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So, my plan was to just sneak a few RPS recs in to the fanfic entry with very little fanfare, but then most of my recent entries in this journal haven't exactly been on the happy side, so I decided what the hell I'll make a little fanfare.

Basically, I've recently started a new job, and shortly after that one of my co-workers discovered that I watch Supernatural and have been known to read a fanfic or two. A nice conversation, but that's the end of that, right? Well, not so much, because while my co-worker understood my aversion to RPS they decided I still needed to read some anyway. *sigh* So, you see it's not my fault! Seriously.

Instead of arguing, I just took the recs, but never planned on reading them, because I am more then a little weirded out by RPS stuff (but especially stuff that actually feels like RPS - as in stuff written to really feel like the actors Jensen and Jared) - I'm not judging those that are in to it, just saying it's always been something that (aside from some The Daily Show/Colbert Report fanfic) that I've always went out of my way to avoid.

Because honestly most of the RPS fics (aside from The Daily Show/Colbert Report stuff, and that's mostly because I feel like Stewart and Colbert are playing characters rather than actually being themselves) I've tried before always made me feel like a creepy stalker person. But apparently based on one conversation my co-worker understood that pretty well, because aside from one of the recs below I have to say the rest are fictional enough (and even that one is fictional enough since one of them is turned in to a dog) that it doesn't feel like I'm reading something about actual Jensen and Jared, and that keeps it from making me feel like a creep.

So, yeah, I ended up reading them (listing in the order I read):
(But I'll do that whole ABC thing on the rec list itself.)

Kiss Me With a Bullet by sinestrated
PG-13 (complete) Jensen/Jared
Summary: Jared is a barista at a small coffee shop who promptly falls for Jensen, his newest customer. But Jensen is hiding something big, and it just might have something to do with the mob family across the street.
What can I say? During the original conversation I might have revealed that I like mafia fanfic, and this person decided this was the best way to throw me in to the deep end of RPS.

Artfully Dead by trishabooms
A J3/True Blood Crossover
NC-17 (complete) JDM/Jensen/Jared
Summary: No Summary Found
(I really cannot say enough good things about this fanfic, cause it was just awesome! Strange since my co-worker didn't know I liked True Blood at the time of reccing this one.)

A Touch of Evil by thenyxie
NC-17 (WIP) Jensen/Jared
Summary: Jensen is an accomplished forensic pathologist hiding a secret life as a serial killer, and Jared is the best trauma surgeon in the Dallas area. Somewhere in the middle, they meet.
WARNINGS: This is a serial killer story. This chapter is light on descriptive gore, but still, there are dead bodies and blood and disturbing imagery and ideas, so use your own discretion.
NOTES: Dexter-style AU, based on some core elements of the show.
(Again something my co-worker didn't know was that I have a soft spot for fanfics with Dean and/or Sam as serial killers, and I guess it turns out I'm gonna have a bit of a soft spot for Jensen and/or Jared as serial killers.)

Killer Romance by saone77
R (WIP) Jensen/Jared
Summary: AU. Jared has a pretty good life with his booming criminal organization and his indecently hot boyfriend, but when right-hand-man Chad thinks he's found a snitch will everything fall apart... or get cut into tiny pieces with a big-ass knife?

Man's Best Friend by belyste
NC-17 (complete) Jensen/Jared
Summary: Jensen gets turned into a dog. Things...happen.
(Based on the description I was given for this one I was expecting this one to trump the four above and put me off of RPS forever. But it turns out my co-worker knows me (or at least my taste) pretty well, because instead of being weirded out I found this fanfic to simply be really really cute.)

Now granted I don't expect I'll go cruising the internet for RPS fanfics, so unless my co-worker recs any more I doubt my RPS rec list will grow. However, since I liked the above so much more then I expected to, I decided to share the recs, and I must admit that I wouldn't be adverse to reading more fanfic along the lines of the above.

Also, here's a link to the actual rec list, which is where all my Supernatural fanfic recs will eventually end up.
I'm very flattered to be mentioned in that standard of company.

Thank you very much for the rec!
Well, as far as I'm concerned you totally belong in the company above. You're writing is awesome. I'm really eager to read more of your stuff, but have no idea when I'll actually have time to do so, because in this world sadly work must come before reading fanfic.

(Sorry for not replying sooner - I've been having a bit of a week from hell, except the hell part was really only two days it just feels like it's been a week.)