I know, I know. I should be sleeping now, but someone has apparently decided that the best time for target practice (with actual guns, machine guns from the sound of those rapid fire shots) is in the middle of the damn night, so here I am.

Not as annoying as those idiots who live near me and think blasting a radio overnight is awesome, but idiots playing with guns tend to make me more nervous then assholes with a stereo.

But my sleepy loss is you're wakey gain... Well, you know, if you wait on pins and needles for these little reviews of mine.

The Vampire Diaries 2x21 "The Sun Also Rises"

So, this week I cheated, before writing/typing my review I looked around a bit to see what other people was saying about this episode, and it seems everyone else looooved this episode while I myself am a bit conflicted. It was a good episode, and I probably should have loved it, but the fact was that at the end of the episode I was disappointed.

It took me a minute or two, but I managed to work out why I was disappointed and that's because there was nothing in this episode that was a real shocker. The only thing that remotely came close was the fact that Jenna actually died, but even that didn't really surprise because there wasn't another spare vampire around to actually take her place, and lets face it we knew Klaus would not use Stefan even before Stefan offered himself.
(It's the shows own fault, it's spoiled me. They throw out all these super awesome twists so often that when they fail to get all twisty with it I somehow feel as though there's something wrong!)

Yeah, that's right. Elena not becoming a vampire was not shocking, while I didn't know how they'd pull it off, I knew they would pull it off. Stefan offering himself to Klaus to save Jenna also not a surprise (also not surprising that Klaus didn't take him up on that). Elijah pulling a last minute Klaus save also not a shocker.

So, I mean all those elements was good and they played well, but I guess after the past few episodes I was just expecting this episode to shock and stun me and in the end it just didn't. There was nothing truly stunning or shocking that happened during this episode.

I guess some might have been shocked by John using his own life force (and then dying) to keep Elena from becoming a vampire, but for me that wasn't shocking. If that had happened during season one then it would've been shocking (also stunning), but the character of John had been moving in this direction every since he came back, so him giving his life for Elena now was simply not a shocker.

Some also I suppose might be shocked that Matt and Caroline broke up, but the only thing mildly surprising about that for me is that Matt just broke up with her instead of killing or attempting to kill her. Because as with John the show has been building to a Matt/Caroline split - not on Caroline's part, but on Matt's and [sarcasm]surprise surprise[/sarcasm] Matt dumped her. Again the only real surprise is the show didn't decide to go ahead and continue dragging this on and on and on and on. Of course, the downside is now I'm expecting to be beat about the head with Caroline angsting endlessly over Matt, which [sarcasm]the very idea of just thrills me to the bones - TO THE BONES, I tell you![/sarcasm]

Really the only thing left hanging by the end is Damon and his impending demise by werewolf bite (which won't happen, I mean seriously if the show actually killed Damon off then I got to admit I'd be stunned and even a little appalled), because while Klaus is (thanks to that idiot Elijah - see, Elena, me and Damon we told you waking Elijah was a stupid thing to do) still out there, he no longer needs to break the curse (he broke the curse before this episode ended), so even if he knows Elena is still alive and human he has no real reason to return to Mystic Falls, but I suspect the show will contrive some reason to drag him back anyway.
(Okay, fine, if Elena hadn't woken Elijah there's lots of things they wouldn't have known, but at least another character besides Damon should've seen the Elijah double-cross coming.)

Seriously, I wouldn't mind Elijah coming back and somehow redeeming himself, but I'm pretty much over the whole Klaus thing. Or, you know, Elijah could simply return after having killed Klaus off screen, I'd be totally okay with that, but I just don't see it happening.

Supernatural 6x20 "The Man Who Would Be King"

*sigh* So, I meant to post my theory before this episode aired so I could prove that I was thinking along these lines before the episode aired, but then I got all caught up Friday afternoon in watching Supernatural fans pre-wanking about this episode, and I must admit I lost track of time because the next thing I know Supernatural was starting.

