So, I'm posting these late Friday night instead of Saturday as usual, and the reason for that is because I have lots of gardening stuff that I need to get done tomorrow (in fact I have so much that I know I won't get it all done tomorrow anyway), and knew that if I didn't go ahead and post these tonight then I wouldn't actually get around to doing so until Sunday.

The Vampire Diaries 2x20 "The Last Day"

I am not happy. No, not happy at all.

Oh, sure, the episode was great, awesome even, but it all comes back to Matt, doesn't it? I've been hating on him since sometime in season one really, but my hate for him really ramped up in season two, and now... And now... *cries* I may or may not have found myself not totally hating him in The Last Day.

So, basically The Vampire Diaries has done it again. First it was Jeremy I hated, then by the end of season one I was actually starting to warm to him. Now it's Matt, I was all happy with my hating on him, sure that the show was to far gone in a certain (assholey) direction with him to ever be able to change my mind, and now...

*deep breath*

Maybe next week all will be right in the world and I'll be hating on Matt again.

Anyway, Matt issues aside, as I said this episode was awesome, and now I cannot wait to see what they have in store for the last two episodes of the season, though honestly I'm not sure how they can top everything in this episode.

Also worthy of note is that we recently learned that because Bonnie is a witch the magical no-die ring won't work for her, then in this episode we learned because while Elena is a human more then that she's a supernatural occurrence which means the ring probably wouldn't work for her either.

But lets move to Damon now, I've been worried for awhile now that woobie!Damon was coming, and while it might still be I am feeling a bit better about Damon's future now, at least for the moment. And, yes, part of that is because Damon force fed Elena vampire blood. I, unlike Elena, don't actually hate him for that, because I think he really believed it was the best option. So, while Elena is so very unhappy about that it made me as a viewer happy. Not because it was one of Damon's better ideas, cause it wasn't, but I can clearly see why Damon thought it was a good idea, and it also made perfect sense that shortly afterwards he starts to regret it, but there's no turning back now cause Klaus turns out to be smarter then I originally figured. Plans, plans, and back-up plans.

I must also admit that I loved the fact that Elena would rather die then actually become a vampire, which is why she believes there is no other way. Of course, as I said, it's easy to understand why Damon felt otherwise. I think at first he figured that he'd do his bit, and while she'd be angry at first, I think he honestly believed (at first) that after awhile once again she would forgive him. So, yeah, I kind of loved that later Damon finally realizes that no matter how much he might love/care about Elena (though I have my doubts about exactly how much he cares for Elena herself) that he really doesn't know/understand her at all.

Of course, there is a chance this might have something of a downside. After having realized that he doesn't truly know/understand her it could lead to him going out of his way to actually know and understand her. However, I think if that happened Damon would probably find himself not loving/caring about her as much, because I personally believe after Katherine hurt him so badly he transferred what he felt/feels about Katherine to Elena. Think about it, to avoid her fate Katherine chose to become a vampire, and I think that's at least in part why Damon chose to force vampire blood in to Elena, because I'm starting to believe that Damon believes Katherine and Elena don't just look alike but at heart he believes they actually are alike, which is interesting since even Katherine herself knows that's not true. Anyway, that's why I say him trying to understand Elena better might actually lead to him realizing that he's only after Elena because of lingering (or not so lingering) feelings for Katherine.

Seriously, though it's very interesting to me that Elijah, who has known Elena only for a very short time, actually knows and understands her better then Damon, who's known her longer and also claims to love her.

Now I guess you readers are waiting for me to mention why this episode didn't have me entirely hating Matt, so I suppose I shall try to explain. But first, I don't want there to be any misunderstandings because my feelings about Matt and Caroline as a couple have not changed, I've merely had a brief (hopefully) warm-up toward the character of Matt himself, and that's mostly because it was nice to see that even he wasn't stupid enough to miss the fact that vampire or not Caroline is still very much Caroline.

Oh, and did you see that Damon got bitten by a werewolf? I wasn't sure that Tyler had bitten him, but thought it looked like that had happened, and then sure enough before the episode ends it is revealed that Damon was bitten by werewolf. So, now I really do expect them to pull a werewolf bite cure out of their backsides, because while Bela (aka Rose) couldn't be saved, she also wasn't a main character. Damon is a main character and I'm really pretty sure the show will find a way to save him.

And Jenna - WOW! I admit that I never saw that coming. Never! I mean I knew the vampire in the ritual wouldn't be Katherine, considering how much Klaus hates her it wouldn't make sense that he'd grant her a quick death, which is why I was not surprised at all when Caroline was taken instead. That's also why I was a bit surprised that Damon was actually able to rescue Caroline. I mean I'm glad cause I love Caroline so much more then Jenna, but I've sorta been expecting Caroline to end up getting killed for reals at some point, and this episode made me think some point was now.

So, yeah, Jenna being the back-up vampire was a complete surprise. Honestly, though I must admit that I think it would've made slightly more sense for Klaus to have used Alaric instead of Jenna, but I can fanwank that one away by saying because Alaric was busy babysitting Damon so Klaus couldn't get his hands on Alaric.

