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Seriously, I'm not even joking, I had an "interesting" dream - starring me (of course) along with Emily Prentiss (Criminal Minds), Jensen Ackles, Jensen's mom (though since she looked a lot like the character Ellen (though I never saw her face) I shall be calling her Ellen here), Jared Padalecki, with a bonus mention of Mulder and Scully, which I will be detailing for you guys shortly.

But first - I'll get the health update out of the way first, so those that don't care about my raging insanity stuff can just check the health stuff and move on. Aren't I such a nice gal?

My ear "ducts" are still hurting, I thought the pain had gone away, I've been using Vicks since I'm afraid to take allergy meds with the other meds I'm taking, and it has helped. However, today I sneezed and then I screamed cause the sneeze moved that little "duct" and it would seem that little "duct" is still a bit sensitive.

But as for my emotional state it is still normal, though I was a little cranky because for a time there it felt like I'd been hot forever. You see, I was hot last night, and woke up hot this morning. For the record, I neither sleep or eat well when I'm to bloody hot, but I guess it did cool out enough for me to finally get enough sleep, because I don't feel tired or anything today, so...

And, I really think the meds are starting to work, despite the few stabbing pains I've felt in my left foot today. As I mentioned yesterday because of things done over the weekend my feet should have been really hurting yesterday, but they didn't hurt that bad, and while they are hurting a bit more today, that's cause I had to work today. But the good news is that when I first woke up this morning my feet was practically pain free for about an hour. So, I guess these are the kind of meds that have to build up in the system before you notice any real progress.


So, now comes the funky dream time.

Now from my pov it started all ready in the middle of things, so it may be a bit confusing (for those not in my head) at first. But in the dream it all (as things usually do) made perfect sense.

Anyway, the important part was the fact that there was this stairway that lead downstairs, and I think dream-wise downstairs actually meant DOWNSTAIRS and not a basement. Anyway, in this dream anyone who went downstairs when/if they came back up they seemed to come back up wanting to kill me.

Now I could see the stairway, but only from a windowless window in my closet, so basically I spent lots of time in my closet (SHUT UP!) watching said stairway. The stairway was across the "room" from my closet - there was some kind of chasm filled with something red, but wasn't fire.

Anyway, I knew, even though the dream started after that point that Jensen's momma (* who, as I said, I'll be calling Ellen from here on out) had all ready gone downstairs, and was plotting to kill me. Yeah, I know it makes no sense, but it was a dream so it made perfect since while I was dreaming.
(* Main reason I decided to call her Ellen, despite the fact that in the dream I called her Mrs. Ackles, is basically because calling her Mrs. Ackles just feels a bit weird now that I'm actually awake. Seriously, I don't even know the real Mrs. Ackles name plus I've never seen a picture of her (and no even after the dream I'm not curious enough to go digging around in someone's life), so that at least probably explains why in my dream she looked like Ellen.
Plus I rather doubt the real Mrs. Ackles is actually out there somewhere plotting to kill me, since I'm damn near positive she literally has no idea who the hell I am, nor would she probably care if she did.

However, I wasn't panicking at the thought of Ellen trying to kill me. *shrugs* Not sure why, but it didn't seem to bother dream me.

Then there was a party of some kind in the main house, which I didn't want to attend because I couldn't leave the closet window (SHUT UP! No, seriously, I have no idea why I'd be dreaming of keeping myself in the closet.), and sure enough I saw baby!Jensen going down the stairs.

I thought I was being all cagey and hidden, but he looked up as he got about half-way down, and he had this Dean-like smirk telling me he was only going downstairs to get a soda.

That, of all things, was when I started to panic, because I knew the code. Yeah, now that I'm awake, don't ask me, but in the dream getting a soda was code for something, but now I don't remember what it meant. Cause I'm typing this a rather long time after having woke up, so some parts have clearly been lost to me.

Anyway, again we come to a point where I don't remember much, but I do remember that lots of things happened, hours passed, that kind of thing. The next thing I remember is Ellen trying to kill me. She almost did, but thankfully Emily came to my rescue killing (we all thought) Ellen. After that Emily and I had a chat, which basically amounted to her telling me to be careful because "they" was watching. I think the "they" meant Ellen and Jensen, but even in the dream I wasn't exactly sure.

At this point, I think maybe years passed in the dream. I do remember a weird dream montage at any rate.

Update: March 25th:
Probably no one will see this, and that's fine cause this is for me more then others, but I decided to add a few things from my now found (but misplaced at the time of typing this) hand-written upon waking note.

During the party (mentioned above) Jared came and pulled me out of the closet "forcing" me to join the party, which is where the attempt on my life happened. Apparently, in my mind outside the closet is a dangerous place.

One other thing that I remembered upon waking but forgot by the time I typed this was that part of the dream montage showed me getting married (to Jared, I think, but dream montages are even less clear sometimes then television montages) and having kids, because apparently after Emily did her thing I no longer felt the need to stay in the closet full time.

Good news is that those were the only things from the dream that I didn't remember by the time I typed this up. And, yeah, the kids from the montage never appeared any where else in the dream.[End Update]

Finally, as I said we only thought Ellen was dead, because after heading back to my closet, she traps me there making another attempt on my life. This time I'm saved by Jared, who just knocked her out. At this point, I called Emily on my cell phone, and she suggested that we (Jared and I) get the hell out of dodge. Because for some reason, again dream reason so it doesn't really make real world sense, only Emily could kill Ellen, and by this time Emily was busy doing something outside the country and couldn't come back.

So, we gave Ellen some more knock-out juice (but for some stupid reason decide against tying her up), and Jared comes up with our brilliant escape plan. We'll dress as Mulder and Scully while riding out of town in an 80's style convertible. Why, I don't know, cause I never did love the look of those cars, and for that matter dressing as Mulder and Scully doesn't really make sense, but it was a dream so we "dress" as Mulder and Scully, which basically just involves me turning my hair red, complaining all the while about how secret gingers are just trying to turn everyone in to a ginger.

That's funny, because I'm probably more of a secret ginger then Jared. Seriously, get me in the sun and you'd swear I had red hair, or blond in late summer after I've spent loads of time outside causing my hair to really lighten.

However, for some reason when I see Jared in his "official" FBI suit I go non-verbal for a moment. That didn't make sense because even if just from Supernatural alone I've seen him in suits before, but whatever.

This is when it gets even weirder, yes, weirder. We get in the car, but Jared's doing all kinds of patting himself on the back for some reason, and then he starts flipping the keys in the air instead of starting the damn engine. Naturally, as the garage door opens (the car wasn't in the garage, but we'd stashed Ellen in there) he drops the keys in the floor. Awesome, right? And totally predictable, seriously, even my dream self took a minute to roll her eyes here.

But then terror fills my soul, but thankfully Jared picks up the keys and finally gets the engine started, but it's to later because Ellen has jumped on to the back of the car.

I look back, and Ellen is wearing that Dean-like smirk, and then morphs in to adult!Jensen (so Emily may have killed Ellen, after all). It's at this point that my stomach sinks, because apparently I know something's not right. However, I turn back to Jared, who's facing away from me, but I can see the same kind of little smirk on his face.

Alas, I don't know for sure what was about to happen, because I woke up as Jared was turning toward me. You see, when I first woke up, I thought that Jared was about to morph in to Emily and take care of business. But shortly after waking up I started to doubt that, because the dream clues don't actually point in that direction. Honestly, now I think Jared was about to turn around and then he and Jensen was going to give me the Ruby treatment.

So, there you have it - in dreams people (and sometimes things) are generally trying to kill me. Seriously, I'd love sexual dreams, except those almost always involve snakes, and weirdly not all those dream snakes are alive. Seriously, several times in dreams I've had a bunch of dead snakes drop on my head/roof from the sky.

You think my dream plane is trying to tell my astral plane something? Naw, everybody loves me. Right?

