So, when I was originally composing this entry in my head it was basically just about Grandpa Skinner, and was meant to be titled "Did Grandpa Lie?" But that's just silly, because of course he lied, and more then that he showed that he was willing to actually kill his grandsons. But the original point of this entry was based on a specific lie based on a throw-away line from Crowley in The Man Who Would Be King.

Then I got to thinking about what I was hoping/wanting for season seven, and this thing just ended up turning in to a long rambling mess with pretty much everything I've been thinking lately/recently about Supernatural and what I'd like/hope to see in season seven. So, long rambling mess pretty much sums it up.

You ready for this? Well, are you?
(For the record, there are no SPOILERS beyond the episodes of season six that have all ready aired. So, if you've seen all the currently aired episodes of season six you can freely read this puppy without being SPOILED!

Also, if you don't wish to read all seven rambly pages I would suggest just clicking on the second cut. Why? Well, under that second cut is the most awesome idea for an episode of Supernatural ever (seriously it could and maybe even should be stretched in to a three/four episode arc), and if you don't click you won't see how awesome it is.

Best idea for an episode ever! You may think I'm over selling it, but I'm really not.

Did Grandpa Skinner lie about where he was pulled from? Remember he told Dean and Sam that whatever pulled Sam up (from hell) pulled him down (which invites everyone to assume he was in heaven).

But then in The Man Who Would Be King when Cass says they will NOT be involving Dean and Sam, Crowley shrugs and mentions that he has a big bald manly man on the bench he can use. Now I like Crowley more then Grandpa, but despite everything I do think Grandpa is slightly more trustworthy then Crowley, but still I think Crowley was telling the truth here. Sure, he was also blowing smoke up Cass's ass during that scene, but I can't see any reason why Crowley would've been lying about having Grandpa on the bench, because Cass only concern there was that Dean and Sam not be used.

The main reason that I've decided that's the truth is because it does explain why Grandpa came off kind of creepy with his whole "must bring Mary back" thing. Maybe it wasn't really about Mary at all, Mary was just an excuse that he thought would best gain him sympathy from Dean and Sam. But what if it was all about keeping his own ass out of hell? If he'd been there since he died he'd probably experienced some of the "best" hell had to offer, and so if Crowley came to him offering him an escape, I could totally see him taking it and then happily doing what the hell ever Crowley wanted on earth as long as it meant Grandpa wouldn't be going back to hell.
(The only real flaw with this is if Grandpa was in hell that long why wasn't he a demon? But thanks to Dean we know that holding out can happen, along with the fact that just starting to torture doesn't actually twist a soul in to a demon, so it's possible he was on his way to becoming one but just hadn't completely turned yet. Or maybe Cass did something when he raised him up. And, yes, I think it had to be Cass who "pulled" Grandpa up, because it was revealed way back that demons couldn't actually do that, so it had to be an Angel, and considering the Cass/Crowley newly forming alliance it was almost certainly Cass who pulled Gramps up and made his body fit for using.)

Don't get me wrong, Grandpa was probably lying to himself at least a little, maybe even as much as he was lying to others. Remember when he told Gwen that working for a demon changed nothing they still hunted monsters. He may have actually believed that, but now I'm almost certain for him it was all about doing whatever he had to do to keep from being pulled back down to hell, which meant Dean's argument about working for a demon fell on truly deaf ears, because Grandpa knew what not working for Crowley would mean for him.

But even aside from all that, I could see Grandpa implying that he was in heaven as a way to distance himself from hell and therefore Crowley. But mostly I think he probably knew telling the Campbell cousins (and anyone else) that he'd been in hell probably wouldn't inspire a family of hunters to actually rally behind him, and clearly for whatever reason he wanted the Campbell cousins helping out.

Yes, he also indicated that he wanted Dean on board, but now I'm thinking that's more because Crowley wanted Dean on board, and not because Grandpa truly cared one way or another. Where Grandpa did seem to honestly care (at least a little) about the Campbell cousins.

Oh, and before we move past this, I want to mention something. Don't get me wrong Mark Shepard is not an unattractive man, but he's not generally the type of man I'd normally be attracted to, which makes it quite strange that I really want to hump Crowley's leg. Seriously, I am so hot on Crowley you can't even imagine.

And now moving on...

So, awhile back I said that "I couldn't stay mad at show," which I meant at the time, but then I got to thinking about things that now seem like they could at least reasonably happen in season seven, and that's when I realized that "yeah, there could come a point where show starts to truly bore me."

First one should be obvious if you've read any of (most) my previous season six reviews. If not, well, it's Lisa and Ben. I'm sorry, but I can't feel what I can't feel, and I'm unmoved by the character of Lisa, and I'm even less fond of Ben.

