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Yeah, this entry is about things I just don't understand, but to keep this to a somewhat reasonable length (for me, at any rate) I won't be listing everything that I just don't understand, instead I've decided to just go with the top five things.

(But first - I've noticed that some of my older entries have gotten recent replies that until now I haven't seen, and even then I may not have seen all of them - at the moment I've only noticed two that I hadn't seen before now. So, I just want to say that I wasn't ignoring you on purpose, I just hadn't seen your comment until now.
I think LJ has been have some notify problems lately, but until I realized that I was just going along thinking that no one had commented on those older entries.

5. "I don't mean to scare you, but..."
"I don't mean to sound racist, but..."
"I'm not one of those homophobes, but..."

Yes you do.
Yes you do.
Yes you are!

Just own up to the fact that you are trying to scare someone, that you are a racist, and that you are scared of dem thar homosexuals, cause you're words betray you anyway, even if you stopped speaking after the but you've all ready told me all I really need to know about you.

The part I don't understand on this one is shockingly not that people would try to pretend they aren't the above, but the fact that they think they're actually fooling people with the above. YOU'RE NOT FOOLING ANYONE, except maybe yourselves.

4. Why in America is it okay to show dead bodies right and left, and not just accidental deaths, I mean it's okay to show people killing each other, and not just tame ones either - I've seen pretty damn close to full on torture shown on TV (fictional, obviously, but still). But don't you dare show two people having sex, certainly not on broadcast, because apparently fictional deaths are a-okay, but fictional sex is just dirty bad wrong even when it's between two consenting adults. *sigh*

3. The idea held by some that if gay marriage becomes legal suddenly everyone will become gay or at least start having gay sex just because they can finally get gay married. You do realize that it doesn't work that way, right? RIGHT? *sigh*

Honestly, I'm starting to think that anyone who thinks/says that is actually a bisexual, and so if it became legal they would stop hiding their bisexual self. But for most of the country/world, at least that section of us not hiding a part of ourselves away it still wouldn't work that way. For example, just because (if legal) I could get gay married doesn't mean I would. In fact, while I am one of those mythical creatures known as a bisexual, I'm just not real big on the idea of marriage. Been there, done that, and lost my damn shirt in the deal. So, yeah, male or female, I'm just not eager to go there again period, but I'm not trying to get marriage banned for everyone just because I don't want to do it.
(Yes, I realize certain groups believe that if they keep trying to keep teh gay down suddenly people will just stop being gay, but again it doesn't work that way. You'd think, at the very least, history would make people realize that. Trust me, on the whole being gay has been considered dirty bad wrong more then it's ever been considered okay, and despite that there have always been gay people out there.)

2. Women who vote Republican. Sorry, but the more I think about this one, the more I just don't get it. This is the party that has more and more in recent times proved themselves to be very anti-female. For example, the recent bill one of them tried to pass that tried to change rape. Suddenly rape wasn't rape unless it was forcible. Thankfully that failed (or was changed, I can't remember now). But sadly that's not been the only rape friendly thing Republican's have tried to do in recent times. And that doesn't even go in to the Republican idea that government should NOT be involved in America's health care, you know, except when it is an issue that is really specific to women (yes, I mean abortion).
(And I'm coming to wonder how any one that's not fabulously wealthy can actually vote Republican. Yeah, I mean even middle class, I mean the Republicans have never really cared about the poor, but now they are starting to openly admit that they don't give a damn about the middle class either.)

1. Fans of married actors, and, no, I'm not just talking Supernatural, though it applies there, as well. But wife bashing is not a new thing nor is it exclusive to Supernatural. You see, I remember back in the X-Files days when David Duchovny married Tea Leoni - sometime after the wedding there was a convention where some fans actually had the sheer balls to bash her to his face.

I remember being totally freakin' amazed (and not in a good way) when that happened, but I was also a fandom newbie back then. Pretty much the internets killed my faith in humanity, because now when shit like that happens I just shake my head and move on. Though I do honestly wonder how much lower my faith in humanity can go until I no longer have any faith in humanity left. But I'll save that for another time.

