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So, I'm feeling better despite the fact that I put in quite a lot of applications and still haven't gotten one damn call. Yes, one place did give me some hope - saying that there was high turn-over, but even then at that exact moment they didn't need anyone, so I didn't feel I could wait, and still don't feel like I can, but I may not exactly have a choice at this point. *sigh*

Still last week was bad all around - I tested my feet and couldn't stay on them longer then an hour, so I panicked pretty badly, I really did. I mean if I can't stay on my feet longer then an hour at a time how the hell am I going to work? Well, this week the meds kicked in a little better, because Wednesday and Thursday I managed to do shopping and gardening work staying on my feet both days for about 3 & 1/2 to 4 hours. The problem is that I paid the price for that yesterday, I could barely get around my own house. Seriously, at times even setting at the computer was too much. Still now I do believe I could work a job (you know if I could get one) I would just end up not being able to do a whole lot else during my off hours.

Anyway, yesterday I went and got more applications as well as checking some other places online to see if they was hiring. The places I checked online wasn't hiring for anything I was qualified for, but some of them could have potential jobs I'd be qualified for in the future so I filled even more applications out online and offline. And starting Monday I'll be making some phone calls, and not just to beg friends for house cleaning jobs, though if the Monday calls don't provide something then the next step will be to start begging some of my still job having friends.
(Seriously, though I filled out some fast food applications way back at the first of the month, mostly just because there is usually lots of turn-over in fast food places, but still I haven't even gotten a call from one of those. Depressing.)

The Vampire Diaries

No, I didn't post a review from last weeks episode, but that's cause I didn't review it. So, here it is - last weeks episode was pretty damn good. Honestly, the only thing (at this point) I recall not loving was the Matt/Caroline stuff. And I was almost amused that Jenna herself stopped herself from learning the truth - remember before the show went to break I wondered how the show would keep Jenna from learning the truth, so that was kind of amusing. But seriously when is this show FINALLY going to have Caroline give the hell up on that asshole? Well, if this week is anything to go by, probably never.

But last week I had job (or lack thereof) related things on my mind and just didn't feel like reviewing the episode so I didn't. This week I still have those things on my mind, but since I haven't gotten one damn call I need to do something to take my mind off of that fact. Obviously writing/typing these reviews haven't exactly been entirely successful in getting that off my mind, but, hey, one takes what one can get.

The Vampire Diaries 2x18 "The Last Dance"

Another good episode, not gonna lie, and I was a little amused that they (Team Stefan) basically spilled all their secrets to Alaric before they realized that Alaric wasn't Alaric anymore. However, I forgive them for that since Klaus being able to take over someone elses body didn't seem to be a known thing he could do. And that's not what's important here, what's important here is that Elena finally did something so deeply stupid that I can't even.

I mean, I suppose I can sorta understand her reacting somewhat stupidly to Damon's final words - he'll put her above anyone else, which is something she would find unacceptable. But she knows Elijah's plan basically begins with her (Elena) dying, and then unless he's got another witch stashed away ends with Bonnie dying and hopefully taking Klaus with her. So, what I'm saying is that "waking" Elijah up does not come with a better plan then Bonnie throwing all things witchy at Klaus before Klaus kills Elena, which means that it is the first truly stupid thing Elena has done over the course of this series.

But I got to say I really liked Jeremy's dilemma in this episode. What I really liked was that he wasn't fooled by Bonnie's lie, but he was between a rock and a hard place - who does he kill? Bonnie or Elena. Yes, I know, he's not actually killing either of them, but I'm certain it would feel that way to him, and that was an awesome conflict for him to have. On the other hand, the show sort of short-changed that one by having Stefan run off and spill the beans to Queen (I must be obeyed in all things) Elena the moment Jeremy told him.

However, I'm unclear how I feel about Klaus forcing Katherine to torture herself. Sure, it works, and seems like something a sadistic vampire would do, but... Well, for example, near the end when Elena is talking to Damon, I kept thinking that he was spilling the big secret (Bonnie ain't really dead) to Katherine who would then be forced to return to Klaus with that information. Why did I think that? Well, Stefan clearly isn't fooled by Katherine, but Damon seems to have a wee bit of trouble telling Elena and Katherine apart, so it would make sense that if Katherine was spying that she'd go to Damon, the brother who doesn't seem to instantly (and practically supernaturally) know which one he's dealing with.

But obviously that's not what happened, and I must admit that disappointed me a bit in Klaus, because I actually thought early in the episode he was making Katherine torture herself, because he planned to let her go so she could be his secret spy. Alas, that doesn't seem to have been his plan, which pretty much makes him a typical stupid villain - somehow I expected a better villain from this show. Still considering he wasn't any smarter in the books, I can't complain to much about him not being the smartest villain to ever villain.

PS - I was somewhat right, this episode I was basically bored with Caroline and her stupid very dumb Matt obsession (especially since it was crystal clear that Matt wasn't comfortable/happy with her) the next step (for me) generally always turns to disliking the character once they start to bore me. So, I really hope they don't drag this shit with Matt pretending out, just have him try to kill her all ready. Of course, the way this show is going, even if Matt tried to kill Caroline she'd still want him. *sigh*

PPS - I was never once scared that Bonnie was actually going to be killed off, but not for good happy positive reasons, so I won't be explaining WHY I wasn't fooled just know that I was not fooled for one moment.

