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So, I've been wanting to make a few entries lately, but LJ wouldn't let me. You see, I could load LJ and look around, but when I'd click post it would load the top half of the posting page, but for some reason wouldn't load the actual posting box where I'd put the text in.

So, I've been keeping up with what I've wanted to say and since LJ finally loaded the page today I am going to info dump all over you guys!
(Apparently, I am so angry that I can't even type properly. *sigh* It took me four tries to actually get the cuts correct. For those who saw the missed up cuts - sorry, it's fixed now, I think.)

May 2nd: As you may or may not know last month I was told that last month would be the last at the job I'd held for over ten years. Well, last month ended last month, and so Sunday I thought that Monday I would have to make a big drive to my so-called local unemployment office to file for unemployment.

Well, I needed to look up said address, and even then I figured I'd end up lost cause I don't go to that county much. Anyway, when I was diddling around online I discovered that you can actually file for unemployment online. YAY!

So, I've done that, though the first couple times I had a bit of trouble I eventually worked out how to do it. So, yay, on skipping that big ass gas (and money) guzzling drive.

May 4th: UGH! So, I may have to make that big ass gas guzzling (and money sucking drive, money that I don't have anymore because I'm laid off) drive anyway. Because I'm laid off with no return to work date, I had to join some workforce thingie, and apparently I didn't give them enough information, despite the fact that I entered every damn thing the website asked for. UGH!

They said I could update the info online in their little letter, but they lied. The website kept asking for a password which apparently doesn't match the password I created when I actually filed for unemployment.

Of course, I was in a bad mood before the mail came with that letter, that just makes things worse.

Seriously, though I've got to waste what little gas and money I have to drive over 45 miles to the office, not to mention the 45 back, which means if I do this then I can't actually continue looking for a job in the actual area I'm trying to get a job in, cause I ain't working over 45 miles away from my house so making that drive is more then a waste of time.

I decided to call and explain this to them - look you can ask me for the info you need over the phone or you can make me drive over there and then I'm stuck at home afterward (meaning no job hunts cause no gas for them) until you send me a damn check - but it would seem that it took me long enough to find a phone number for said office that by the time I called they was closed for the day. Awesome!

Interlude - May 4th: SHOW ME THE PHOTOS! Osama death shots!

I want to see them. Nay nay, I NEED to see them. I want to see Osama's death shots, not because I don't believe he's actually dead, I just want to see the photos because I want to see the damn photos!


Seriously if you're not going to show them, Jon Stewart has a point - we see worse in primetime TV, we are not shrieking violets who'll get the damn vapors over a couple photos, so maybe you (the adminstration) should come up with a better reason for keeping the joy to yourself.

May 5th: Even more bad news!

So, I planned to get up this morning and make that phone call I mentioned, but my feet was hurting a bit more then normal last night so I didn't exactly get to sleep early last night. Might be my own fault, I had to wash dishes, gather up the trash, and a few other things that I didn't do until just before going to bed.

Anyway, that meant by the time I actually woke up today the mail was all ready here.

LMAO! Somewhat bitterly.

Apparently, the unemployment office hires people with shitty math skills, because the letter they sent today informed me that I didn't actually make enough money to qualify for unemployment. Okay, it's possible that my previous employer lied to them about the amount I made, but that would really shock me. Of course, so called professionals with bad math skills also shocks me a little.
(I suck at math, I really do, but apparently I am better then they are.)


I've done the math four times (two with a calculator) today, and even if you base it on net pay I made more then enough in a three month period to qualify. And I thought things like this was based on gross pay, and I've certainly made enough gross to qualify. So, now I'm gonna have to go to my so-called local office and inform them of their lacking math skills, and maybe smack them with a little truth, cause I have proof of how much I've made in the last three years (and I think they go by the previous year), so someone needs to be smacked with that whether it's the unemployment office people or the people at my previous job... Well, I am going to find out.

The downside is that even though I've been told I can borrow the gas money (from my dad) even he won't have it until next week. But you can bet your ass I'm going, someone is lying and it ain't me, and I want to know who is. I don't want to be yelling at the wrong people after all.

SO, that's how I am. How are you?