Oops, this took a bit longer then I originally planned - I was delayed by a slight thunder storm. The storm wasn't bad and passed quickly, but for some reason it still took me a long time to get this puppy typed up.


The Vampire Diaries 2x22 "As I Lay Dying"

While this episode offered some surprise twists there was a few things that were not surprising at all (Klaus "reuniting" Elijah with his family). But even with a few glitches mostly I made some happy dolphin noises during this episode.

Though it does, admittedly start off a little boring with Elena staring at a bed. Then Damon shows up, and that was also a little boring because it went exactly as one would expect it to go. So, again not that interesting a start, because even Damon removing the "protect vampires from the sun ring" wasn't exactly unexpected. So, there was other bits that didn't surprise, but of course the biggest not surprise was the fact that Klaus "reunited" Elijah with his family. That one is mostly disappointing because apparently none of the characters saw it coming (while I think most of the audience totally saw it coming).

But thankfully there is one bit of fun during those first few boring moments - when Damon is trying to kill himself faster Stefan rushes in and starts pushing Damon around, which basically ends with Stefan locking Damon in a cage - totally hot. So, that was a nice bit of fun in the middle of the boring ass start for this episode.

However, there was another little glitch that was not the CWs or The Vampire Diaries itself fault. You see, at just a few minutes in a storm came over the hill and I missed the first conversation between Klaus and Elijah, which I'm sure was totally full of some bullshit misdirection where in the show tried to make the audience actually believe Klaus wasn't going to "reunite" Elijah with his family, [sarcasm]which I'm sure totally worked[/sarcasm].
(Okay, I didn't miss the whole scene, I saw Klaus waking up, and managed to see right up to where Elijah started helping him dress - then when it comes back we're with Bonnie, Caroline, and Jeremy, who I think had just walked up to Bonnie and Caroline, I think. Either way it doesn't seem like I missed much.)

So, I know you may be thinking I lied about those happy dolphin noises, but honestly it was really only the ending that had me making happy dolphin noises. And then I'm not sure if it was because of blood-lusting Stefan or because Stefan and Klaus are now totally butt-buddies. It's not exactly a bromance, more like Klaus having naughty power over Stefan, so maybe Paul isn't thrilled (but he probably is, cause I think he likes exploring Stefan's dark side) but I am over the freakin' moon.

However, and I don't know why, because it makes sense, but for some reason I was just a little disappointed that Klaus blood was the cure for werewolf bite. Again, I don't know why I felt disappointed by that, because it does make sense.

Oh well, whatever.

Something else that wasn't surprising, but admittedly this wouldn't have been surprising either way it went, so I'm not upset that it wasn't surprising. Katherine actually being freed by Klaus after Stefan's deal to take the blood to Damon. Now admittedly I wouldn't have been surprised if she'd ran off and kept the blood for herself, because that would be totally Katherine. However, I was not surprised to also see that she at least has a little bit of honor left in her - Damon helped her out, and now she has returned the favor. So, this is one of those not surprising things that was still good and would have probably been good either way it went.

Another not surprising thing, but again not necessarily bad thing was Jeremy refusing to be left behind again, and what happened - he got his ass killed. Next time, Jer, listen to the women in your life. Though admittedly I'm less sure how I feel about Jeremy being "haunted" by Vicki and Anna, I'm not exactly against it, but I'm not exactly thrilled about it either.

So, yeah, about mid-way through this episode finally picked up for me, but for some reason it still wasn't exactly as action packed as I expected from a The Vampire Diaries season finale. However, as I said, despite a few glitches I still overall enjoyed this episode very much, or at least the last half hour of it.