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I love everything and NOTHING is painful.
(Okay, regarding Supernatural, other things are very hurty and painful, but that's for another time.)

Seriously, I even loved Bobby in this episode, and while I sometimes like Bobby it is rare when I find myself truly loving him. I also have to admit that the big death made me sad, but the death that stunned, shocked, surprised, and made me very sad was the death of a character who'd only appeared one time before, but since we're not yet under a cut I'll say no more, except...

"Hi, glad to meet you. Bobby Singer, paranoid bastard."

Review: Supernatural 6x21 "Let It Bleed"

So, anyway I started watching Friday night expecting to be a little bored by some aspects of episode twenty one (and not necessarily just the Lisa/Ben stuff), but turns out while there was some things about this episode that were cliche and predictable I can't say I was bored once while watching. In fact, I was mostly enthralled the whole time, but must admit that I most especially loved hot action torture Dean... Shame most of that was off screen, but oh well you can't have everything, or at least I apparently can't.

Sorry, some non-show related bitterness trying to creep in. I'll try to make sure that doesn't happen again, because these episodes was good, so they don't deserve my personal issues crapping all over them.

Anyway, I also have to admit that these episodes was actually as good as the fans pre-wanking of these episodes. However, because I read the pre-wank first (I usually wait until after the episode airs to read the pre-wank, because I've found it's usually much funnier that way, but this time I couldn't wait) I found myself giggling at random moments (and not so random - like when demon!Lisa teased that Ben was actually Dean's son) during the episode, which confused my viewing partner, but he quickly informed me that he didn't want to know. Chicken!

Also, Balls siding with Sam and Dean was more then a little unexpected. However, because of that unexpected move I must admit that I saw his death coming from a mile away. But that last bit isn't until the next episode, so...

psst - Show! That's right, Show, over here. Regarding Lisa, I'll admit the demon inside Lisa stabbing herself was a damn nice attempt at being misleading about the big finale death, except this wasn't the official season finale episode, and since moments before I'd pegged Balls as the big death I knew Lisa wasn't going to die. Granted I didn't know exactly how it would work out that she wouldn't die, but I knew she wouldn't.

And while I'd like to give you points for Dean memory wiping them I just can't, because I must admit that I kind of saw that one coming as well. I also wouldn't have been surprised if Dean had told Cass to wipe his own memories of them as well, but wasn't really surprised that he didn't. However, the big reason I can't give you any points for this was is because while admittedly I don't care for the Lisa character I still feel dirty from all the mind-raping that went on back in the Buffy/Angel days, which basically means if I cared even a little about the Lisa character I'd pretty much be in a full on R-A-N-T at the moment, but mostly I just feel like going back in time to punch Joss Whedon for some reason.


Okay, fine, I loved Sam a little bit for at least trying to take Dean to task for wiping their minds, but really he should've smacked Dean about the head just a little. Damn! I'm so conflicted about this, I really am. Because I'm glad Lisa and Ben are finally done, but I'm more then a little miffed about the way it was done. But now it's done, and so I'm moving on to the next episode, and will probably never really think much about all this again.

Supernatural 6x22 "The Man Who Knew Too Much"

"Well, you're BFF Cass brought the hell wall tumbling down, and you, pathetic infant that you are, shattered into pieces."
(Of course, points are lost here because robo!Sam is supposed to be badass, but it really looked like he couldn't hit the broadside of a barn here. It's like he wasn't even trying! And I think the show wanted us to believe he actually was. But otherwise - loved this bit. Loved it! I also love that Cass is the one who bought the wall down and not all Sam's scratching at it.)

Anyway, first, I must admit upfront that I spent most of this episode thinking that Cass needed to have a chat with Sam about all those good intentions of his. I mean, it might not have made a difference, but it would have to be better then Dean slapping Cass on the nose with a newspaper saying "no!" Cause clearly that was working so well. Sam having been there and done that might've been just a little better at attempting to get through to Cass.

Hey, maybe that's why Cass trapped Sam in his head, maybe Sam did try that, and Cass didn't like feeling all guilty. *sigh* It's my head, and I'll say it happened if I want to. Bite me!

Now remember when I said that episode twenty one had some cliche and predictable stuff... Well, this is episode twenty two, and I got to admit that I didn't see near as much coming with this episode as I did the one before. Hell, I didn't even peg Sam being trapped in his own head, I kind of thought maybe Cass had separated the three of them.

At least at first, but it did rather quickly become clear (even before Sam had the flashback with the doctor, Bobby, Dean, and Cass) that something about this didn't feel like reality. Though it might've been as simple as the bar chick putting down the baseball bat. Sorry, Sam, I love you to bits, but big (giant, really) strange man comes in after hours clearly running from the police... Well, lets just say I would not be putting down my only weapon, I also certainly would not care whether or not said big man went off on his own in to the night, in fact I'd be encouraging him to go where ever he needed/wanted to go as long as he didn't try to drag me with him.

I mean, sure, this show has had characters behave a bit unrealistically in the past, but this took unrealistic character behavior to a whole 'nother level which screamed to me that this was not happening, at least not happening in the "real" world.

And, I also got to give the show mad-props (seriously) for having Cass as the one to alter the deal. Really the previews made it seem like Cass was going to puss out, so that's what I was expecting. I was not expecting Cass to go full-on CloudCity!Vader.

