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Okay, this was supposed to be a one thing entry, but apparently I am a wee bit more upset about something in Let It Bleed then I originally thought I was. *sigh* Also, there's some "WTF?" lingering from some robo!Sam stuff. But first I will be blabbing once again about my pain my pain, so if you're reading for the Supernatural quibbles skip to the second cut.

So, in my Supernatural review I said nothing was painful then promptly admitted I was lying, but also said that it was NOT related to Supernatural and I meant that. You see, on Friday the 13th I was given hope that I'd start working soon (however, that hasn't happened yet, and now I'm starting to think I'm gonna have to return to job hunting again *sigh*), so I had made plans that last week I would do my best to put a rush job on the rest of my gardening so at the very least all I'd have to do would be transplant plants after I hopefully started working.

Cause while I did get about half the gardening spaces ready in early spring, there was still the other half, not to mention that the first half had all ready started growing weeds. So, anyway, my original plan had been to start on Monday, but it was chilly and I didn't want to. Then other real life factors kept me from doing much on Tuesday. But on Wednesday I finally started doing some. Though Wednesday I admittedly didn't get much done, but Thursday I started in earnest.

Thursday night I wasn't happy, because I didn't get near as much done Thursday as I'd wanted, but did get quite a bit done. It was Friday when I really accomplished some stuff, which was a good thing since rain off and on Saturday meant I couldn't have gotten everything done. Good news is that while I worked my ass off Friday (and yet my ass is still pretty damn big) my feet didn't hurt much at all Friday night, but that's probably because it was my hips (oh, holy crap my hips hurt, for almost four hours I could hardly move at all) and lower legs that hurt badly Friday night.

So, yeah, when I said in my review that everything was beautiful, I meant it, but when I said nothing hurt I was really truly lying. Though the show was great and looking at the shit I'd accomplished in my garden was also beautiful and to be fair now that the pain has faded I am very happy about everything, or almost everything anyway (but that will be explained under the next cut). But I'm still not quite finished with the gardening. Mostly though (thankfully) the actual hard hip and leg killing work was done by Friday night, and Saturday I mostly managed to get the bigger planting stuff completed. Though I still have one biggish thing to transplant (hopefully) I'll get that done today, and one big (heavy) flower pot to move from front to back - I would've done this one yesterday, but by the time I got to that point I was hurting a wee bit and decided moving it could actually wait a day or two.

Of course, tonight I need to start planting yet more flower seeds, as well. But planting the seeds is generally easy, and even then transplanting the plants once they come up is generally not hurty work. Why am I planting more flower seeds? Well, for some weird reason all the flowers I tried to start early (except one batch) didn't live. They sprouted and then just started dying, which happened twice. Also weird is that fact that usually happens with veggie seeds not flower seeds. But truly no real big since it's now warm enough to start them outside, and then the ones I have to transplant later won't be a big deal now that I've got all the little places ready.

And I'm feeling loads better today, not pain free, but then I'm never pain free these days, but there is no more pain then usual today, which could be explained (at least in part) by the fact that last night for the first time in about three days I actually got a good nights sleep.

So, yay, because I am mostly done with gardening (or at least the big jobs) and will be ready willing and able to start work this week if called (please, please, please, call me!), though I'd have certainly started this week if I'd been called and just done the gardening work in my off time. But in case the first few days/weeks are harder on my feet then expected I'm glad to have the big gardening stuff done beforehand. Or if I don't get called I'm ready to (once again) start roaming the county filing out yet more applications.

I probably shouldn't have watched the episodes again last night, because I should have known that certain things might stick out a bit more, but while I wasn't in as much pain last night as I was Friday night, my body just really didn't want to move/do more then it had to, so I made a little bed on the sofa and started my DVR

So, yeah, I knew (or at least suspected) that I wouldn't truly be able to move on from Dean ordering the mind-rape (sorry, I'd call it something else, but the only other thing I can come up with (mind-wipe) just doesn't express how bad what was done to them really was, especially because Dean did NOT ask Lisa and Ben what they wanted before ordering it) of Lisa and Ben, because I only really let it go the first time around because I felt that was the shows way of saying "now it's finally over," but last night even knowing that just didn't help, because the mind-rape of them doesn't even make sense. At least it doesn't make sense if the goal Dean had in mind was to make them safer, because it makes them something, but safer ain't what.

Are you really asking why? Okay, fine, I'll tell you.

Removing Lisa and Ben's memory of Dean and Dean related things (monsters) doesn't make them safer, in point of fact it actually makes them less safe. The only way it could've maybe made them safer would've been if Dean had ordered Cass to also remove his memories of all things Lisa and Ben related, but he didn't, because when talking to Sam just after the violation of memory he clearly remembers Lisa and Ben. Then in the next episode talking to Cass he clearly remembers them. Which means all Dean accomplished in violating Lisa and Ben's minds was making sure the next time a bad guy come calling they'd literally have NO idea what was going on, and they'd have no memory of some key numbers they could ring up to get help.


Show, I hate you right now, you know that, right? You are making me think about these two characters more then I ever wanted just to try and figure out what rhyme and/or reason there might be to Dean's thinking on this one.
(Breath baby, just breath, and remember robo!Sam killing the hostage, because that was awesome. Yes, okay, a bad thing to be sure, but it was an awesome thing. Seriously, I've probably never loved robo!Sam more then I did in that moment. *drools* Yay, robo!Sam!)

Hmm, okay, now where was I? Oh, right.

