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I am sorry if I worried anyone - I really didn't mean to skip updates for two freakin' days.

I know that sounds a bit egotistical (as though I think everyone is sitting around worrying about me), but I realize I haven't posted one of these little updates in two days, so a few of you might've been worried.

Anyway, all is okay, but if I'd have been able to make an update yesterday it would've been titled "I lied," because I said that I was pretty much done with gardening (aside from planting some seeds) until it was time to start putting plants outside. Well, I went to the store Tuesday and they had some LARGE flower pots on sale for ten dollars a piece, and I got three - I really shouldn't have. Anyway, I then had to punch out the holes and at least put some dirt in them so they wouldn't blow away on me.

By the time I got all that done I was tired and decided to put the update off until the next day. Well, the next day (Wednesday) by the time I would've been able to come online it was storming. Not really seriously or anything, just close enough that I don't like to turn the computer on.

It basically did that all day, then finally I was able to come online, and then while I was typing said update... Well, between eight o'clock and ten thirty last night the power went off at least six different times, but I actually gave up trying to do the update thing after the first time, because after that first time the power kept flickering (for about a half-hour), not really going out, but I didn't want to be trying to do something on my PC.

Why shouldn't I have bought those flower pots? Well, because one of my Rx's is running out, which means I have to refill, but I blew my extra cash on those flower pots, so once again I have to borrow gas money (all ready done) so tomorrow I can go pick up my refill. *sigh*

So, that's basically the two day update. I'm fine, though I did have a bout of "depression" last night, I wouldn't say it was anything outside the norm, and certainly not so bad that I considered doing bad things to myself or just ending it all.

I'm making this a new entry because of the potential worry factor, but I'm thinking after today I really will just go back to updating that original entry again, unless, of course, I have another interesting dream or decide to make some updates from the astral plane again. *grin*
I wasn't worried, I just assumed you were busy. :) *hugs*
I'm glad.

I almost decided to stop doing these anyway, but then I only have a few more days of the meds left (the coming Monday will be the last) then there's three days before I go back to the doctor.

Sadly, at this point, I probably should just get the bloodwork done, but this is not a good time for me to have extra bills, so I'm probably going to have to say the pills are fine (and they do slightly help, but there is still pain), and just continue to tough it out as I have been the past two years. Awesome, right? That's healthcare in American at work right there. Do I get the pain relief I actually need or do I eat?

See, I'm in a bit of a bad/depressed mood now, so I'm going to try and find pics of pretty (and hopefully naked) people to look at now.