Supernatural 6x17 "My Heart Will Go On"

Well, things didn't look good at the start. I finished watching CHAOS over on CBS and then switched to the CW where there was picture and sound, but the picture had millions of little horizontal lines running through it (not so much that I couldn't see what was going on), and the sound was this annoying buzzing sound. But, hey, Supernatural hadn't started yet, but a second later it did, and NOTHING changed. So, I muted the TV and turned the CC on. Hey, I could see the picture, and with the CC on I could know what was going on.
(No, I'm not loving CHAOS - I thought it would be funky fun like The Defenders, but CHAOS is more stupid then fun, but there wasn't anything else on tonight that anyone in my house cared about.)

Good news is that during the first ad break I saw a brief flash of those rainbow bars, and the picture suddenly cleared up so filled with hope I turned the mute off. There was normal sound no more loud ass buzzing, and I was able to watch the rest of the episode normally.

Anyway, even without sound I knew something was up the moment Dean beat Sam at rock/paper/scissors, but up to that moment I thought everything was still normal and that the weird was coming. After that I knew the weird was all ready here, so seeing the boys get into not-Impala didn't shock me.

On a SQUEEful note, though, I noticed that Dean and Sam's AU car looked a lot like the Salvatore machine, so now I'm imaging Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries in bed together doing all kinds of naughty things. HeHe!
(Also, there was that one image I got where the Impala and the SalMachine was getting IT on. I lost the image when I got into a debate with myself over which car would top. Yes, I am strange and unusual why do you ask.)

But I am mad at Balls again. He had... He said... Well, you heard him, right? He claimed the Impala was NOT important. Dude, NO! The Impala saved the damn world and she deserves R-E-S-P-E-C-T! When I look around the internet I better see people talking about how badly the Impala was disrespected in this episode. That's all I'm saying - I better see hard-core W-A-N-K-I-N-G over this!

Okay, I'm not still mad at Balls, I mean who could stay mad at Mister I.P. Freeley, especially when you think about him standing by a railing doing his thing right in to the ocean. But still he said the Impala wasn't important, and he needs to (at the very least) be spanked for that.

But I know what you're waiting for (because I said the following before the episode aired: "I tend to doubt that things would be so greatly different that it would affect John, Dean, and Sam, because there are other factors there such as YED, and I can't figure out why/how the Titanic not sinking would've made a difference to his plans for Sam.
However, I'll wait to really get my bitch on about this one until after seeing the episode, because the show might have an explanation for this - you know, something other then the writers thinking it would be so-cool.
"), so I know you're waiting for the R-A-N-T, but it turns out that the way things played out made total sense - my biggest issue was that because of SPOILERS I was expecting another character to return along with Ellen in this episode, and so when it ended up being just Ellen that meant the history of John, Dean, and Sam wasn't greatly changed, which took the wind right out of my R-A-N-T.

Still I was a wee bit disappointed that the timeline was restored. Sure, having the Impala back was worth it, and the Fate timeline wasn't that great, but depending on what happens next I could end up missing this 'Verse, but only because weirdly enough Dean and Sam seemed a lot happier in this reality, which was good.

In closing, I am gleefully rubbing my hands together over potential evil!Cass. Oh, he'll never be revealed to be evil. I know the show would never go there, but we could potentially be seeing dark!Cass, and I might love dark!Cass, so bring it on!

Also, I'm weirdly glad that Fate didn't end up dead - I'm not sure why, cause I didn't really care that much for the character, but for some reason I was glad that she was still alive after the episode ended. Okay, I did like her in that moment when she called Cass on his shit, but even that's weird, cause I'm kinda loving the idea of dark!Cass.

PS - I miss the good old rock and/or roll as much as the next person, but I got to say this episode truly chose its music well, or maybe I just have a soft spot for Blondie.

PPS - Though I do wonder why if there are no rules in the Supernatural verse why are people in that Verse still dying? Or rather why would Dean saving that little girl back a few episodes ago throw everything out of whack? Seriously, if there are no rules, then saving the girl/not saving the girl shouldn't have really been a problem. *waves hands* Nope, still not getting it, because if people still die and those meant to die not dying still mess things up then there is still a play-book out there somewhere.

So, that's everything for now.
Coming soon a post that might scare you to death - I don't really know, just know that when it does go up I'm not talking about something online. Yeah, I know what I'll do it even if I don't really want to... SHUT UP! JUST SHUT UP! You know, the mere idea scares you as much as it scares me.
*hugs* As always well wishes and good thoughts. :)
Hang in there. Here's hoping that a job will come through soon, like next week.
I admit my emotions go back and forth, and yesterday wasn't exactly a good day, because while learning I could be on my feet for at least four hours a day, I also ended up not being about to do much of anything Friday and Saturday because of pain.

Still today I have a new plan, which is probably better then my old plan. If I don't get a call next week, then the week after I'll just go file for unemployment, though I might have to wait until I'm actually unemployed, I'm not sure how that works. Still I probably won't draw enough unemployment to cover everything, but if I had anything at all coming in, I could probably make it work.

When that runs out (or maybe even before) I may just end up filing for disability, because right now I've had my other job to explain why I can't work more then four hours a day in two weeks I won't have that job anymore and would then be forced to admit that I can't work more then four hours a day because I literally can't work more then four hours a day, which would probably stop any company from hiring me.