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Yep, you guessed it - the Royal freakin' Wedding! Honestly, I seem to remember America fighting a war so we could get away from the British Royal Family, and yet here I am being subjected to news about said crap as though I am supposed to care. Well, let me just say it I don't care anymore about the Royal Wedding then I care about any wedding between two people I don't actually know.

I'm an AMERICAN damn it! And, as mentioned above, America was involved in a little war some time back to get away from the hot damn Royals. So, why exactly am I being subjected to this crap over and over and over again? Oh, right, because apparently news people are to stupid to remember that little war I mentioned, and so they think everyone is supposed to care about what the British Royal Family is doing.

The good news is right up until Tuesday I was doing fairly well avoiding any and all "news" about said wedding. But then it invaded my show - The Daily Show. Well, thankfully, I have a DVR so I just pressed pause for several minutes and then skipped right past that.

Yesterday, however, was the worst! I was out and about (working my last day as well as visiting family who are slightly more affected by the rampant flooding then I currently am), and some chick on the radio station I was listening to just kept babbling about the Royal Wedding - I don't mean just mentioning it and a fact or two related to it, she kept going on and on and on and on and on and on. After about five minutes I was tempted to visit said radio station just to have the pleasure of punching this chick in the face so she'd maybe STFU about the damn wedding for at least maybe thirty seconds.

But that wasn't the end of it, once again last night it invaded The Daily Show, so once again I hit pause and skipped right past it. Though last night I did catch enough to see that it seems that I'm not alone in feeling like all this hoopla over the big wedding is a waste of time, but what really made it interesting is that I think the people bitching about it on The Daily Show last night was actually British people.

Anyway, those two crazy kids actually get married tomorrow, right? So, maybe by Sunday I can start watching actual news again. It's kind of sad, but for news related to the horrible storms a little bit south of me I'm having to watch The Weather Channel, because it seems to be the only channel not affected by British wedding fever.

PS - The other night, though, was awesome. Please tell me that someone captured Colbert's masturbation face, please, because that was just so awesome that I can't find words to properly express how much I loved it - I actually skipped back about ten times just to watch that whole segment before finally moving past it.
Anyway, those two crazy kids actually get married tomorrow, right?

Nope, the wedding was earlier on today, and we all got an extra day off work because of it :D

Though if you think the American coverage was bad, imagine what it's been like over here - you've barely been able to move without someone mentioning the damned thing for months now.

Oh, and the reason given by some vapid blonde Californian reporter as to why "the average American" is so interested in the wedding - "because she, like, reminds us of Diana" That'd be the same Diana whose life was ruined by constant and harrassment and intrusion by vapid blonde reporters would it?
Nope, the wedding was earlier on today, and we all got an extra day off work because of it :D

Ah, well, then maybe I can watch news by tomorrow night again.

And as far as British coverage, yeah, I can imagine what that's been like, but, hey, at least you did get a day off from work. Though if it's been even just a tad worse (and I'm sure it was more then a tad worse) then American coverage you guys deserved a complete week off from work with pay.

As for the average American, based on ratings all (most) of the damned wedding specials got over the past several days I'm not so sure the averge America cared any more about this then I did. Though the average American reporters certainly cared, but then again these days most of them suck anyway.
I've managed to miss the whole wedding thing, didn't even watched a second of it LOL
Lucky bastard, that's what you are. Even while managing to miss most of it, I still caught more of it then I would have liked.

Edited at 2011-04-29 10:05 pm (UTC)
I agree with this. I am so sick of it.
Well, the good news is I was wrong, I thought they weren't getting married until tomorrow (shows just how much of this "news" I was actually able to avoid), but a post above pointed out that they actually got married today, so hopefully over the weekend the stupid reporters will calm down and next week start reporting on real news again.