame the painkillers.
(UPDATE TO ELEBORATE - The pain killers was not making me fuzzy in the head or anything, I meant blame them because they weren't working, and so even though I had finished my work for the day I was still hurting bad enough that I could hardly think straight.)