I mean I went in to this episode expecting Crowley would try to f-over Cass, but I never expected Cass to f-over Crowley, at least not in the way it happened. I (like Crowley) figured Cass might try to wiggle out of the deal so he could run back to his Dean shaped boyfriend, not that he'd try to wiggle out of the deal so he could have it all. Awesome! And I mean that awesome non-ironically.

Cass: "I'm neither stupid nor wicked."

Me doing Yoda voice: "You will be. You will be."


Crowley: "Have you forgotten you're the bottom in this relationship?"

Oh, Crowley, how I love thee. I'd count the ways, but I'm lazy and want to get this typed and posted, so I'll be holding off on that, so just know that I do love you so f-in' much!

Also, I was a bit surprised that Crowley just handed over the actual blood, again though that's cause I was expecting Crowley to pull the reach-around here not Cass. But seriously Crowley really isn't the trusting type, though I guess he thought he'd all ready beaten Cass, if you know what I mean, and I think you do, so I guess he figured Cass wouldn't pull a double-cross. But Crowley always struck me as the man (demon) with several plans, not the man (demon) with just one plan which when that goes pear-shaped just pulls something out of his behind. But as I said I can fanwank this, so it doesn't really bother me.

However, now we come to a scene that does bother me, or rather it disappoints me (just a little), though I suspect it may go somewhere in season seven, but you know me I wanted instant affects! Especially after robo!Sam promising Sam that hell!Sam was even worse then he was. Really? Cause I got to tell you from where I sit hell!Sam seemed pretty damn weak.

All I'm saying is that despite the fact that I think it's time for a "what's wrong with Dean?" arc for once (seriously, he was turned in to a monster twice this season, why couldn't there be some after affects of that? Why, Show? WHY! And Sam's all ready had - what? - three "what's wrong with Sam?" arcs)), I also must insist that hell!Sam be leading somewhere that's - dare I say it? - hellish! You hearing what I'm saying, Show? You better be. You better be.

Oh, and screw you, Show! Screw you very much. Not only have you not given the Impala much importance this season (in fact in one key episode you tried to discredit her), but this time you've gone to far. You hear me! TOO FAR!

You ALL saw what they did to her, right? Everybody saw that! Bad Show, no biscuit!
(Basically, what I'm telling you, Show, is that next season you better make all this up to the Impala, because you've dissed her pretty damn hard this season.)

However, to end on a good note, because this episode was good, I'll admit that I never expected this season to end with super!power!Cass, I really didn't. I honestly expected this to end with human!Cass, so as you can guess I'm pretty damn giddy over getting super!power!Cass instead.

Though admittedly I don't like the sound of those plans Cass has for Crowley. Of course, Crowley managed to keep Satan off his ass... On the other hand, Satan wasn't super powered drunk on souls with delusions of grandeur.

What I'm saying - RUN CROWLEY! RUN! Also, when running fails, if it fails, then hide! Also, Show, and this is more a just if you feel like it wish, but I wouldn't mind seeing Dean and Sam have to team up with Crowley to try and stop Cass. That way when it's all hugs and puppies again they can all bond over how deeply stupid they've all been. This scene would also be awesome with lots of hugs and kisses, especially the naughty and shirtless kind. *coughs*

Back on point, yeah, I know, Satan was probably feeding on all those hell souls he created, but he, unlike Cass, didn't seem drunk on the power. Though years ago when he first created them he might have been, which doesn't bode well for poor Cass. Really, Highway to Hell should've at least been played once during this episode - either when Crowley showed up with Raphael or when Cass showed off his super power is all I'm saying. However, at this point I'm just grateful we got Wayward Son, because I admit I was worried that might not happen. Yes, that's right, I worry about stupid shit like that sometimes. Bite me!

I'm to sleepy to really comment but your CloudCityVader! comment made me giggle :)

And I couldn't believe god!Cas either!!!!!!! whoa!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Glad that made you giggle, because I really could hear Cass, in my head, saying "I'm altering the deal, pray I don't alter it any further."

The one teeny tiny downside of super!power!Cass is that there's only a few ways it can end. At least only a few ways it can end logically/organically. The happy(ish) end is human!Cass, because the other is dead!Cass. So, now the show has me hoping for human!Cass, cause while I'm not an extreme Cass lover I find myself not wanting dead!Cass.

Of course, I also thought this back in the Buffy days with super!power!Willow and Whedon ended it neither logically nor organically, because in the end Willow just keeps all those powers and somehow isn't adversly affected by that, which was FUBARed on so many levels. Super!power!characters take all the tension out of a story, because really all you need is to call the super!power!character in and problem solved. Plus the fact that the way it ended meant there was no real lesson learned (by Willow) nor any real consequences for her actions... So, yeah, Supernatural could get out of this super!power!Cass in some other way then human or dead Cass, but unless it's handled extremely well it's going to have that same WTF feeling that the conclusion to super!power!Willow left me with.

Actually, I suppose it could (maybe) work with Cass keeping his powers, but somehow finding his way back to his right mind, but I think that's just cause I do kind of like the idea of Cass being the one to put Dean and Sam on the airplane at the beginning of season five, not to mention saving himself those several times. But this would have to be handled very very carefully, otherwise it would really feel like Willow redux all over again.