Of course, I never saw Damon force-feeding Elena vampire blood coming either, though unlike the Jenna thing Damon doing that actually made perfect sense, and was a bit foreshadowed awhile back when Katherine suggested becoming a vampire to avoid the ritual entirely. Of course, Elena said no and I guess I figured that was the end of that. So, it was rather short-sighted of me not to see that one coming.

PS - There is one weird(ish) thing (aside from Jenna the vampire) and that's the fact that Klaus had Katherine turn Jenna BEFORE knowing that Damon (or Stefan, cause I figure he was expecting one of them to show up before the sacrifice) wouldn't be able to be a sacrifice. I mean it can be explained in so many ways, and falls under plans and back-up plans, but it just feels weird that Klaus would plan to go out of his way to avoid using Damon and/or Stefan in the sacrifice. Maybe he has something even more special planned for those two, cause at least that would make it make sense.

Supernatural 6x19 "Mommy Dearest"

Started off well, I mean Dean's ass is always a good starting place, right? But then... But then...


Zombie!Lisa lives on and on and on and on and on, but you kill LENORE within thirty fuckin' seconds of her return! Oh, and having Lenore ask for it doesn't make it right!
(Even if it did kind of/maybe make sense!)
(Update: Yes, from here on out Lisa will now be known to me as Zombie!Lisa, so at the very least the next time the show brings her back (and you know they're going to bring her back) I can ignore whatever BS story show tries to tell (the last one sucked ass) and just imagine Lisa as a zombie running around trying to eat Dean's brains the whole time she's onscreen.)

Show, I hate you all!

Okay, no, I don't, I can't stay mad at you, not when you have Cass poop!face followed by limp!Cass followed by hurt (emotionally) Cass which is then followed by Cass with a painful burning sensation.

I don't know why, but I'm kind of loving all that. Okay, maybe I do kind of know why, and really I should hate all that, because it's shit like that which keep me wasting time lurking in places that I really should stop lurking at.

Anyway, aside from the Lenore glitch (which is a big one, mind you) we're pretty good so far.

Really lots of good and interesting things going on here, but must admit that while the episode started fairly well... By the end (or a little past the middle) things just didn't work for me near as well as I was expecting.

For example, I've been wanting dark!questionable!Cass, and yet something about it just didn't play for me. I wanted Cass/Crowley working together and... Well, you know what, I'm okay with the way that played out. I also wanted Mary tormenting Dean, and I even got "her" biting him, and I thought I'd be okay with Eve simply taking Mary's form, but turns out what I really wanted was actual monster!Mary. And I wanted that because I think dealing with actual Mary (even if she's a monster) would've been so much harder for Dean and even Sam. Imagine them actually having to kill their mother. Yeah, I'd have been all over that, especially if in the end they couldn't actually do it.

So, yeah, the episode wasn't horribly bad, was actually good, it just didn't play out in ways that stimulated my happy place, which I should have suspected when they killed Lenore not thirty seconds after bringing her back. Yeah, okay, I'm gonna be over here being bitter about that for awhile.
(Update: Also, after thinking about it, I get why I didn't love this episode when I really should have. I could've lived (and enjoyed the episode) if only Lenore had been killed, I wouldn't have liked it, but could have lived with it. But not only did they kill Lenore they also killed Eve and that just well and truly sucks ass, because I really wanted Eve to continue being around even through next season, so the fact that both was killed just took the shine right off of everything else about this episode for me.)

I'm thinking that maybe the boys should have agreed to sign on with Eve (and it looks like even they may have thought so in the end, which does please me), because it's starting to seem like she might have ended up a better option then angels or demons.

Also, nice to see Bobby spell out that Cass is working with Crowley for Dean who clearly didn't get it and Sam who didn't want to say it. I mean, okay, Cass pulled off his lying face better in this episode, and I guess maybe it is possible that Crowley could've faked burning, but I got to say it's hard to believe that Cass wouldn't have spotted a fake-out of that sort.

But seriously I think working with Eve might have actually been the best choice out of a group of bad choices the boys have in front of them. I mean stopping the group of Angels who want to redo season five feels like a good idea (and really is), but I can't help but wonder if Cass truly intends to stop there if he wins. And even if Cass honestly does then there's Crowley who I doubt very much plans to stop there.

Plus going by what Eve said and the fact that she was actually able to clip the supposedly more powerful now Cass's wings she could've ended the big angel smack-down quickly, and with that done Cass would have no real reason to work with Crowley, which maybe means that Crowley would stop hurting her babies, which maybe means that she'd go back to the so-called original arrangement and stop trying to turn the entire human race. Basically, she'd have been all "done and done."

Also, EVE! Come back, EVE, I NEED you to come back and still be around! I'd even like you to continue creating new monsters, and being a general pain in the ass for Dean and Sam. But would be totally okay with her coming back and bringing the season six story to an end. Whatever!

Seriously, damn it all, show, BRING HER BACK! NOW!

So, in the end, I was disappointed (deeply) in several aspects of this episode, but also in the fact that Dean and/or Sam weren't turned in to monsters of some kind for at least an episode or two. Seriously, an arc with Eve having turned them in to something and them racing around trying to find a cure while fighting those new instincts they'd have would've been awesome in my opinion.