Okay, so I haven't exactly done a Neurontin update in several days, so you may or may not know that Sunday night I took my last pill and won't return to the doctor for more until Friday.

Now on and off over the two weeks I was taking Neurontin you can see how I went back on forth on "it's working" or "it's not helping," but I can say that now I'm sure - it was working, because yesterday (while I was still on the drug) I went to work, and while my feet did hurt afterward they weren't hurting as bad yesterday after working as they are today when I've been doing nothing but sitting on my ass.

So, it didn't adversely affect me mentally, and did help with the pain relief, so I would like some more - NOW PLEASE!
Of course, just because it didn't affect my mental state doesn't mean it wouldn't/won't affect my mental state over time, but my feet are really hurting today and I'd very much really like to have some relief, and considering how badly they are hurting I feel today that I am so totally okay with a potentially mind altering drug.