Well, I haven't posted here in awhile, there's a reason for that. Two, in fact.

One, I've been hard at work on Unexpected American Vacation. Chapter three had me stumped and it is still a bit short, but it is finished - no, it isn't posted yet, but it did go off to be beta read on Saturday.

Two, Friday and Saturday had me dodging some serious storms, which means I simply wasn't online much to do anything.

But back to Unexpected American Vacation; I am now breathing a sigh of relief. After finishing chapter three I wrote some (most) of the last chapter later Saturday night. I'm not talking wrote like Rowling talks about her last chapter, but the big finish is done. I think readers will hate me. No, seriously, you'll understand when we get there.

Apparently, getting my end game fleshed out lifted a hugh weight off my shoulders... I'll admit chapter three did have me wondering if I'd jumped the gun in posting this story, because it wasn't coming along well at all. So much so, that I was starting to wonder if I'd ever be able to finish the story. Thankfully, last night I got chapter four almost finished - a big scene from chapter six wrote, and all the other chapters outlined. So, now I know what is going to happen all the way to the end, it's now just a matter of writing it out. YAY!

Good news/bad news, depending on your point of view. I originally thought this might be my longest story to date - I now know that won't be the case. Right now it logs in at nine chapters. Now granted I might have to write one or two more, but it still isn't going to suddenly morph into a massive story. Which leads to the good/bad news:
Good news - Updates will come a bit faster, because now that I know, I won't have to be stopping to think whether something is plot relavant or not.
Bad news (depending) - The story will end sooner. After having so much trouble with chapter three, it is good news to me, but others might not find it that way.