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So, as I said on my entry yesterday it was originally meant to be titled "Did Grandpa Lie?" then I ran away with myself on all kinds of other things. Today I'm better, but when I rewatched The Man Who Would Be King last night... Well, lets just say I feel so deeply stupid that what I'm about to babble about today did not even occur to me the first two times I watched the damn episode. And it's really odd, because the episode itself dropped so damn many hints in this direction. Seriously.

Anyway, todays question is - "How exactly did Crowley and Castiel seal their deal?"

There is really only one correct answer to this question, and if you don't yet know what it is, maybe the next bit I'm about to say will help.
(That's right, while this episode was good to/for D/C shippers, it was even better for another little and much much darker ship.)

Remember back in season four it was revealed that it took more then a kiss to seal a deal with Lilith. Well, considering that Crowley is now King of Hell... You see where this is headed, right?

I mean, sure, Cass has no soul to sell, but the deal still has to be sealed somehow, right? Otherwise Cass could actually walk away from Crowley at any time, and I just can't see Crowley not trying (as best he can anyway. *wink*) to close off Cass from the option of just walking away. Crowley just seems smarter then that, you know.

Mainly what I'm saying is that I think I've found my Supernatural OTP and it turns out it involves the one character I've been having a few issues with seeing as a sexual character. That's right, I think my Supernatural OTP is actually Crowley/Cass.
(*sigh* And early on Crowley/Bobby seemed so promising, though that was mostly me trying to drum up some interest in the character of Bobby. With Crowley/Cass I'm plenty interested in their characters without adding anything.)

(Non-con/no p0rn warning for those who might come upon this entry from an outside link wherein the warning in the LJ cut won't show up!)

No, seriously, imagine if you will Cass accepting the consequences of making the deal knowing (or at least feeling) as though he has no other options. So, after ironing out the details of their deal. Crowley, of course, insists that the deal must be properly sealed - red tape and all that jazz. So, he pulls Cass in to one of those side rooms, where Cass isn't entirely sure what to expect, but certain he's not gonna enjoy it. Crowley bends him over a desk, and Cass closes his eyes believing he can just think of France, or whatever an Angel might think of in a situation such as this. But, of course, Crowley isn't gonna let that happen. Nope, Crowley is going to get both of them to a happy ending whether Cass likes it or not... And when it's done Cass feels dirty and confused, but also good. Very very good, cause, yeah, I think Crowley has the mad skills to make you like it even when you don't like it.

Hmmm, BRB, got to watch the episode again, then I have to go have a good wank I mean do some housework. Yes, that's right, housework. I'll be back afterwhile. Maybe. I could see this bit of housework taking the rest of the day, I really could.
Have fun... tihi "housework" ;)