No SPOILERS for either, unless you consider knowing which book characters will and will not appear in The Secret Circle SPOILERS - I just cut cause it was a bit long.

The Secret Circle which is revelant to me since I do plan on watching this one.

Okay, the news that there won't be twelve coven members is hardly surprising, though it's stupid of them to call it a coven without twelve... *deep breaths, QF, deep breaths*

Anyway, as I said once before (not on LJ) I didn't really expect (though I had hoped) that the TV series would end up with all twelve coven members. At that point, I believe I even suggested that because of the problems with casting twelve people they should've decided to take the LJSmith Dark Visions series where there's only six "witches."

However, I understood them going with The Secret Circle because outside of The Vampire Diaries it is/was LJSmith's second popular series (Not true, her Night World series is more popular than The Secret Circle, but Night World would most likely come off in TV format as a The Vampire Diaries clone.), and I know the CW is hoping that the LJSmith The Vampire Diaries magic will strike twice for them.

And while The Vampire Diaries TV series hasn't exactly been true to the books, I do feel it has mostly kept to the spirit of the books, and all ready the spirit of The Secret Circle books looks to be deeply affected before the series even gets out of the gate. Though, to be fair, even some of the "spirit" from The Vampire Diaries books didn't make it to the screen, but that's mostly because they changed the character of Elena, and since I felt that one was for the better I ended up being okay with it.

Anyway, according to Zap2it Doug and Chris Henderson, Melanie Glaser, Laurel Quincey, Suzan Whittier, Sean Dulany, and Deborah Armstrong have been cut. Leaving only Cassie Blake, Adam Conant, Diana Meade, Nick Armstrong, Faye Chamberlain, and some bullshit new character they've decided to pull out of their asses (Melissa). *sigh* I'd rather them go with one of the other females, especially Suzan or Deborah instead of pulling in some bullshit new character. But they didn't ask me.

Why this is disappointing is because basically they've gutted all the supporters of the naughty witch Faye, which means the whole Faye/Diana conflict (that Cassie basically gets caught in the middle of) is probably going to end up dropped - BOO!HISS! Nick is the only possible character (aside from the new one) that they could swing to Faye's side, and in the books he was neutral between them, and I liked him being neutral cause it made him interesting. But now if they keep that Faye/Diana conflict they'll probably screw up Nick's character by having him support Faye instead of remaining neutral. BOO!HISS!
(Also weird that they dropped Sean, because he was a fairly important character to the bigger story in the books. The bigger story is NOT the Diana/Faye conflict, but since I said no SPOILERS I'll just leave it at that, except to say that from what I'd heard they are keeping at least a certain bit of that bigger story, so if that's true dropping Sean doesn't make a lot of sense.)

Also, according to Deadline Sarah Fain and Elizabeth Craft have stepped down as executive producers on the project.

Now (finally) I am starting to feel about this one as I felt about The Vampire Diaries, but since I ended up liking The Vampire Diaries, despite the way early news about this series made me feel, I am still trying to remain calm about this gutting of The Secret Circle characters/story. Honestly, I am, but I also can't help thinking about my early thoughts on NuNikita which was basically YAY, but then the more I heard about that series the less thrilled I was, and then after two episodes I knew this series wasn't for me. So, will The Secret Circle become The Vampire Diaries for me, or will it become a NuNikita for me? No real way of knowing until the CW starts running live promos, cause that's what made me start to doubt how I'd feel about NuNikita.

Fringe news not relevant to me since I don't watch, but since I said awhile back that I didn't think Fringe and Supernatural would hurt each other, despite the fact that they're on at the same time, I thought I'd share this news. Though, in fairness, Fringe fans have probably all ready seen this:

Fringe has been renewed for a forth season!

To be honest, what surprises me most about this is that it wasn't renewed for 12/13 episodes but was renewed for a full 22 episodes.
(I'm surprised not because I think Fringe sucks or anything, I'm surprised because FOX pretty much has a full slate of new stuff for the 2011/2012 season, so I was thinking that if renewed Fringe might only get a half season.)

Anyway, Fringe fans may start the celebrating now, while I return to glaring at the CW for not at least giving early renewals to their two top rated shows (The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural).