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Oops, I am sooo sorry flisters - the job hunt part of this entry was also supposed to be behind a cut just like the reviews.

Also, want to say I'm sorry for not fixing that sooner, but lately every time it rains even though I can still connect to the internet I don't have enough speed to actually do anything, and lately it's been raining practically all the time.

So, yesterday I spent the day really really tired, because I got up early to go put in my application to a place that's opening soon (and bonus it's within five minutes drive of my house). So not only was I tired, but I decided to get a bit more gardening stuff ready outside, because today I wanted to start putting out tomato plants (which I did, though I didn't get all of them done before my feet informed me that I was done).

Anyway, the application is in, and today (Sat.) was the last day the new coming soon place was taking applications, so I'm hoping (please please please) that I'll get a call for an interview this week (which is the last week I have left of my current and ending job). Of course, getting called for an interview doesn't mean I'll get the job, but so far I haven't even been called in for an interview anywhere, and I'd like to believe my old interview skills (which has gotten me a few jobs over the years) aren't terribly rusty.
(In another bit of good news, just in case I don't get a call, there is another place now being built also within about a five minutes drive of my house (though slightly further away then the place from yesterday) - it looks like that one may end up being a resturant instead of a Quickie Mart. Down side is that looking at the state of the building it would be at least a couple more weeks before that place would be ready to start taking applications. So, I'd rather get a call for an interview from somewhere next week that might would maybe hopefully start the week after.)

It may be awful of me, but I was kind of glad that it was a bit of a rainy mess Friday, because it (maybe) meant less less people getting out to apply. Sadly, though during the hours they was taking applications today while it was cloudy it didn't actually rain until later. But still maybe the people determined to apply applied yesterday, and only a few went in to apply today. Hey, it could've happened based on the number of people who applied yesterday, and if so based on that plus the number of people I think they'd need to hire upfront and the fact that I am willing to work shitty hours because the place is so close to me, I think my chances are pretty good, at least if not a lot of people applied today.

Okay, so enough about me and my job issues.

The Vampire Diaries 2x19 "Klaus"

So, we start this episode with Elena once again doing something stupid. She ended last episode doing something stupid by pulling the dagger from the "dead" Elijah, and this week as he's "waking" up she does something even more stupid - she walks over to him and leans down. What? Really, you don't think a vampire that's basically been dead for some time will actually wake up hungry? Stupid, stupid, stupid.

I mean, sure, it all worked out in the end, but that's not really the point, because in light of Elena acting stupid it feels more like writers fiat rather then something that would logically happen.

Sadly, Elena was not the only stupid gal in this episode. Damon's reporter also ended up getting so very deeply even more stupid then Elena at the end of this episode. I mean, I sorta get where she was coming from, but when the vampire clearly on edge tells you to GTFO you GTFO!

So, basically - I see dumb girls everywhere!

But aside from that (and in spite of it) I really did love this episode, though I have to admit that I'm more then a little disappointed that Jenna finally learned the truth. I don't know why, but I was starting to enjoy trying to guess how they'd continue to keep playing truth away with Jenna.

Another thing is that Damon really is getting past the point of redemption return - I know I've said that before, and have been almost disappointed when everything ends up being all forgiven. Yes, I can understand Stefan forgiving him over and over again, but I have trouble accepting the other characters forgiving him time and time again.

Well, based on his actions in this episode, and what it looks like might be his action/reaction next week (based on promo) I believe I will finally end up more then disappointed if/when all is forgiven regarding Damon. Which is weird, because honestly I like Damon, and I want him to continue being on the show - he's interesting, at least when he's not being overly woobie, but you know what I mean. But to have characters not named Stefan forgiving him this time would be a little much. On the other hand, who am I kidding? Elena forgiving Damon after he killed Jeremy should not have happened, though I do give the show credit for that not happening all at once, and I get that it might be hard for Elena to remember Damon killed her brother since thanks to the magical ring her brother is still around, but still I do think she shouldn't ever forget that, because Damon in his own way is just as dangerous (maybe even more so since he's actually somewhat trusted) as Katherine.
Okay, so last night during Supernatural I saw the promo again, and apparently I just wasn't paying enough attention to the one that aired after the episode, because the promo actually makes it appear that Damon will be compelled, and even I can't fault him for whatever actions he may or may not take while under compulsion.)

Moving on, I got to admit that I love the Klaus, Elijah, Katherine backstory ever so much more then I expected to. I don't mean I expected to hate it, but I figured it probably wouldn't dazzle me, but dazzling me is exactly what it ended up doing.

I also have to admit that I liked Damon "helping" Katherine, though it seemed a bit out of character for him to do it. I mean, Katherine has hurt (screwed over) Damon more than any other character, so it just felt a bit weird to me for him to be helping her out. Still since I love Katherine I am always happy to see her eek out a bit more time/life.

Oh, and did I mention how much I loved the Damon/Stefan smackdown fight toward the end of this episode? No? Well, allow me to mention it now - I love love LOVED it! Though, as always, I remain disappointed that this show doesn't seem to allow much (any) slashy subtext to exist between Damon and Stefan. Seriously, between these two in the books it was slash city, but the show barely has any true brotherly moments let alone moments that could be twisted into something nice and slashy.

Supernatural 6x18 "Frontierland"

Okay, so as most probably know I am not a real big fan of westerns so I was basically only looking forward to this episode for the eye-candy and (of course) the assless leather chaps. Well, there was no assless leather chaps, and I actually ended up liking this episode a great deal despite that.

