Well, I was hoping when I next updated my journal I would be able to say that chapter three of Unexpected American Vacation was finished. Sadly, I cannot say that at all. GRR ARG! On the plus side, chapter three is now officially half finished. I believe it would have been done by now, but I've had some issues, and another story popped into my head and insisted that I write almost three chapters before allowing me to go back to chapter three of UAV.

I believe I could have finished off chapter three yesterday, but my virus protection expired Tuesday. No big, right? Wrong. The version on my PC was a 2003 version - still I could have purchased the upgrade for that version. Instead, I cleverly decided since the newest version was only ten dollars more than the upgrade to my older version I would just get the newest version. *sigh* I spent all day Wedensday trying to download, but after a bit the site would no longer recongize my internet connection.

However, my PC had saved what it had managed to get downloaded. So, I decided to try again Thursday - I finally got to the half-way point before my internet connection was no longer found. Finally, this morning I was able to finish the download and am now fully protected, which is why your seeing me around again. Coming online without virus protection is like walking down main street naked. It could be done without problems, but wouldn't be the smartest decision ever made.

So, now I've got things sorted, but I've been delayed updating the story. I was really hoping I'd be able to get the update online today or tommorow, but that isn't possible, because it'll probably be tommorow (maybe even Sunday) before I finish the chapter, and then it'll still have to go through beta.

*crosses fingers*

I usually cannot work on two stories at once, but in this case I'm going to try because the second story is coming along nicely and I should have a couple chapters ready for posting around the same time I finally finish chapter three of UAV off. But if I find I can't, surprisingly I'll probably finish off the second one started first.

PS - If you've posted something since Tuesday, I may have missed it - since I hadn't checked recently, I will admit I skimmed more than read my friends page. If there is something you think I must see, or just something you'd like me to see - please reply to this message with a link to the entry/message you'd like me to take a peek at, unless it was something posted today. I have read all of my flist entries that were made today.

And now, something I forgot to do in my last message:

~ * ~ * ~

~ * ~ * ~

"Did the staircase tie you up before or after it fractured your knee and broke your ribs?"
- McGonagall wondering just how dangerous the staircases at Hogwarts are becoming, or maybe she's simply letting Harry know that his BS isn't floating in Harry Potter and the Slytherin Connection Chapter 6