Anyway, my theory was that Cass's biggest problem at the moment wasn't that he was actually working for/with Crowley, but that he was using Dean and Sam as role models, and while I love those boys to pieces they probably aren't the best people for someone with no real humanity themselves to be using as role models.

And I do believe this episode actually confirmed that. "Explaining freedom to angels is like explaining poetry to fish," and while Cass maybe thinks he grasped the concept it seems clear that he's been mostly mimicking Dean and Sam, and considering the way they've been behaving the past few years that isn't exactly a good thing.

Well, okay, from a viewer stand-point (mine) it is an awesome thing, since I do love the f-ed up behavior, I'm just saying that maybe they wasn't the best two people for Cass to be mimicking. On the other hand, doing so is making Cass as f-ed up as Dean and Sam so yay and squee and all. No, seriously, from my viewer stand-point it's all good.

Anyway, now on with the episode review:

Supernatural 6x20 "The Man Who Would Be King"


Yep, despite the awesomeness that is Crowley, I'm still crying in my soul (IN MY SOUL) for EVE! But make no mistake Crowley was once again awesome in this episode, seriously most of his stuff here was even better then his mocking of Bobby WAY back. Honestly, I'm starting to think that he in fact may be my evil male twin.

But seriously I think this episode confirmed my worst fears and Eve is in fact an Ex-Eve, as in she is NO MORE! Sure, she's still laying eggs, but Crowley AND Cass seem to believe that's she well and truly dead. Of course they could be wrong, I suppose, but I can't even hope anymore.

Oh, and if I can get distracted for a moment - Can I just say that I'm thrilled that Cass also gripped Sam tight and... Oh, come on you remember the line when he said it to Dean in season four. Yes, okay, fine, he didn't say the exact same thing to/about Sam, but still...

You see, while most of the fandom (from what I can see) turned the fact that Dean and Sam had both gone to hell in to some kind of "who's really got the most epic of the epic man!pain" contest, I was actually thrilled that both of them had been to hell, so I'm rather secretly (or not so secretly as the case may be) thrilled that not only have they both been to hell, but that it was Cass who actually rescued them both. Obviously, his rescue of Dean went a bit more smoothly, but at that time Cass had angel back-up, and when he went for Sam he clearly didn't have back-up.

So, maybe I'm just easily pleasured, but if I hadn't recently lost my job I would certainly be putting a pair of undies in the mail tomorrow for good ol' Ben (I had contemplated doing so during The French Mistake, but decided doing so might actually come off as creepy, but I think this episode makes it perfectly clear that Ben is not so secretly jonesin' for a pair of my undies. Seriously), and not just because of Cass pulling both boys out of hell. There's also many other fine things about this episode. Alas, since I lost my job and haven't yet secured another I can't afford to just give away a perfectly good pair of undies that way. Sorry, Ben, maybe next time.

Oh, and have I mentioned how truly evil (and awesome) Crowley is? Seriously, turning hell in to one long never ending line. Oh, you are such a beautifully evil bastard. Also, he called Cass a whore, which shockingly was NOT actually his best line in this episode, but Crowley calling Cass a whore hit me right in my happy place for some reason.
(Possibly because I may or may not have imagined several scenarios in which Cass finds himself suddenly helpless and at the mercy of several Supernatural characters who may or may not be in some altered state themselves and so they take their pleasure from the helpless Cass, but admittedly I haven't exactly given this much thought. Mostly because early this season I got a little caught up in Cass making Robo!Sam his love slave. No, really, if you believe I haven't given helpless Cass much thought I also have some ocean front property in Kansas that I may or may not be willing to sell you. *wink*)

But seriously Crowley got all the awesome lines - now if I could just somehow force myself in to one of the shows writers then I could get Cass all naked and helpless while Crowley had his truly truly wicked way. After that Crowley would, of course, look up the pains in his asses known as Dean and Sam to also have his wicked way.

If you're wondering, I think maybe Crowley's best line was - "From experts, of course. I know two eerily suited Teen Beat models with time on their hands."

Proof! Proof I tell you that Crowley has lust in his little black demonic heart for Dean and Sam. Something I've, of course, long suspected.