Luckily, or not, depending on your pov, I rarely visit the same dreamverse more then once (unless that dreamverse involves snakes and/or earth pretty much turning in to a barren water world where I'm the last person left with literally nothing to do because there's only water). So, I'll probably never solve the mystery about what dream Jensen and Jared were about to do to me.

Something even weirder - I woke up this morning wanting a Supernatural/That 70's Show crossover. You know, set back in the day with Grandpa and baby!Mary. Reports start coming in that there's a demon/monster named Red, so they travel up north only to find that Red really is a human. So they start thinking Kelso is the demon/monster (cause no one can be that dumb, right? Wrong!), but nope Kelso is also just a human. Seriously, they go through all the characters one by one only to discover that all those people are actually human. All and all it's a wasted trip, so I seriously don't know why I woke up craving something like that.

And now after getting this all typed up and ready to post, my internet keeps tossing me offline. Have no idea what's up with that, but maybe third time's a charm...
Ouch on the air ducts, really, sounds very unpleasant. *hugs*

As for your dreams, they're interesting to say the least. ;)
You have no idea.

About a year ago, I had this dream where for some reason I was supposed to battle Darth Vader instead of you know Luke. Also, instead of a ship or a death star, Vader lived in a trailer park in a rather run-down trailer. White trash FTW!

So, I bravely walked up and knocked on the door, but then I panicked and ended up playing ding-dong ditch instead. Vader opened the door, but couldn't see me. So, he bitched evilly (however, that's done) and went back inside.

I took off, but Luke found me and gave me this big speech about how I was the one and had to do it. I gave him a speech that basically said there wasn't enough whiskey in the world.

But he talked me in to going back by saying the secret was poker. We'd play a game of poker - if Vader won I had to join his side, but if I won he had to join our side.

I don't know what would've happened, cause (as usual) I woke up just before knocking on his door again. But I had gathered my courage and was determined, so I think I'd have played the game. Cause even in the dream, I remember being slightly annoyed by my extreme cowardness the first time around.

Then last summer I had a zombie dream. Zombies (as usual) had risen and everyone was dying, but there was this campground (where my family does have a camper), and it was supposed to be this safe place where zombies couldn't find you.

So, everyone still alive headed there, but I was the only one from my town.

Anyway, I made it to the campground, and realized that while I had enough supplies for a few years, I only had enough supplies for a few years. But instead of panicking I decided to make a pot of coffee.

And while I was having a cup of coffee I looked up to see a zombie (I don't know how I knew it was a zombie, because it wasn't zombie looking, only a little pale) coming down the gravel road, and that's when I knew we'd been lied to. This wasn't a safe place, it was a trap, because in the dream, unlike in real life, there was only one way out of the campground - the zombies had tricked us in to trapping ourselves for them to easily contain and consume.

There was lots of panic, and I do remember that first zombie being killed by some redneck with a really wicked blade. However, just as we was thinking safe I looked up to see an army of zombies entering the campground. You know what happened next, right? As the zombie army charged forward, I woke up.

However, I remember this one because I actually could not get back to sleep. I had to go stand at a window until I saw signs of life, then and only then was I able to go back to sleep. And I think it was my extreme cowardness in the first one that allows me to remember it even over a year later. I'm cowardly, don't get me wrong, but I was yellow even for me in that one.

Edited at 2011-03-21 10:37 pm (UTC)
zomg your 70s show/spn crossover sounds fantastic. Oooh, me want...lemme know if someone posts such a thing! Or perhaps you will? :)
Alas, I haven't found one, but then I haven't really looked over the past few days.

Also, since I have three fanfic WiPs, I really hate to start another fanfic. Of course, trying to force one of those three going again doesn't really seem to be working, but I'd really like to get two (or at least one) of those WiPs finished before I start something else.

However, I plan to keep looking, and I will let you know if I do find a crossover like that, or at least close to that.
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Thanks for the compliment.

That said the rest of your comment has me wondering is this SPAM? Am I being SPAMMED here?
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