Another little tidbit, I've been a Sam!girl pretty much since I started watching this show, but season six did manage to turn me in to a bit of a John!girl, and had me really flirting towards Dean!girlness. Well, last night I stopped flirting and just became a full on Dean!girl.

Still, despite me liking this episode all was not perfect. Like Sam knowing about Grandpa Skinners secret family room. Wasn't his memory of all that supposed to be behind a mind!wall? Another issue (for me) was the fact that said room just happened to contain Colt's diary. Really. Seriously. Also, I have a bit of an issue with the implication that Cass didn't know what a phoenix was. Okay, fine, he never said he didn't know, but the impression I was left with was that he didn't know. And if he did know, wouldn't it be easier for him to go back and get what was needed instead of sending Dean and Sam back? Of course, that would've made a much different episode, but still.

And one final thing I didn't get was when Cass is about to explain to Sam why he and Dean will only have twenty four hours in the past, behind Sam Bobby gives a look to the back of Sam's head and then tells Cass to dumb it down. What was up with that? I mean sure I could see Bobby not understanding the math, but we've been told in the past that Sam was actually pretty good at math, so I don't really understand why Bobby cut his eyes to Sam like that almost implying that Sam was the one who wouldn't get it.

However, the episode was overall good enough that for the most part I'm ignoring the above issues. Mostly.

Sadly, I was happy knowing that Sam was a much bigger geek then me, but this episode managed to make me feel like the biggest geek to ever geek. Seriously, even without knowing the back to the past SPOILERS I still would've known what Dean meant when he said Star Trek IV. Though I can't fault Bobby for his excellent taste in Trek but even that felt a little off - I guess I always thought Bobby would be a hard-core TOS Trek fan.

Also, am I the only one slightly disappointed that Castiel's "assistant" didn't even last past the first episode she appeared in? I mean it's not like I loved her or anything, but somehow her rant against the boys made me think I could grow to love her, but then suddenly she was just dead.

Have I mentioned how much I loved Dean's fetish and the saloon? No, well, let me say that I love love loved all that. Not to mention how much I loved Dean and his blankie. HeHe However, as mentioned, I'm not a fan of westerns, but for some reason I love that Dean is a big fan. Weird, right?

And, of course, the other thing I loved was Cass fisting Bobby. I've long thought that Bobby (and Jim) didn't get enough slashy attention from this fandom, so it was wonderful to see the show try to stir up some nice slashy love for Bobby.

Also, I do believe Dean isn't the only one who had a fetish revealed in this episode - I do believe Cass has a fetish for belts in mouths and soul touching. Though, naturally, I liked the scene better back when it was Cass/Sam, but still, as I said, it's nice to see the show trying to throw Bobby a slash bone.

Okay, fandom, it's in your hands now. I expect to see some Misha/Jim fanfic when I cruise the net today (or Cass/Bobby, I don't care) because their love is to hot to be denied any longer. That's right, forget J and J, the real buttsex happening on the set of Supernatural is happening between Misha and Jim. They are totally doing each other, and you know how I know... Well, first they had a scene together in the show where they made so much more then eye contact with each other. Clearly the people behind the show could no longer keep pretending that Misha and Jim aren't doing each other.
As always more hugs and good thoughts *hugs*

Wish me a job - actually just hope (like me) that the place I applied to on Friday calls me, cause the more I think about it the more I think that place would be fairly perfect for me.
(Sadly, if that place doesn't call (or the many others I've applied to don't call)... Well, I'm running out of places to apply to. But for now I have my Miss Sunshine Happy Pants on.)
I also hate westerns so I wasn’t expecting much of this – yet it is one of my favs of S6

Like you I was ‘wtf’ about Cas not knowing about a Phoenix and Colt’s diary just being there. However, I didn’t think much of Sam knowing – remember, he’s been remembering flashe so I assumed that happened off-screen.

And one final thing I didn't get was when Cass is about to explain to Sam why he and Dean will only have twenty four hours in the past, behind Sam Bobby gives a look to the back of Sam's head and then tells Cass to dumb it down.----------YEAH! I was really annoyed about this! Sam is the *smart* one, afterall!
(mind you, I am not a Sam or Dean girl. I started watching S4 and S5 first so it’s actually the angels that I love. Specifically Gabriel and now Balthazar, however, Cas really has been growing on me ~ for some reason I didn’t fan-girl latch onto him immediately. Although if I had to choose a bro, it’d prolly be Dean…prolly)

SUPER annoyed about Rachel dying. Since I first heard she’d be appearing in Cas’ flashback ep I didn’t expect her to die. I mean, it pushed forward Cas’ story (what the HECK is he up to???) but I thought I could have liked her as well!

And have I ever told you how much I look forward to your reviews? Cuz I do, mucho :)
SUPER annoyed about Rachel dying. Since I first heard she’d be appearing in Cas’ flashback ep I didn’t expect her to die. I mean, it pushed forward Cas’ story (what the HECK is he up to???) but I thought I could have liked her as well!

I think I finally figured out why that bothered me, and it's not just because she was a character that I thought I might end up liking. Obviously, I am a big SPOILER HO and SPOILERS made it seem like she would be around for just a little while, and I think that's why her dying so fast amazed me in not entirely a good way. This is one of those times that if it hadn't been for SPOILERS I probably wouldn't have been near as stunned/shocked that she was killed so quickly, but because of those spoilers I was caught off guard.

And have I ever told you how much I look forward to your reviews? Cuz I do, mucho :)

I believe you've mentioned it once or twice. *grins*