So, last night I started taking the Neurontin again. I was informed recently (for those not on my flist) that soon my current job will be ending, which means I need a new job STAT! But when I was told my job was ending I got a little emotional (mostly on the inside), and was a little leery of starting the meds again while I was having more then a little depression/upsetness going on. However, I need a new job, which means I do need some pain relief to find one, and last night I decided that my emotional state was back to relative normal and it should be safe to start the meds again.

And, okay, I'm not sure I can blame my little night time adventure on the Neurontin, I can say it is something that's never happened before.
(Okay, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, I had a water bed, and so one time before I woke up soaking wet. But that's cause the water bed had sprang a leak over night, and since I no longer have a water bed...)

Yeah, that's right, early early this morning I woke up because a part of my bed was literally soaking wet, which meant parts of me was also soaking wet.

At first I thought the dog might've had an accident, so while I was doing the "ew! Pee! Gross!" dance I saw where the water actually came from, and it was just plain ol' water not piss or worse.

Anyway, at night because of dry mouth I'll keep a bottle of water beside the bed. Well, apparently last night I sleep drank, because I know the last time I took a drink of water before laying down I put the bottle back on the table. But early early this morning the damn thing was laying beside me on the bed. *sigh* When I had taken my last drink before going to sleep it was over half full, and on the bed beside me it was empty, because from the amount of wetness, I said at least half of it spilled out on the bed.


I mean, sure, it coulda been worse, it coulda been piss, but still waking up soaking wet is just not a fun experience I don't care if it is only water.