(Interlude: When I first started watching Supernatural I admittedly was not aware of the almost violent hate toward any female character to appear on this show. And even after I become aware of said hate, I still didn't actually understand the extent of it.

For example, the hate leveled toward Jo who was almost instantly one of my favorite characters. Of course, I can admit that my love for Jo is because Abandon All Hope... was my first exposure to the character of Jo, and she was nothing less then awesome in that episode. Suck it, haters, she WAS awesome! However, when I went back and started watching from the beginning I was forced to admit that I probably wouldn't have loved Jo near as much had I watched the show in order, because she was a bit like the annoying kid sister you or a friend of yours has who not only annoys the older sibling but also all the older siblings friends.

However, because I knew she ended up as such an awesome character, I found myself looking forward to watching her character arc evolve. So, you can imagine that after finally catching up I was more then a little disappointed to see that an extended growth arc for Jo wasn't played out on screen.

But even then I still truly didn't get it. It was only recently that I come to see that Jo (and Bela, and Ruby, and Anna as near as I can tell) was actually hated by most of fandom before the character(s) ever actually appeared in the show. Which left me scratching my head, because I can understand not loving a character, I can even understand hating a character, what I can't understand is hating a character before you've actually been introduced to them. So, while I can see how/why someone wouldn't love Jo as a character, I don't understand how she could've been hated before she ever made an appearance in the show. *sigh*

So, while it's nice to see fandom (almost) as a whole finally trying to rally around a female character, it annoys the effing crap out of me that fandom has chosen the female character out of all the females characters to ever female on this show that bores me most.

Seriously, aside from Lisa the female character I least liked was Bela. Here's the thing, I love the idea of Bela, and she did get some awesome moments, but on the whole I was just not terribly impressed by the overall character arc for Bela. Those awesome moments was tainted by to many moments where Bela came off feeling like a trite and cliched character. Still I'd take the unevenly handled character of Bela over the character of Lisa any time.

I mean, honestly fandom, why couldn't you have chosen Anna for this big lovefest rally. UGH! I loved Anna right up until the end. I've only watched her final scene once, because I now have to skip that moment each and every rewatch, because I want to imagine that she's still out there somewhere.

EAT ME! Yeah, that's right, that means I liked the grace tree, I actually loved that whole episode, and pretty much love everything about Anna, except (of course) the way her story ended up ending, and I know she only ended that way because she had no (or not enough) fandom defenders.

*sigh* Why couldn't I have started watching Supernatural during season four instead of season five. WHY?

Seriously, Anna was awesome, and the more I hear about the original intention for the character of Anna the more it makes me rage that because fandom didn't rally around her we got the story we got rather than the one that may or may not have been originally planned for the character. So, screw you guys and your little Lisa love-fest!

Second and much more of a deal-breaker is the character of Ben. Seriously, if it came down to Lisa or Ben (meaning that the show is perfectly willing to get rid of one but only one) I so hope the show would chose Lisa to keep and Ben to toss aside. In a case like that, and only in a case like that, PLEASE give me Lisa and NOT BrattyEvenMoreBoringBen, because if season seven has BrattyBen riding around in the backseat - Yeah, I'm not watching that show at all, where as I think I'd honestly be willing to give Lisa riding around in the backseat helping to hunt things and save people a chance, cause my main complaint with Lisa is that the character bores me, but if the show spiced her up (and making her a hunter would add spice) I might actually find myself more interested in Lisa as a character.

So, yeah, at this point I'm kind of hoping that by the end of the season Lisa and Ben are both dead, but most especially Ben. Sadly, early on I was kind of happy that show didn't go with dead!Lisa (which is why I believe if show spiced up her character I'd be okay with her continued existence) as a way to get Dean back in the saddle again. However, the show has had several supposed endings of the Dean/Lisa relationship and yet (and yet) the show just keeps dragging her boring ass back again and again and again. At this point, I think the only way show will finally stop dragging her back is if show kills her off, because show seems to have no interest in actually spicing up her character. Of course, the danger (and maybe the reason I was maybe happy she wasn't killed off in the first place) is that unless show also kills Ben I fear (very much) that we'll be subjected to his bratty ass in the backseat for season seven.

Seriously, I'd rather have Cass fall and become human - and I'm admittedly leery of human!Cass because I can't help but fear (at least a little) that they'd end up making him a male Anya who instead of ever actually learning anything just continually experiences "lessons in being human," but never really seems to learn anything about what humans consider acceptable behavior, which can be cute at first but after awhile starts to make a character look very deeply stupid. However, I'd take Anya!Cass all damn day long over BrattyBen in the backseat.