*leaves PC*

*hours later*

Oops, sorry, I had to go have a little me time. Also, sorry Bobby, but you'll never be able to get past Crowley so you'll never have Dean all to yourself. Unless, I suppose, you could convince Crowley to focus all his energy and attention on Sam and Cass, but that would never work, because the King of Hell wants it all, but maybe if you ask nicely (or sell your soul again) Crowley'll let you watch... Hmm, I believe I have a new headcanon forming as I type, especially with Bobby eternally trying to best Crowley and failing each and every time, because it's Crowley. Seriously, even the demon named Red or the demon they was simply calling Red knew better then to get drawed in to Bobby's web. He'd rather be killed then find himself the object of Bobby's twisted affections. Poor Dean.
(For those who don't know, you remember how I decided to turn Lisa in to a brain eating zombie. Well, she isn't the only character I spiced up. After the worm episode, I decided I needed to spice Bobby up. How did I do that? You may be asking. Well, I'll tell you, I decided that what Bobby really wants is to make Dean his love slave, but to do that he has to get everyone else out of the way - Sam, Cass, even Rufus, who I think had a better shot with Dean then Bobby. But with The Man Who Would Be King evil!Bobby met his match in Crowley, and now my headcanon (as mentioned) has again changed, and Bobby (poor Bobby) is pretty much left out in the cold now with nothing to keep him warm but his endless evil scheming.)

Honestly, though I can't help but wonder what might would've happened if Cass had went to the boys. Sam, I think (Robo or otherwise) would have a certain amount of understanding, and since Dean clearly loves Cass so much I think he'd have probably agreed if Cass had explained things clearly, or maybe I just hope. Whatever. I mean canon simply exists for me to twist it anyway.

So, in the end I was so much happier with this episode then I expected to be. No, I'm not a Cass hater who thinks every time he's in an episode that automatically makes the episode bad, cause that's just totally not true at all. Several Cass heavy episodes have been pretty damn awesome. It's just that based on the SPOILERS I'd seen wasn't really expecting to care about the story this episode wanted to tell. Based on the SPOILERS I thought this episode would be all about Cass and way past history, and while I won't say I wouldn't have enjoyed some of it, I have to admit that I really only care about Cass's story as it relates/intersects with Dean and Sam's, cause before that I get the feeling Cass lead a pretty boring life. So, that's why I wasn't expecting to outright love this episode, and while Cass did drop some history history here it was still mostly all about how Dean and Sam have affected Cass and his story and so I found it all good, especially the bits with Crowley almost flirting with the practically clueless Cass. Again, see above about me being fairly easy to please.

Promo: ROBO!Sam come to momma you sexy thing. Yeah, I know I said SPOILERS I'd seen wasn't exactly thrilling me for these last three episodes, but after really enjoying The Man Who Would Be King I am feeling that maybe the next two will be better then SPOILERS suggest.

And all I ask for next season is that first and foremost Eve is revealed to be alive, even if the character herself doesn't make an appearance. Also, that if Cass does become human there's some suggestions (or fears, depending on who you ask) that this might happen, but nothing that would truly qualify this as a spoiler at this point) that you fine fine people behind the show will continue to throw out all kinds of hints/suggestions (or hell outright sex, yes, outright sex would be GREAT!) for Dean/Sam/Cass. Seriously, not only would that make my happy parts happy, I also believe it would be interesting to see what kind of fandom cage matches it would inspire. You know, Dean/Sam shippers vs Dean/Cass shippers, not to mention the few (the proud) Sam/Cass shippers! So, bring on some hot sweaty Team Free Will action, get that Impala smell all up deep inside Cass if you know what I mean, and I think you do.

But show if you don't want to (or can't because of being on the whole broadcast TV thing) you could always have Dean, Sam, Cass (hell even Bobby) stripped naked and tortured by Crowley. That would also please me greatly. After all, if Cass is about to screw up Crowley's little scheme here he would want revenge. See, it makes perfect sense - DO IT!