Honestly, whether or not you believe the marriage is a real thing (I don't exactly remember why fans didn't like it when David got married, all I remember is that many of them hated it and her. With Supernatural they seem to hate the wives because they believe the wives are getting in the way of the Js epic love) what do you honestly expect when you say shit like that to the married actor? Surprisingly a serious question, because even after all these years I still don't get it. Seriously, do you think the actor in question is suddenly going to look thoughtful and go "you know what? You're right, BRB getting a divorce now," cause that's never going to happen. Even if the actor in question does end up divorced it's not going to be because fans didn't like his wife.

And, no, I don't even get it in regards to actors you believe are gay. I mean, okay, maybe you want to let the actor know that you'd support him/them if they came out - a good thought, to be sure, but sometimes I get the feeling the fan in question doesn't really care about that, they just want to be the one that pulls said actor out of the closet. But honestly if the actor in question went as far as to get married they aren't coming out of the closet just because you want them to/think they should. No, not even if you present him with good reasons for doing so. And I mean actual good reasons, not just reasons you think are good.

psst - so you can watch him and his boyfriend have sex is NOT a good reason. No, I don't care how hot you (and others) would find it, it's still not a valid reason for the actor in question to come out. A good reason, for example, would be so they could be an example to young gay people who are feeling scared and alone because they (the young people) are gay. But even if you presented that argument you still can't expect an actor to come out. There are many reasons people chose to remain hidden, and you know sometimes the actor in question just might not be gay. I know, radical concept that, but just because an actor is single (or otherwise has a sexual question mark over his head) doesn't mean he's gay just like an actor being married (to a girl) doesn't mean he's not gay.

Here's a secret, there's this thing known as p0rn. Yes, there is even gay male p0rn. And there is real lesbian p0rn - you just have to look for it and (as a general rule) stay away from your boyfriend/husbands lesbian p0rn collection.

I know this because I own some. If you want to see gay men having sex, I promise you there is p0rn for that. I also promise that even if you're straight as the day is long you can still own gay p0rn. The gay police aren't going to come and arrest you for being straight and watching gay p0rn. Honest.

Now back to my point, even if the actor in question is gay, as a general rule, the actor in question is still not going to love you bashing the woman he chose to marry. No, even if he really is totally and completely gay he's not going to love you for bashing the woman that for whatever reason he chose to marry.

But why, QF, WHY?

Well, I'll tell you, even if he doesn't want to have sex with her, he clearly liked her enough to bring her in to his life, which means he does like her even if it is only a friendly kind of like. Seriously, how would you feel if someone started bashing on your boyfriend/husband or even just your friends? I'm guessing that would piss you off, right? It certainly wouldn't make you like and want to hang out with the person doing the bashing. So, why would you think an actor would be any different? No, seriously, why? Because you're his fan and he owes you something? At least that's the way most of the wife bashers I've seen over the years tend to come across. And no matter how much you love the actor, he's not going to leave his wife because you think he should, and he's certainly not going to love you after you bash his wife. And his loving you was not likely even before you bashed his wife.
Just remember that "fan" is short for "fanatic" ;)

As for the wife thing, yeah.. some people have strange idea's...
Oh, I get it. I've been fanatical over many things over the years, and I've even been extreme in expressing my dislike, though I have mellowed over the years on that, I just don't get how so many "fans" can have such a sense of entitlement over seemingly every little thing.

I mean, for example, I didn't like the way Rowling ended the Harry Potter series - I also didn't like the way she handled the whole of Slytherin house... Basically, I agree with many things the wanky fans complain about, but I don't agree that Rowling was wrong to do so. She was writing what she wanted to write, and since she created the series it was hers to write. That doesn't mean I (or anyone else) has to like it, but Rowling doesn't owe me (or anyone else) a rewrite because she screwed up the series she created.
(But again that doesn't mean I have to like what she did, or feel as though she did it well, cause I don't. But she doesn't owe me a new ending because I didn't like the one she wrote.)