Still while this bugged me on my first watch, I really thought I'd be able to just sort of forget about it and move on, but clearly I'm having trouble with that, because I just can't see how Lisa and Ben not remembering Dean or the bad things in the dark actually helps anything or anyone, because truthfully I can't even see where it helps Dean.

Sam, darling, you should've channeled robo!Sam just for a moment to slap Dean about the head repeatedly to see if you could get it through his thick head just how little wiping their minds actually helped anyone!

Of course, that now reminds me of other things this episode/show failed to properly explain, and I care a wee bit more about these then the Lisa/Ben thing.

Why did robo!Sam walk away from Lisa's house upon his return to earth? Robo!Sam should not have cared that Dean was - what did robo!Sam and Lisa call it? - working toward or building toward something, especially not considering that robo!Sam had the mystery of his return to solve, which is something robo!Sam would've cared more about then his own bothers "escape" from hunting. Seriously, robo!Sam never expressed any caring about anything other than robo!Sam, so it bugs me that he would just walk away, because his walking away literally makes no sense.
(This right here is why I kept hoping we'd have a flashback scene (no matter how small) where Lisa caught robo!Sam stalking about and then she'd have given robo!Sam the words he tossed at Dean in the premiere episode. That would've made sense, robo!Sam coming up with that all by his lonesome just does NOT make sense.)

Also, another thing that I'd almost forgotten about - "A deal's a deal." Again, based on what we saw from robo!Sam he would NOT have given two shits about that. In fact, from the way we saw robo!Sam act and react to things it would've made slightly more sense if robo!Sam had been the one moving to torch the bones and being stopped by Dean. I just can't even fanwank this one, because robo!Sam didn't care who or what he killed, so I'm having trouble trying to piece this one in to the tapestry.
(You'd think it might make sense if we'd gotten a scene with Crowley and robo!Sam through flashback or otherwise making a deal for his soul, but robo!Sam didn't seem to know he was lacking said soul until Cass fisted him (*drool*), so even a scene like that still wouldn't completely fix this one. In fact, it might end up posing even more questions, so maybe I'll just pretend robo!Sam never said anything or Crowley grabbed his bones and ran before robo!Sam or Dean could react.)

Also, and this one isn't really a problem just... Well, was I the only one a wee bit disappointed that mind!hell!Sam wasn't a bit more Drusilla-like? I mean, I didn't want him all curled in a ball unable to function, but I was kind of hoping for a moment or two where Sam and hell!Sam are talking where hell!Sam just starts babbling about tea cups and horse shoes or something equally random. So, you see, my review kind of made it sound like I was disppointed in not getting demon!Sam, which granted I wouldn't have said no, but really what I was wanting was a bit more crazy from Sam or at least the hell part of Sam.

So, for now those are my stick outs, but if I do go back and watch the whole season again over the summer I might realize that I've missed a few other things too. Lets hope not.
I agree on the mind-rape being a flashback to S6 Buffy (grr). And YEAH,STUPID WRITERS! They are NOT safer now! Jeeez! Grr. I thought Dean would just wipe their minds of the bf's murder, possession, and baby boy killing some human/demons (cuz yeah, he's indirectly responsible for humans dying if they hadn't been possessed that long). But everything? dumb!!

I understand why Robo!sam walked away from Lisa's house. Dean was no one to him, not a brother really. He had no feelings for him. In fact, he would have seen Dean as a weakness and responsible for holding him back - until they needed help catching more monsters, I guess.

Robo-Sam and Crowley's bones WAS weird. I couldn't figure that one out. At all.

mindhell!sam SHOULD have been crazier. I couldn't believe how sane he was! Grr. I heart Drusilla, as well ;) Anyone Drusilla-like is awesomeness.
Well, in fairness, after coming up with/writing this about Lisa/Ben I went and started looking to see what others was saying, because I was really trying to figure out what the hell was in Dean's head on this one.

Surprisingly that actually helped me make some sense of it. Dean wasn't trying to make/keep them safe, he was trying to make them happy. Remember Dean basically thinks he's not fit to be around so-called normal people, but more then that he thinks he's the monster who wrecked their lives (you can see this as far back as EoMS when Dean asked Bobby and Sam "Good for who?"), so it does make a certain amount of sense (at least from Dean's point of view) for Dean to think removing himself from their minds/lives would make them happy.

Though I do think he should've just wiped the most recent experience, and maybe even the year he spent with them, though it did seem like Lisa and even Ben had gotten over and was moving on from that year. But, as I said, I can see why maybe Dean felt he had to go all in. That doesn't mean that I think it was the right thing to do, cause I don't, but at least I can now see how Dean could think so.
Now that you mention it, a Drusilla-like hell!Sam would have been so awesome! He did seem a little too sane... When watching the ep, I was too busy breaking my heart over Castiel, but even then I couldn't help noticing that Sam's wall thing was somehow... I don't know, underplayed? Death and Castiel had made it sound so dramatic before... But Sam didn't seem to fall to pieces so easily.
To be honest, I'm still hoping that maybe season seven will (at the very least) bring a few Dru!Sam moments, though as I said the best place to have had that would've been in Sam's head before the hell!Sam merged with the others, cause that would've been some awesome showing instead of telling that hell!Sam was not unaffected.

Mainly, though I just hope they (those wacky folks behind the show) don't go with a practically fine Sam. That would tick me off. I mean, sure, it's weird that a merged Sam would be able to make it to Dean and Bobby, but I can/could fanwank that one, because I think the only real reason Sam took back those hell memories was for Dean, so while it's not a perfect fanwank I could see him being able to mostly ignore those memories until actually getting to Dean, but will (or could) be overwhemled by them now that's he's reached Dean's side.