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This is my sticky entry, because LJ is getting worse and worse about letting me actually update my own LJ. So after this previous week I decided I needed a sticky post because usually when LJ is not letting me make entries it will still let me make comments - ergo this is my comment post, because sometimes I just need an entry to vent my spleen so to speak and that always seems to happen when LJ refuses to work for me.

Basically this means that if you care and suddenly realize I haven't made an entry in a while (especially in the TV season when I usually at least make weekly episode review entries) read the comments on this entry because if I'm around but haven't been making entries then it's because LJ hasn't been letting me and I've been reduced to making comments on my own LJ to say what I want/need to say.

I kinda hope it won't ever be necessary for me to use this one, but based on recent history it probably will.

Yep this is what LJ has reduced me too - I'd actually consider leaving if I hadn't made this a perm account - if I want to use my own journal I have to comment to my own entries. *sigh*

Yes, it happens to be working right now, but I apparently can't count on that lasting.
Supernatural 9x23 Do You Believe in MiraclesCollapse )
Okay, I've been away - not by choice. My internet connection "died" for almost a week, and during that time I had time to catch-up on a bunch of my shows, but since I didn't have net access during that time I played lazy and didn't even bother writing/typing reviews and so I will basically be skimming some.
(Though more importantly I got my gardening pretty much finished and loads of housework also caught up on, and to be fair those are more important than TV watching. Still the point is without the internet (though I did severely miss it) I did get some productive stuff done. Yes, I'd have still got it done, but I worked faster knowing I couldn't take random breaks to check out what was happening online.)

Also, I returned to find LJ has changed yet again and I'm still trying to understand said changes and/or why despite it telling me I can go back to the old format the clicky thing won't work to allow that.

Oh well at least it seems the post button has reverted back to the one that always worked not the one that only worked half of the time.

The Originals 1x21 The Battle of New Orleans

Yes, I watched this episode, and can maybe vaguely remember some of it, but not enough for a proper review. If it helps I don't remember hating it, of course if I'd loved it I'd probably remember more about it. Hence no LJ cut for this one.

Supernatural 9x21 King of the DamnedCollapse )

The Originals 1x22 From a Cradle to a GraveCollapse )

Supernatural 9x22 Stairway to HeavenCollapse )
Yeah, I still haven't watched last weeks The Vampire Diaries so no review. Honestly I've just about lost interest in that show entirely. So to be perfectly honest I have no idea when/if I'll start watching again so this is pretty much me saying don't expect any more reviews of The Vampire Diaries here.

So moving on...

The Originals 1x20 A Closer Walk With TheeCollapse )

Supernatural 9x20 BloodlinesCollapse )
Oops, forgot about reviewing last weeks The Vampire Diaries, didn't I? Well, even now it's not really a review more just a couple comments, but since they could be seen as slightly spoilery I cut.
PS - My "review" of this weeks The Originals is just about as short.

The Vampire Diaries 5x18 Resident EvilCollapse )

The Originals 1x19 An Unblinking DeathCollapse )

Supernatural 9x19 Alex Annie Alexis AnnCollapse )
The Originals 1x18 The Big UneasyCollapse )

Supernatural 9x18 Meta FictionCollapse )
Supernatural 9x17 Mother's Little Helper

So, this was delayed because I was sick when I watched the first time and I found myself really liking it, so I felt like I needed to watch again before trying to review it. Because I have noticed in the past that sometimes when I'm not feeling myself while watching something I will weirdly like it so much better than I otherwise would have.

Not this time, because even after a healthy rewatch I still liked it. More than that I kinda loved it.

Yes, I know there was some issues, but even then I still couldn't do anything other than sit back and bask in the fact that this is pretty much the first episode of Supernatural that I've truly loved and enjoyed since the middle of last season. Seriously, I remember the "old" days where I would rewatch episodes numerous times and that hasn't happened consistently since season six. So, apparently I don't care that this episode had some issues I'm just gonna like it.

Now I suspect since some of the things here will be plot-relevant later on that there will be some retro bitching. But right now all I can do is be all like "this is good and I liked it."

The Vampire Diaries 5x17 Rescue Me

Honestly, I've been trying to start this for awhile and I just can't come up with anything to say about the episode, except that (and I'm not sure why) but Jeremy came across as a big giant asshole to me. And apparently it was bad enough that it pretty much ruined the whole episode for me. When really outside of that I can't recall the episode being horrible.

Well, there was that one thing where I kept hoping Caroline had given a certain someone her blood, but that doesn't seem to have been the case.
(Because who didn't see that coming. Apparently, Caroline.)

I don't know perhaps I'll think of something more to say about the episode later, but probably not since I don't plan on rewatching it.
Day late, and always a dollar short, but here are my thoughts. They might surprise you given my overall feelings for certain things in this season and the previous one.

The Vampire Diaries 5x16 While You Were SleepingCollapse )
The Originals 1x17 Moon Over Bourbon StreetCollapse )

Supernatural 9x16 Blade RunnersCollapse )
Well lookie here LJ is finally going to let me post something other than a review of The Vampire Diaries, though I guess it could be because I do mention The Vampire Diaries rather heavily in this one. *grin*

The Originals 1x16 Farewell to StoryvilleCollapse )