That's right, I fear Ben in the backseat more then anything else.

Of course, while I don't really want human!Cass, I admit that part of me would not be unhappy, but that's mostly because I am so totally tired of the heaven storyline that at least having human!Cass would finally mean that story is over and done. So, it's mostly a take the good with the bad kind of thing. Cause really I'd rather have Cass kick ass in heaven, and then take over (even if that means Cass continues to work with Crowley, maybe especially if Cass continues to work with Crowley). Of course, that means the show would have to continue coming up with reasons to have Cass coming around the boys, where that wouldn't be necessary with a human!Cass.

And admittedly Cass becoming human at the end of this season would make much more sense then him becoming human at the end of last season would've. I mean, I know some speculated that Cass would be rewarded by becoming human, but over the course of season five it was revealed that Cass liked being an Angel, so becoming a human wouldn't have been much of a reward. However, given the way his arc is playing this season Cass being punished by becoming human would make sense, I just don't really want human!Cass. But with Angel!Cass the show would have to, as I said, keep coming up with what would probably feel contrived reasons for Cass hanging out with Dean and Sam, which wouldn't be a problem for human!Cass. However, while I don't want human!Cass I admit that I am leery of a continuing Angel!Cass because I'd be a little on edge wondering when show might decide it's an awesome time to restart (or just start a new) heaven storyline.

So, I'm obviously a bit conflicted when it comes to Cass, but I do think as long as the heaven storyline is resolved so that it can fade away I think I'd be okay with whatever the show decided to do with Cass. As long as the show doesn't actually turn it in to the Dean/Cass show. No, I'm not one of those that thinks that's all ready happened, but can see where it might happen, especially if there are more Dean/Cass fans on the writing staff then fans of Sam/Cass. On the other hand, just looking at season six as a whole I do believe the current writing staff (at least) is fairly balanced between the D/C and the S/C so I'm not really worried about that.

Of course, I also wanted the Eve storyline to actually extend in to season seven, and since she seems pretty damn dead that doesn't seem likely. Yeah, I know her body kept laying eggs, but the truth is I don't care about her babies, I wanted her around. Oh well.
(In fact, all things considered while I originally wanted her around to be a thorn in the side of Dean and Sam, I've now realized that I would've been okay with her not bothering much with Dean and Sam, but starting a monster/demon war, I also think that would be an awesome way to go for season seven! Seriously, imagine Dean, Sam, Bobby, and maybe even Cass (depending on where the show goes with him) caught in the middle of war between monsters and demons... Excuse me, I'll be over here fapping for a little while.)

Oh, and of course, if the show is going to try and turn the twosome (Dean and Sam) in to a foursome (Dean, Sam, Cass, and Bobby) and given the way the past several episodes have played that does seem to be a way they are at least thinking about heading, so if you do then you damn well better keep giving me my "evil!Bobby wants to make Dean his love slave" fodder! Cause otherwise I will be over here hoping against hope that Bobby dies or something, and I don't really want to hope for that since I do like Jim and want to wish for him to continue working.

Also, I want - NAY, I demand that at some point in season seven Crowley decides to get revenge on Dean, Sam, Cass, and Bobby by getting them naked and torturing them ALL. You think I'm kidding, I'm not. You've tortured two naked women on screen, but you've yet to actually torture a man naked on screen, and that's just not fair. That's right, I am standing up and demanding equal torture time for the mens. We don't want them to start feeling left out of all the fun now do we? Well, DO WE! No, we do not.
(For the record, Cass is included because it seems likely that Cass is going to puss out of the Cass/Crowley alliance, and Bobby's included because you know Crowley wants Cass, Dean, and Sam all to himself, and so he needs to punish Bobby for even thinking about encroaching on his turf. Not that it would actually stop Bobby from thinking about it though.)

Fine, if you want to appeal to the mens with this too, you don't have to use Crowley as the torture master (I just mention Crowley, because at present it would make sense for it to be Crowley) you could simply introduce a hot leather clad female demon (or a female monster, that would also be acceptable) - I'm thinking hot like Casey from Sin City (but by all means you don't have to limit yourself to one hottie here) who for whatever reason wants to get the boys (and yes Bobby is included in this boys) naked and torture them. Then all your audience is happy.

Seriously, I believe if you did this for once all (or at least most) of fandom would probably come together and declare this one "best episode ever!" Or maybe not, clearly there might be more then a few who'd make some complaint of some kind, but do it anyway show. DO IT ANYWAY!

So while I want to say that's everything I won't, because no doubt I'll think of something else (probably just after hitting post) that I feel I should say, but I think this probably covers most everything I've been having thinky thoughts about recently.